AC Chapter 335

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Chapter 335: Take a good look at who he is!

Although Gluttony had been accidentally freed by Shi Xiaobai in the Underworld, this was the first time he was seeing the tiny black-lit person.

Hearing the tiny black-lit person say to the two of them “You have clearly awakened, why are you playing dumb”, the first thing Shi Xiaobai thought of was that it was speaking to Kali.

After all, he did not know the tiny black-lit person. Furthermore, he had not awakened anything while deliberately play dumb.

Turning his head, he saw Kali’s expression change drastically as her face turned pale.

Shi Xiaobai asked out of curiosity, “What’s the matter?”

Kali was at a loss as to what to say. There was a struggle in her eyes.

What Gluttony said had nearly confirmed her guess. Now, how was she to avoid it?

At this moment, the tiny black-lit person spoke again, “I came all this way looking for you, but you are just going to play dumb? You are refusing to even come out to look at me?”

With that said, Kali’s heart that had sank like it had dropped to the bottom of a valley sprang back up like a roller-coaster.

Gluttony wasn’t here for Shi Xiaobai? If not, it would not have said words that meant ‘you aren’t even willing to meet me’.

However, from the series of actions Gluttony had undertaken, its target was no doubt Shi Xiaobai!

What was going on?

The tiny black-lit person waited for a moment before it angrily said, “Are you not coming out!?”

Still there was no response.

The tiny black-lit person said coldly, “If you don’t come out, I’ll kill this human!”

The tiny black-lit person pointed at Shi Xiaobai with its tiny fingers.

Kali was immediately greatly relieved.

From the looks of it, Shi Xiaobai was definitely not the Original Sin of Calamity, if not, Gluttony would not dare to use Shi Xiaobai as a threat.

However, was Gluttony dumb to threaten Shi Xiaobai’s life in front of her?

Kali immediately said with a sneer, “You can give it a try.”

The tiny black-lit person looked at Kali and fell silent for a few moments. It said in a deep voice, “Pixie, why do you keep obstructing me in everything I do? Sire had once saved your pixie race. I can forget about how you didn’t repay the favor, but you even return kindness with ingratitude!?”

Kali was taken aback when she heard this. She said coldly, “Is the Sire you refer to the Original Sin of Calamity?”

The tiny black-lit person said with a nod, “That is the name humans call Sire.”

Kali immediately found it absurd.

The pixie race had been destroyed by the Original Sin of Calamity, yet Gluttony dared to say that the Original Sin of Calamity had saved the pixie race?

There should be some logic in fabricating stories!

Kali could not be bothered to engage in a war of words with Gluttony. Since it was determined that Shi Xiaobai was not the Original Sin of Calamity, Kali was somewhat interested in the entity Gluttony was seeking.

It might have been the Original Sin of Calamity or another one of the Deadly Sins.

Kali had spared Gluttony and not killed it because she wanted to use it to fish for bigger fish. She never expected that Gluttony was somewhat dumb to serve itself right to her doorstep.

Kali said coldly, “If my memory serves me correct, the Original Sin of Calamity was the one responsible for the annihilation of the pixie race. Your mentioning of saving is overturning the facts. There is no need for you to argue. It was a matter I witnessed myself. When the time comes, I will settle the score with your king. Now, I’ll give you a chance. Tell me who you are looking for? Why did you chase Shi Xiaobai all the way here?”

The tiny black-lit person fell silent for a moment and said, “What you see might not be true. Fine, Sire would not mind having another enemy that returns kindness with ingratitude. As for the entity I’m looking for, so what if I tell you? It… is on the body of the human beside you!”

Kali was slightly taken aback.

On Shi Xiaobai’s body?

Kali turned to look at Shi Xiaobai. If there was anything special on Shi Xiaobai’s body, it was undoubtedly the sword spirit in that holy sword, as well as…

“That dog!?” Kali exclaimed.

“It is no dog.”

The tiny black-lit person said in a heavy tone, “It is a sacred beast, as well as a pet of Sire. In human parlance, it’s called ‘Greed’!”

Kali’s pupils slightly contracted. The poodle named the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign was indeed somewhat greedy, but Kali never expected for the dog to be one of the Deadly Sins—Greed!

It was no wonder the tiny black-lit person kept pursuing Shi Xiaobai. It was because it had found the dog on Shi Xiaobai’s body.

But why would the dog succumb to Shi Xiaobai?

According to Gluttony’s words, the dog had already awakened, but it was just playing dumb?

Why was it playing dumb?

Kali had a sense of foreboding. She looked at Shi Xiaobai and whispered, “Xiaobai, can you let the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign come out?”

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat confused. He did not understand most of what Kali and the tiny black-lit person were talking about. He did not even have a clear understanding of the Original Sin of Calamity. He remembered Riko mentioning it before and how Kali once said that the Original Sin of Calamity was her enemy. As for the rest, he did not know at all.

Judging from what the two of them were talking about, the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign that he conquered using the Master Conquest Ball was apparently not as simple as a Level Lord?

Shi Xiaobai pondered for a moment and shook his head. “Forget it, since it doesn’t want to come out, it must have its reasons. Regardless of what it once was, it is now This King’s pet. This King does not like to force it to do what it doesn’t like.”

Upon hearing this, Kali said gently, “Alright!”

She fully supported Shi Xiaobai’s wishes. Regardless of what the consequences would be, she would address it when the time came.

The tiny black-lit person was incensed when it heard this. “Foolish human, do you think a scum like you is worthy to be the owner of Sire’s pet? Sacred dog, if you don’t get the fuck out, I’ll exhaust all means to kill this human!”

Kali said with a sneer, “It looks like you really disparage me. Fine, this time, I’ll send you into the abyss for you to learn what it means to feel respectful fear!”

Seeing the tiny black-lit person repeatedly using Shi Xiaobai’s life as a threat, Kali was immediately infuriated!

“Pixie, don’t you go too far!”

The tiny black-lit person said coldly, “You are indeed very strong, but you are like an ant when placed in front of Sire. I’m only one fragment of the will of Sire. Regardless of how you seal me or kill me multiple times, a thought from Sire will create thousands more of me! I advise you to mind your business. If not, the day of Sire’s awakening will be the day of your downfall!”

Kali did not speak any further. What Gluttony said was likely true. If not Gluttony would not have recklessly exposed its partner, Greed. She had underestimated the Original Sin of Calamity’s strength after all!

However, regardless of how strong the Original Sin of Calamity was, she had to fight it to the death!

Kali slowly stretched her index finger out. A blob of light began bursting out from her fingertip!

This arrogant Gluttony deserves death!

At this moment, the golden ball in Shi Xiaobai’s clothes began to shake violently

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised as he took out the golden ball and pressed its switch.

A golden light bloomed as a mini poodle that was as white as snow appeared in front of Shi Xiaobai.

Kali slowly withdrew her finger. From the looks of it, this white dog had chosen to come at this moment in order to save the tiny black-lit person?

The tiny black-lit person said coldly, “You have finally decided on coming out?”


The white dog barked softly.

This was purely a dog’s bark. No one understood what the dog’s bark meant.

The tiny black-lit person said angrily, “Stop playing dumb. You have clearly been awakened!”

The white dog shook its tail and took a few steps back.

“I… I… don’t… know… what… you… are saying.”

A voice that was like a one- or two-year-old toddler came out of the white dog’s mouth in a staccato manner. “I… seem… to… have… amnesia… I… had… a dream, but… the dream… had… you… but… I don’t know… what happened… Does… this mean… awakening?”

When the tiny black-lit person heard this, it fell silent and looked at Shi Xiaobai. It coldly said, “Human, what did you do to it? Why did it become so weak, to the point of it losing its memory?”

Shi Xiaobai shrugged his shoulders and said, “This King conquered it.”

To be precise, he had used a B-level reward from the Absolute Choice, the Master Conquest Ball, to conquer the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign. However, Shi Xiaobai naturally could not disclose matters regarding the Absolute Choice, so he had streamlined his explanation.

The tiny black-lit person immediately said angrily, “What a joke! How can a weak human like you even think of conquering Sire’s sacred beast? Sacred dog, what did this scum do to you!?”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes turned cold slightly. The tiny black-lit person had repeatedly insulted him. Did it treat him as some good-natured nice guy?

If not for agreeing Kali to not be easily angered, Shi Xiaobai did not mind letting the tiny black-lit person have a taste of the anger of a King.

However, before Shi Xiaobai or Kali were angered, a dog was first to be unwilling to accept it.

“Shut… Shut up!”

The white dog puffed its chest and said loudly, “Do… Do you know… who… you are insulting? Take… take a good look… Look… carefully… at who he is!”

When the white dog said this, Kali and the tiny black-lit person immediately had a drastic change in expression.

The tiny black-lit person looked carefully at Shi Xiaobai and said in horror moments later, “Impossible! How could that happen!?”

Kali was too deep for tears.

Things had gone full circle back to the original point.

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      1. To him, they’re probably going to be more like random dreams made from his powerful imagination, at least until something in the waking world reminds him of them enough to really jog his memory and make things click. I’m going to say it’s hardcore on Kali if she keeps trying to hide things from SXB for fear of him being unable to handle the truth. I mean, hasn’t he always proven himself and she been wrong for withholding things in the past?

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      1. Yea he did went through the black door and when he came back out, everything got occupied by demons and he raged and killed most of them. I think it was when he was doing that imagination thingy, forgot what it was called.

        1. He was having a dream while unconscious, not coagulating. His dream was basically experiencing first hand what one of the Original Sins of Calamity experienced after they opened the black door, which took place long ago in the past. Was it thousands or hundreds of years ago? I can’t recall. It remains to be seen if SXB really has a connection to that King who became the OSoC in the past, if that was a past incarnation of SXB, something that happened to SXB as a result of Absolute Choice, or whatever.

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    1. SXB went through the White Door back when Riko helped him regaining his lost opportunity, awakening his Power.

      SXB went through the Black Door when he was napping on the 5th-6th Floor, making him dream a realistic viewpoint of the Second Calamity, the Emperor.

      SXB gaining the Power of Wrath, making him experience the summary of what happened with the First Calamity, the Blind Old Man.

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      1. That was the absolute version of the AC, he can’t fail it. If time didn’t rewind, then he succeeded and got his reward. However it is unlikely that this reward is related to the awakening as Gluttony started chasing him before the AC.

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