AC Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: True Demon

After Kali raged, the corruptive power that sourced from ‘rage’ allowed her to suddenly have the power to break through the God Slaughtering Formation. However, it had turned her from a holy pixie into a fallen pixie.

And at this moment in time, Shi Xiaobai had used his superpower, ‘Power Siphoning’, to forcefully snatch the corruptive power from Kali. As a result, this power was also sucked into his body.

As such, Kali’s hair returned to the purple color she loved. With the corruptive power disappearing completely, she had transformed back into a holy pixie.

As for Shi Xiaobai, his hair had become the silverish-white color that was an emblem of fallen pixies.

The silver color was shiny, as though beautiful flowing clouds or water.

The silver hair suddenly added a sinister handsomeness to the delicate-looking Shi Xiaobai.

If this were purely a result of dyeing his hair, it would undoubtedly make him look suave.

However, this was not the dyeing of hair, but corruption.

The corruption was not something simple. It was different from the corruption of one’s character, personality or even moral integrity.

This was a the corruption of a species, a corruption of the soul. It could even be a corruption in reincarnation.

Kali was acutely aware of the terror of corruption. The corruption was irreversible and unerasable. It would accompany him for life and even in the afterlife. It was a brand of sin that would be with him for all eternity.

After Kali saw Shi Xiaobai’s hair turning silver, she immediately figured out what had happened. She understood why Shi Xiaobai had suddenly asked to ‘borrow’ her powers and why there was such an ambiguous posture, as for the reason why Shi Xiaobai had looked differently at her from before.

It was because he knew. He knew of her sacrifice for him. He knew about matters regarding corruption. Therefore, he had forsaken his future filled with light and had taken the initiative to embrace the darkness that should not belong to him.

This was an ending which had no one sacrificed other than Shi Xiaobai himself.

“No, don’t do it. Quickly return it!”

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Kali began crying like a child. She got up and pressed Shi Xiaobai beneath her. She wailed for Shi Xiaobai to return the corruptive power.

Shi Xiaobai smiled in silence. He gently hugged Kali’s waist. He was very satisfied with the ending. Of course, power that was siphoned could not be returned. Even if he could return it, he would not have returned even one ounce of it.

“Return it, return it!”

Kali began pounding on Shi Xiaobai’s chest. She felt her heart aching, and her eyes were sore. It was as if there was a hard rock stuck in her throat.

Shi Xiaobai’s consciousness gradually went into a blur as he opened his mouth. A husky voice that sounded like it came from the abyss squeezed out of his vocal cords.

“Why… is This King… so angry… Is this anger? This anger… how can you endure it… Why can’t This King… control it any further?”

Shi Xiaobai struggled to speak in a staccato manner. Kali was jolted from his words and looked down at him. Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were already red.

It was a scarlet like blood, and also the crimson color of burning flames.


Shi Xiaobai opened his mouth slightly, as tearing voice ripped out his throat like a violent wind. His body began to convulse.

“No, you can’t fall. Try your best to remain awake. Do not let your anger deprive you of your will. Shi Xiaobai! Please!”

Kali’s pale face was covered in tears. She hugged Shi Xiaobai tightly like a helpless child.

At this moment in time, a golden beam of light bloomed from the back of Shi Xiaobai’s right hand. A loli wearing a snow-white dress appeared beside the two.

The loli hurriedly said, “Do you want to let Shi Xiaobai die from pent up anger? Let him vent it!”

Kali was anxious. Her grief and remorse had made her lose her sense of propriety, but she knew that the loli was the sword spirit of the holy sword in Shi Xiaobai’s right hand. When she heard the loli say those words, she immediately faltered.


The loli appeared very anxious as well. Therefore, without waiting for the panicking Kali to figure out the details, she said in a hurry, “With Shi Xiaobai’s present strength, there is no way he can withstand the corruptive power. Therefore, before he becomes a member of the fallen race, his body would collapse from the corruptive power. He is now in dire need to vent the excess corruptive power, do you understand? The corruptive power he has taken is ‘anger’, therefore, Shi Xiaobai is about to ‘explode in anger’. You must think of a way for him to vent all the anger in his heart!”

When Kali heard this, she immediately realized what was happening. She was feeling pain for Shi Xiaobai’s transformation into a member of the fallen race, but she had missed the point that Shi Xiaobai’s body could not withstand the corruptive power!

The present Shi Xiaobai was filled with surging energies in his body. Anger was dominating over his reason, and he was in need to vent it out!

“If you will become a demon king, I’ll become a demonic girl to accompany you by your side.”

Kali hugged Shi Xiaobai tightly and said softly, “Vent it out. Vent out all your anger as much as you want.”

In the northernmost area of Monster Fairyland in the sixth level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, there was a gigantic palace located in the midst of a vast plain.

At this moment, there were all sorts of monsters gathered densely on the plains. Countless monsters were quiet and dormant, as though they were waiting for something. It was a stern and austere environment.

And in the palace surrounded by the monsters, a dual-bladed demon was sitting on a magnificent throne. It looked panicked while it spoke to an unknown existence.

“Your Magnificence, are you planning on giving up on me?”

“Or are you saying that you have turned a blind eye to the existence of the virus?”

“Are you planning on abandoning the land of the trials, or are you giving up your valuable dignity.”

“No, why aren’t you sending more forces to eliminate the pixie? There’s still time. Lend your power to me. Just a bit will do, and I’ll be able to kill the pixie that sealed herself.”

The dual-blade demon had a hideous expression. It was hissing as it spoke to itself in the palace.

Suddenly, the dual-blade demon had a drastic change in expression as it stood up from his throne.

“She’s here?!”

The blades in the dual-blade demon’s hands began to tremble slightly.

What was coming had finally come.

The dual-blade demon slowly walked out of the palace. The rampant monsters roared as they simultaneously look up towards the sky.

There in the middle of the sky was a beautiful purple-haired girl and a sinister-looking silver-haired youth standing side by side. No monster dared to approach them as they gave our warning cries like frightened beasts.

The dual-blade demon was surprised.

Why did the two switch hair colors? Was dyeing their hair before revenge a form of cheering themselves on?

The dual-blade demon knew there was no way for him to escape Kali’s grasp. The other three monsters could only hide away temporarily. If the powerful existence decided on giving up on them, no one could save them.

It was useless to kneel down and beg. The dual-blade demon knew that the only chance it had was to do battle.

And the rampant monsters were making the final preparations for the struggle.

“You should not have brought that human here. I might not be your match, but the monsters here can definitely kill your loved one.”

The dual-blade demon’s expression was cold. Although it could not defeat Kali, Kali could not easily instakill him after having sealed herself to the Psionic Mortal Realm. As long as it managed to stall Kali, the monsters that filled the lands would definitely be able to kill the youth beside her.

Even in death, he had to leave the most painful scar on his enemy!

“Kill him!”

The dual-blade demon roared and laughed frenetically, as though it was hysterical.

However, before the dual-blade demon’s words faded away, a figure dived down from the sky towards the ground, slamming heavily into the ground like a meteorite.


When the figure landed, the monsters around him were immediately sent flying by the terrifying power. The ground immediately cratered.

The dual-blade demon was slightly taken aback. This figure that suddenly landed had tremendous power. It was that black-haired youth that for some reason had his hair turned silver.

“Courting death?”

The dual-blade demon immediately commanded the monsters to kill Shi Xiaobai with all their strength!

However, the scene that followed left the dual-blade demon awestruck!

After landing on the ground, Shi Xiaobai was like a wolf entering a herd of sheep. He immediately charged into the rampant horde of monsters.

He did not use a sword or a knife, but reached out his bare hands at the monsters!

In the next moment!

A large python was ripped apart with his bare hands!

A gigantic black ape was punched into meat sauce with a single punch!

A gigantic alligator with spikes down its back was reduced to mush with a stomp!

A flying tiger had its head dislocated!

A wyrm with silver hide had its heart pulled out!

The silver-haired youth was like a devil. He darted through the horde at a speed that could not be discerned. With just his bare hands and feet, he brutally massacred the monsters.

Screams, shrieks, alarmed cries, and angry roars reverberated throughout the lands in a deafening manner. In a while, the entire plain was stained red with blood. Countless monsters had their corpses mangled, as though the plain had become true hell.

The silver-haired youth was like a murderous devil that was venting its infinite anger. He killed monsters without any mercy. He ignored the blood that splattered onto him, and frequently ripped the monsters apart. His body was covered in blood, as though he had bathed in a lake of blood.

Redder than the blood were the silver-haired youth’s eyes. The cold red eyes were filled with killing intent. It was like frozen anger, a killing intent that would never melt.

“You are the true demon!”

The dual-blade demon uttered out in horror. The human’s power had suddenly been enhanced to this point. His strength and speed were a far cry from before. And what made the dual-blade demon appalled was how Shi Xiaobai was in a killing spree like a devil.

Even the most cruel demons that were immersed in a massacre, using acts of killing to vent the anger in their hearts while bare-handedly ripping apart thousands of monsters would not necessarily reach such an insane stage!

However, the silver-haired youth did not stop. Only when all the monsters on the plain were wiped out did he turn his gaze towards the dual-blade demon in the palace above him.

Without any words or expressions, the blood-stained Shi Xiaobai rushed towards the dual-blade demon like a fierce wolf.

He only had one thought in this mind.




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        1. You can’t really say that this was SXB. It was likely him in a past incarnation, or something of the sort. The current SXB when given the choice of white or black door clearly chose the white door. However, if I recall, he still had the option to pick the black door afterward.

          The dream was a vision of something that historically happened, the first calamity that nearly wiped out humanity. It wasn’t just something made up in his head as a result of him opening the black door. The absolute choice however hinted that it was his memory, possibly of a past life.

          The question is whether he and Kali will figure everything out quickly enough before he chooses the black door in this life. This corruption in him will likely be making such a choice to come more quickly and easily. SXB is being set up as one who will become both black and white though, so maybe he will be able to harmonize the power within both doors, or defeat this power that’s been turning him into that which has almost wiped out humanity throughout his past incarnations.

          It also might not be past incarnations exactly, but something to do with the absolute choice, but then I also feel like the absolute choice and the power from the doors, and his god level senses/skills are all related. Sometimes going back to read the first chapter or so helps me understand all this a little better, but there’s still a lot left to figure out.

          1. If he really had opened the black door in his dream to gain it’s power in this life, the world would likely already be mostly destroyed by him and the 7 sin creatures like the last several times the black door had opened in the past. He needs to power up a bit more and understand what is all going on before he opens it. I get the feeling that he will eventually open it, and not be consumed by it, as his holy powers and his will, gained through bonds with his friends and kali, will be strong enough to harmonize the black and white instead.

        2. He didn’t, he was just watching the previously Calamity Sin reincarnation’s memories (The King of half-continent) when he entered the black door.

          It is like telling him (or us, cause we know the king became the sin) that something like that will happen if he enters the door.

          1. The absolute choice voice also hinted that these were his memories as well. Also, I think we and Kali shouldn’t underestimate her intuition. She’s not just fearfully jumping to conclusions based on the actions of gluttony, but more afraid and in denial of a deeper intuition from what I can tell.

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      From what we saw in his dream of the first calamity, the king seems to be subtly seduced to opening the black door without realizing that it would be such a big deal, and so powerful. The black doors power is a much greater power than than SXB has gained from the corruption he’s undergoing. The black door completely changes your perspective into seeing all of humanity as being demons, and gives you power to conquer even all of the greatest hero’s by yourself seemingly effortlessly.

      I have the feeling that SXB will learn to maintain his good kingly nature despite this corruption in him through his struggles to avoid losing his will against it while increasing his powers of light and understanding of the light through the help of Kali and his Holy Sword. We already saw his Holy Sword and that Dark Sword harmonize to some extent, so it looks like SXB will harmonize the powers and become strong enough in his understanding of the light and dark to open the Black Door without being consumed by it’s power eventually.

      Doaist teachings are like this. They say to not resist evil, the darkness and shadows within ourselves. If we fight them, they grow stronger in their efforts to fight back, and we become tainted by putting our attention on the darkness and thus become like it. It’s better to put your attention on the powers of the light, while being aware of the darkness, and open to learning from the challenges that darkness offers rather than becoming fearful of the suffering it brings. A true warrior welcomes challenges because it allows them to grow, and they don’t fear suffering or failure because they can gain from it to become stronger.

      It’s a delicate thing to explain, as it’s a subtle and many don’t have a foundation to understand it well. Dark and Light are not the same as being good and bad. They’re the dualistic aspects of creation that are necessary for creation. Enlightenment is realizing that both are aspects of the one, and becoming in harmony with the one, fallowing the will of creation instead of being swayed by the influence of the light and dark(creating and destroying powers), like becoming blinded by optimism or pessimism. Realizing enlightenment is something you experience throughout your entire being, a holistic shift, not just some knowledge or understanding of the mind. It requires cultivation of mind body and spirit, which we learn quite a bit about in stories like this one and something I practice in my own life 😀

      I love this story!

      1. “Realizing enlightenment is something you experience throughout your entire being, a holistic shift, not just some knowledge or understanding of the mind.”
        I respectfully disagree. Where mind wills (or rather, will minds), the body follows. Nitpicking and English doesn’t have appropriate terms, but still.

        1. Well, what you say is true, and this story is one that makes a massive argument for such. SXBs ability to imagine with all of his heart is one of, if not the greatest, sources of his power and greatness.

          The mind and body have a one to one correlation, so what happens to one is reflected into the other. I was saying more that knowledge isn’t enough, that cultivating the mind and body are required. Having knowledge of something doesn’t mean you can live according to it’s teachings. One can know all the wisest sayings in the word and still be in a sad state. Also, knowledge comes with a burden of responsibility and isolation from the masses who are generally often more innocently ignorant. Without cultivating the resilience of the mind and body to handle such knowledge, what comes with it is often overwhelming. Even more, many with knowledge often turn into preachers who have little impact because they’re not living the knowledge from their entire being. This is a stage of growth that many great people have gotten stuck at. They have great knowledge and are great thinkers yet they have trouble becoming the embodiment of such knowledge.

          They will gain some ability to understand that their great understanding has come from intuition and certain processes yet many get stuck in figuring out how to cultivate such intuition and deepen themselves into higher stages of consciousness and enlightenment. The knowledge on the techniques and subjective oriented science towards this kind of cultivation isn’t as widespread, especially in the western world. You do need knowledge on such techniques and an understanding of what will come when cultivating, so knowledge definitely has it’s importance, but experiencing the fruits of these techniques are just as important.

          Yes, some are inborn with an intuitional grace and purity that allows them to flow into such higher stages of consciousness as well… but who knows what that may be a result of. Past incarnation training, or a deeper level of connection based on being more pure and innocent, like a child could be a source of such things…

          Either which way, enlightenment is something one can achieve that enters you into a state by which you are profoundly connected to all that is, all of creation and the power behind it. That is to say, you would have all the intelligence, creativity, organizing power, access to knowledge, and such that is inherent in the collective of all that is, and this collective would also respond to your connection to it and support you. You would also spontaneously and effortlessly act towards the greatest evolution of all by being in harmony with and supported by the all. It’s a state of being, of consciousness, a connection to the source of your awareness and a harmony with the mind and body with such, and experiencing it is a profound shift from the more normal states that many exist in on this planet…

          I’m not meaning to belittle anyone on this planet however, as every experience is valuable, and everyone is learning the lessons through the experience that is most appropriate for them for the most part. What’s being experienced and accomplished on this planet now just might be ultra amazing in the cosmic perspective…

          But, I’m going to keep blathering on and digress into endless tangents if I continue… so I’ll just say… yeah, nice insight you had there and thanks for encouraging me to clarify. TLDR; knowledge isn’t enough to empower the mind, as that which makes up the mind and it’s potential is found through not just knowledge, but cultivating a sort of purity, imaginative power, will, and connection to it’s source of awareness and every mind is connected to that same source of awareness which our true potential can be gained from. Experience+empowerment(enlightenment)=wisdom and grace filled actions.

          Sorry if I’m coming across as preachy.. and yeah, English isn’t the best language for describing and sharing such things, especially if it’s not your native, so I’m definitely not trying to argue against you but attempting to go into further detail. I do this because this story inspires me to, and the power of SXBs pure innocent will and imagination is just so awesome and true to what really is powerful in real life.

          1. “Having knowledge of something doesn’t mean you can live according to it’s teachings.”
            Respectfully disagree again. Having knowledge (or rather, awareness) forces your hand (or rather, heart) indefinitely.

            “Also, knowledge comes with a burden of responsibility and isolation from the masses who are generally often more innocently ignorant.”
            Exactly the opposite. You bear no responsibility as the masses share your burden unconsciously.

            “handle”; “overwhelming”; “little impact”; “growth”; “stuck at”;
            Exactly the opposite again. There is nothing to grow, so there is no need to control the process.

            “You do need knowledge on such techniques and an understanding of what will come when cultivating.”
            You only need to keep looking (at your own sight). Knowledge, techniques, understanding and cultivation are distractions.
            You’re welcome.

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    Make your choice youth:

    1 – gain power and kill all the demons that are destroying the world.
    2 – become a demon and join the demons to kill that last heroes of mankind.(the seven sins)

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