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Chapter 337: Shi Xiaobai’s Delicacy Tour

Shi Xiaobai was at present, extremely famished. It was not a hunger that made him feel so weak that he would nearly faint, but a strange hunger that made him feel like going mad if he did not eat something. Even Unleaking Turtle Aura could not inhibit it.

Shi Xiaobai knew that there was no doubt that in his present state, he could swallow anything stuffed in his mouth as though it was the best of delicacies.

However, Shi Xiaobai’s willpower prevented him from losing his reason. Things like grass or tree bark were things he refused to eat.

Shi Xiaobai immediately began running through the sparse woods.

“Come on out, This King’s food!”

Shi Xiaobai shouted out loud, but did not see a single living creature after running for nearly a minute!

What darn forest was this?

Shi Xiaobai was nearly going mad, but thankfully, he was able to maintain his final bit of reason.

Finally, Shi Xiaobai saw a wild pig in front of him!

It was a gray-furred boar about twice the size of ordinary wild pigs. It had two vertical husks that made it look somewhat ferocious.

Shi Xiaobai felt as though bliss had come too suddenly. He rushed at the wild pig impatiently.

When the wild pig noticed an enemy, it immediately grunted angrily and charged at Shi Xiaobai with reddened eyes.

This was practically it throwing itself into his jaws.

Shi Xiaobai guffawed and dodged the wild pig’s straight-line charge with Crab Steps. Appearing by the wild pig’s side, he thrust out a knife!

Slaughtering a pig obviously should be done with the Pig Slaughtering Knife!

Shi Xiaobai’s Pig Slaughtering Knife instantly pierced the wild pig’s heart. With a slight whimper, the wild pig closed its eyes without feeling too much pain.

Shi Xiaobai could not wait any further to feast on the wild pig. Although his instincts told him to swallow it as soon as possible, his habits as a human prevented him from eating it raw.

At the very least, he needed to roast it.

Shi Xiaobai beheaded the pig and dissected the pig’s belly, digging out its innards. This procedure was something he had seen from his father back when he was still young.

Following that, Shi Xiaobai used his psionic power to construct a psionic sword. Kun Peng’s Sword of Water slashed out, as water sprayed down like rain, cleaning the blood-stained pig’s carcass and his hands.

Finally, he cut down a tree branch and constructed a simple roasting rack. He placed the beheaded carcass that was void of its innards on it and used Kun Peng’s Sword of Fire to begin roasting it.

The simple roasting process ended with Shi Xiaobai using his fastest speed to complete it. As he was going mad from his hunger pangs, he had nearly convinced himself to eat it raw several times.

Shi Xiaobai had even activated his Sword Truth to produce the Sword of Fire, allowing the temperature of the fire to be even higher.

In less than a moment of roasting, the pork was about nearly 80% done under such intense flames. Without waiting a moment longer, Shi Xiaobai stretched his hands out into the fire and ripped a piece of meat. Ignoring how the pork was still boiling hot, he placed it into his mouth.

The pork was without any seasoning and it was boiling hot, but when Shi Xiaobai placed it in his mouth, he immediately felt like he was eating the most delicious pork in the world.

The chew was perfect and it was slightly spicy. The fragrance unique to pork burst out in his mouth as its fresh juices made him could not help but moan.

Holy shit, what’s going on?

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes widened. The haphazardly roasted pork was so tasty?

Shi Xiaobai ate one piece of pork after another. He felt as though he had never tasted something this delicious before. What was even more astonishing was that as the pork gradually digested, he could sense his physique strengthening. Be it his physical strength or physical defense, they had been enhanced slightly.

What sort of wild pig was this? How could it be so tasty, and have such effects?

Shi Xiaobai was astonished, and very soon, he finished the entire wild pig, leaving only its skeleton behind.

Shi Xiaobai was delighted. The entire wild pig was twice the size of ordinary pigs. Shi Xiaobai had never eaten so much in a single seating.

With this, he should be full, right?


Full my ass!

Shi Xiaobai frowned. After eating an entire pig’s carcass, he still felt extremely hungry!

He was feeling extremely blissful while eating, but the moment he stopped, the hunger immediately reared its head at him, making him nearly go crazy.

“Why is this happening!?”

Shi Xiaobai was alarmed, but there was no time for him to ponder over it.

Shi Xiaobai dashed through the forest once again, and nearly a minute later, he saw a gigantic hare!

Without saying a word, Shi Xiaobai stabbed at it with the knife!

Removing its head and innards, and then using Kun Peng’s Sword of Water to clean it before roasting it with Kun Peng’s Sword of Fire.

Shi Xiaobai began to enjoy the wild hare meat.

And you don’t say. The wild hare meat was no way inferior to the wild pig’s meat in taste. There was no seasoning at all, but it was so delicious?

Furthermore, eating this wild hare also strengthened his physique!

Shi Xiaobai was immediately puzzled.

Why was this happening? Were the wild pig and wild hare extremely rare, or was it a problem with his body?

After eating an entire gigantic wild hare, Shi Xiaobai was still famished.

How much did he need to eat in order to resolve this insufferable hunger!?

Shi Xiaobai felt helpless as he continued running through the woods. The torment of his hunger as well as the flavors of the wild pig and hare accentuated his desire to eat more.

Thankfully, there were still animals in the woods despite there being only a few. Shi Xiaobai encountered a gigantic wild chicken, a gigantic wild ox, as well as other edible animals.

These animals were extremely delicious after roasting. Furthermore, it could slightly enhance his physique, and with that, Shi Xiaobai finally realized that it was not a problem with the animals, but a problem with him.

Although he was suffering from his hunger, he still found the roasted meat that lacked any seasoning to be delicacies. Furthermore, it could also enhance his physical strength and defense. It could be said to be both woe and weal together in one.

However, Shi Xiaobai was close to tears. After eating so much meat, he was still famished. Although his hunger pangs had reduced slightly, it was still extremely intense.

How much food did he need to eat to see an end to it?

And what gave Shi Xiaobai a headache was that as he ran through the woods, he appeared to reach the outer perimeter of the woods. There were fewer and fewer plants, and there were no longer any animals in sight.

After three minutes, Shi Xiaobai did not even see a single animal!

“This King is starving!”

Shi Xiaobai cried out loud and felt that if he continued being in such a starved state, he would really go crazy.

After enduring another minute, Shi Xiaobai failed to find any more beasts. Finally, he could not tolerate any longer!

He pulled up a tuft of grass from the ground.

“This King never expected the day of him eating grass would come!”

Shi Xiaobai was too deep for tears as he stuffed the grass into his mouth. Quickly, he began chewing on them.


Shi Xiaobai was slightly shocked. This grass… this grass was strawberry-flavored!

Shi Xiaobai pulled up another tuft of grass and began chewing on it.

Soon, Shi Xiaobai realized that different grass had different flavors, but they were all related to fruits—Strawberry-flavored, apple-flavored, orange-flavored, mango-flavored, watermelon-flavored… There were all sorts of flavors!

Shi Xiaobai indulged himself in enjoyment. He just felt that eating on a grass plain was such a blissful matter.

But soon, Shi Xiaobai quickly realized that although eating grass enhanced his physique, it was much lesser than the effects gained from eating meat. It was nearly negligible.

Shi Xiaobai was a person with goals. Although he was very hungry, he woke up from his reverie of eating grass. After filling his pockets with grass, he continued running through the woods.

Shi Xiaobai was very hungry, but he desired meat even more.

But soon, there was still no sight of animals after running a distance through the woods. When Shi Xiaobai finished the grass in his pockets, he could replenish them on the spot. So he had found temporary respite.

But soon, Shi Xiaobai arrived at the end of the forest.

Outside the forest, it was a desolate desert. Other than sand and rocks, nothingness spanned to the horizon.

Shi Xiaobai did not see a single person despite running through the entire forest. From the looks of it, the other trial-takers were not in the woods. So it was a waste of time for him to continue running in the forest.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a long period of time. Finally, he prepared some grass and ran into the desolate desert that did not have a single strand of grass.

On the desert, there was only sand and rocks. After running for nearly ten minutes, Shi Xiaobai did not even see a strand of grass, much less animals.

The grass he had prepared was also quickly finished by him.

Soon, Shi Xiaobai found himself in a distressing situation.

He was more than ten minutes away from the woods. As for the endless desert, it was unknown how long it would take for him to reach the other end. Furthermore, his grass had been finished!

“Growl, growl…”

His stomach began to growl as Shi Xiaobai stumped forward from his hunger.

But in this desert, there was no longer any food. There was not even a single strand of grass!

There was only sand and rocks…



Shi Xiaobai, who was about to go mad from starvation, quickly cast his eyes on the rocks that were strewn everywhere on the ground.

There was no other way. He was just too hungry.

Shi Xiaobai picked up a rock and carefully placed it in his mouth.

Would such a hard rock crack his teeth?

Who cares, when starving to madness, eat it first!


Shi Xiaobai forcefully gnawed at the rock!

“Holy shit!!”

Shi Xiaobai cursed in shock.

This rock was… was chicken-flavored! Furthermore, it was tender and crisp!

Shi Xiaobai picked up another rock and bit at it softly. He could not help but widen his eyes.

The rock was so hard in his hand, but when placed in his mouth it was… it was as soft and sweet as cotton candy?

It was as though Shi Xiaobai had discovered a brand new world as he madly ate the rocks. There were rocks everywhere in the desert, so Shi Xiaobai got a kick from eating.

However, the rocks were inferior to grass. Eating them did not improve his physique.

Shi Xiaobai quickly got sick of eating these. He continued dashing through the desert. This time, it was much simpler. With rocks everywhere on the ground, Shi Xiaobai was no longer afraid of him lacking food.

He felt a clear decrease in his pangs of hunger. Although it was still extremely intense, it had made Shi Xiaobai heave a sigh of relief.

At least there was an end to it, wasn’t there?

Shi Xiaobai had dashed through the desert for more than ten minutes, but had not seen any living things during this period. Finally, he saw a massive creature at the horizon!

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up slightly as his drooled.

That was a stone dragon made of stone!

A stone dragon could be eaten for very long. Furthermore, what would its flavor be?

Shi Xiaobai had a bit of anticipation as he charged towards the stone dragon that was flying in the air. As he approached it, he realized that there was a human sitting on the dragon’s back!

It was as though the stone dragon was transporting this human.

Did this gigantic dragon have an owner?

Who cares!

No one can stop This King from eating this stone dragon!

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