AC Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Prevent Wang Feng from making the headlines

Ever since the construction of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, only the Hero King had managed to conquer a Level Lord. Although conquering a Level Lord had nothing much to do with one’s final results, the difficulty of this matter was destined to make it a great honor.

Of course, this was only a tiny matter throughout the Hero King’s life. Few people took notice of it, and many people did not even know of this matter.

However, this matter was destined to be repeatedly mentioned by many from today onwards.

Shi Xiaobai had conquered five Level Lords in a single trial! The glory he had obtained in the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower exceeded the Hero King by five times, or even more!

Five times the Hero King sounded like an exaggeration or wordplay, but the general public would not care about this. They would only care about matters if they could be used as gossip over meals.

China Daily’s editors quickly received news from their reporters. A story regarding a rookie typically was ineligible to appear on China Daily, which received a myriad of shocking news every day.

But yesterday, after resisting great opposition, the editor-in-chief left a small article for Shi Xiaobai’s conquering of the third level’s Level Lord. This slightly fat editor-in-chief always advocated the promotion of youths in the country. He believed that they were the hope of the country’s next generation.

As such, when the news reached China Daily’s editors, editor-in-chief, Tai Shan immediately began grinning from ear to ear. He praised the youth, Shi Xiaobai, for living up to his expectations. He had been given a pleasant surprise and had plans for this young man.

A junior editor named Li Hong, who was great at sucking up, did not miss this opportunity. He complimented, “Editor-in-chief Tai Shan’s sure has foresight. Yesterday, he said how Shi Xiaobai would be a person of tremendous promise. He had gone against all those opposed to give him an article. Who knew he would do something that is completely unprecedented and never to be repeated! Everyone has to be amazed by Editor-in-chief Tai Shan’s foresight!”

His flattery had made Tai Shan chuckle. He could not help but say with a laugh, “The Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower only had nine Level Lords. Shi Xiaobai has conquered five alone. This matter is truly one to never be repeated. Leave tomorrow’s headline to the child. I believe no one will have any objections?”

The headlines of China Daily were always something China gave the most attention to daily. All of them were basically extremely important matters, or news of an extremely famous heroes. Once they appeared in the headlines of China Daily, they would quickly be known all over the country.

Typically, regardless of how outstanding rookies were, they would not receive such treatment. Even Speechless had never been eligible to appear in the headlines. However, what Shi Xiaobai had done was truly bizarre. Furthermore, he had encountered an editor-in-chief that advocated the supporting of the younger generation.

Even if other editors had differing thoughts on the matter, they were unsure about raising any objections.

However, deputy editor-in-chief, Lin Liang, had always been at loggerheads with the editor-in-chief. Without any surprise, Lin Liang put forward his objections. He said, “I think there is need for careful consideration over this matter. Shi Xiaobai is a rookie after all. We have seen many peerless rookies being placed on a pedestal before but they only ended up average. If he makes the headlines, it might get to Shi Xiaobai’s head. Furthermore… Wang Feng released a new war song, ‘Survive’, yesterday. It’s said to have broken through the limits of resonating with thousands of people, reaching brand new heights in war songs. It seems this matter is more eligible to hit the headlines?”

There were singers in this world as well. However, the songs these singers sang were not only for music appreciation. Some of these songs could treat injuries. Some could restore strength, and there were even songs that could raise one’s combat power.

In this world, there was an occupation of ‘singers’. Therefore, the ability to sing, the ability to compose and write lyrics was also a reflection of power.

As for Wang Feng, he was an outstanding singer. He was considered an A-list singer, with many of his songs being extremely popular.

As for the song, ‘Survive’ Wang Feng recently released, not only was it an extremely difficult rock war song, it had broken through the limits of resonating with ten thousand people. It could be considered a grand matter in the world of singers.

Therefore, many editors wavered because of Lin Liang’s suggestion.

“Shall we give Shi Xiaobai the second page?”

“The appearance of a rookie in the headlines has never happened in the history of China Daily. I believe we shouldn’t make it an exception. It’s also time for Wang Feng to make the headlines for once.”

“I also think we shouldn’t extol rookies too much. That Speechless Li reached the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm at the age of six, and back then, we gave him the second page. And this year, he’s already fourteen, but he’s still at the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. It might really have gotten to his head.”


More than half the editors began to object. In their minds, it was preposterous for rookies to appear in the headlines. Being able to be on the second page or even given a small article was a great honor. This was a regulation China Daily had always maintained.

Editor-in-chief Tai Shan immediately blackened his face as he said angrily, “Are you all objecting? Fine, tell me. Which rank did China reach in the previous World Youth Tournament and World Junior Tournament?”

The editors immediately fell silent. China, which claimed to be one of the top five major countries in the world had never clinched gold in the World Youth Tournament and the Junior Tournament that happened once every four years. It had managed to clinch silver once, but in the present situation, the best contestant the last tournament had only stopped at the round for best sixteen. The contestant did not even enter the round for the best eight.

Lin Liang said with a heavy tone, “China’s results in the World Youth and Junior tournaments are indeed unsatisfactory, but what has that got to do with us? If a headline can make the younger generation of China clinch gold, so what if China Daily’s headlines are given to them every day? The point is that it doesn’t work. We are unable to effect any change.”

Tai Shan said with a sneer, “A headline might be unable to change the status quo, but it can let the disappointed citizens see a glimmer of hope. What we lack isn’t talent, but environment! China’s flamers are world-famous. Regardless of how well your overall performance is, a tiny mistake will result in you being flamed till you have a pig’s head. How can our young do their best under such public pressure? With them being afraid of this and that, it’s obvious they can’t produce any results! Furthermore, as one of the leaders of domestic news and public opinion, China Daily should take the lead to effect change! I believe not only should we put Shi Xiaobai on a pedestal, we should do our best doing so. We should extol him sky high, making every citizen in China know that we still have talents in our younger generation! Young people need a goal, an object to pursue. We should mold Shi Xiaobai into a benchmark for the younger generation!”

Tai Shan’s words astounded the other editors. They never expected the editor-in-chief to have such profound thoughts. Furthermore, what he said was rational and based on evidence. It stirred their hearts.

How could such stirring words come out from an old man who had one leg in the coffin? He had indeed impressed them with his views.

The editors were instantly moved.

Lin Liang’s expression changed drastically. He had received a large money packet from Wang Feng’s manager yesterday. He had pledged that the headline was definitely his. Now, he was likely in trouble with the appearance of an unexpected Shi Xiaobai as well as a stubborn Tai Shan!

Lin Liang said in a heavy voice, “Second page would be empowering enough. The headlines is overdoing it! Furthermore, Wang Feng had nearly reached the headlines for seven times. If it’s not given to him this time, people might think that China Daily is targeting him.”

Wang Feng was extremely unlucky. This person had done seven deeds that could get him in the headlines, but every time, he would encounter something more impressive than what he did. As such, his headlines were stolen from him seven times.

Some citizens even jokingly called Wang Feng a spy sent undercover by aliens. The moment he hit the headlines, it was a signal to the aliens to launch their attacks. The seven heroic figures that had prevented Wang Feng from reaching the headlines were said to have saved the world seven times.

Wang Feng’s management team had even deliberately chosen an uneventful day to release ‘Survive’, but they never expected Shi Xiaobai to suddenly appear. The headlines were in danger once again!

When Lin Liang said this, the editors that were easily swayed immediately felt what Lin Liang said was reasonable. Wang Feng was an important figure in the music world. It seemed inappropriate to offend him.

Tai Shan said in a heavy tone, “Go explain to Wang Feng’s side! This matter is settled. Don’t even think of touching Shi Xiaobai’s headlines. Also, send reporters to pay close attention to this matter. In the meantime, investigate Shi Xiaobai. We want to extol him to the heavens! If anything happens, I’ll take full responsibility. As an old man about to retire, let me do something for the country in my final days.”

After Tai Shan said this, he gave a long sigh. He ignored Lin Liang’s objections and walked out of the meeting room.

Everyone looked at each other. Since this matter did not truly concern them, they did not make things difficult. Lin Liang cursed ‘that stubborn old fool’ before leaving sulkily. He had to return that money packet!

Sixth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower

It was already almost chaos in the outside world, but the rookies undergoing the trials were scared silly. How was the sixth level’s Level Lord killed by Shi Xiaobai before it descended?

How did the first, second and fifth level’s Level Lord succumb as well?

No one could understand how Shi Xiaobai had managed to do it. They could only imagine that it had to do with that mysterious Ka Xiaozi.

And they encountered a huge problem.

They couldn’t find the dragon!

The ugly monster that Kali had instantly killed apparently wasn’t the dragon. The system did not tell everyone of anyone becoming the fifth Braveheart. There was also no announcement of the sixth dragon’s location. This meant that the dragon was apparently still alive.

Then, where was the dragon?

Everyone began scouring the world looking for the dragon.

Some of the rookies had already left the forest as they began to search for the dragon in Monster Fairyland.

A few rookies unknowingly walked to the coast and were immediately dumbfounded.

When they came across this spot, they had marveled at the vastness and beauty of the sea.

But at this moment in time and at this location, the sea had vanished.

There was only pit that gradually deepened endlessly. It looked like..the entire sea had been drained!

“Quick, look there! What’s that?”

A rookie exclaimed.

In the distant horizon above the dried ground, a dark mass of light was floating in mid-air!

Translator’s Note: This chapter might appear to be a filler chapter, but it’s actually related to a meme in China. Wang Feng is a celebrity whose news is often overshadowed by news from other celebrities that happened at the same time. It was also mentioned in IRAS Chapter 42 and IRAS Chapter 178. An article about it from Global Times:

Wang Feng, a popular singer, has coined a joking rule that whenever he has big news, another event is bound to occlude it. This Monday, the launch of the Chang’e-3, China’s new space probe, is bound to leave the release of his new album in the shade.

Instances of Wang’s curse are numerous. When Wang announced his divorce, on the same day, Wang Fei and Li Yapeng, a famous star couple announced their divorce. When Wang talked of his new love, on the same day, Chinese soccer club Hengda won the AFC Champions League.

After his love affairs failed to win him headlines, Wang published a post Friday hoping to promote the release of his new album on Monday. However, China announced the Chang’e-3 moon probe would be launched early Monday.

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