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Chapter 330: Pushing down Kali!

[ Choice 3: Push down the raging Ka Xiaozi ]

This choice had been neglected by Shi Xiaobai from the very beginning because he did not know what ‘raging’ meant. After learning of what it meant, he was obsessed with preventing Kali from raging; therefore, he never thought seriously about this option with the highest reward.

But at this moment in time, Shi Xiaobai felt like he was at the end of his rope.

When he placed all efforts to save everyone, Kali would rage.

When he fought to prevent Kali from raging, the rookies would die because of him.

This choice was like the opposite sides of a coin. Choosing any one side would result in showing the other side’s harsh reality.

Shi Xiaobai was unable to choose between the two cruel realities. Therefore, his eyes finally landed on the third choice.

Choices offered by the Absolute Choice had to possess their own significance.

Shi Xiaobai gradually calmed down.

Pushing down the raging Ka Xiaozi was given provided Ka Xiaozi had raged. But what did pushing her down mean?

What was the point of pushing her?

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes stared intently at the words ‘push down’ as he racked his brains while seriously pondering over it.

Push down…

Push down?

Push down!?

Push down!  

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up!

No matter how dark it was right now, know that the dawn will come.

The simplest answer was always right in front of him!

If pushing down Ka Xiaozi could resolve this impasse, creating a situation which would sacrifice no one, then… it was time to push her down!

Encountering the same scenario an eighth time, anyone would feel some numbness and fatigue towards it. Shi Xiaobai was somewhat depressed, but with the rookies having died horrible deaths in the previous timeline reviving and appearing in front of him, he could not help but feel thankful.

Time had wound back. Everything could be repeated, as such, the tragedy could be rewritten.

Shi Xiaobai finally thought of a solution. He wanted to create an ending without anyone being sacrificed.

However, he first had to make Ka Xiaozi rage.

To Shi Xiaobai, this was definitely an absolutely painful process.

However, Shi Xiaobai was always such a person. Be it when he was saving Little Fatso, when he had to pretend to flatter the calamity fiend, Sahadun, speaking nastily to Little Fatso to the point of beating him up, or how he pretended to appear cold towards the lives of his companions in front of the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign, Shi Xiaobai had suffered mental anguish. However, he knew that suffering was the route to eventual happiness. As such, he had to gladly endure the hardships.

If he could create an ending with no one sacrificed, Shi Xiaobai was willing to bear the pain no one knew about.

This time, Shi Xiaobai did not knock the farting rookie unconscious. He only restricted his urge of farting.

This time, Shi Xiaobai did not kill the black-robed youth ahead of time, but brought the naked youth back.

Therefore, the scenes of Kali raging repeated exactly as a previous timeline.

The farting youth spat at the dragon’s baby, with everyone killing it which infuriated the dragon. And with Shi Xiaobai’s help, they managed to chase the dragon away.

Immediately following that, Ka Xiaozi suddenly disappeared as everyone fell into the hallucination of Shi Xiaobai being the dragon.

Shi Xiaobai escaped and he did his best to repeat the path and speed of his escape.

When he was pincered by the black-robed youth and the rookies, Shi Xiaobai killed the black-robed youth first to strike fear into the rookies’ hearts.

When he encountered the attacks of the invisible drakes, he could have dodged them all, but he chose to let the drakes bite at him.

When the dragon sneaked up on him, he could have easily dodged, but he blocked in a manner that caused him to remain immobile.

The rookies attacked as light bloomed. Ka Xiaozi, whose hair had turned silverish-white, walked out of the light. She had neutralized all attacks, killed all the drakes and burned the invisible dragon to death.

During all of this, Shi Xiaobai had to endure the pain while forcefully repeating the sequence of events. Everything was like the sixth round without any changes.

All the rookies were saved.

Ka Xiaozi had raged because of him, becoming a fallen pixie.

Just like before, Shi Xiaobai exposed the truth that Kali was Ka Xiaozi. Kali admitted openly and gave a mischievous smile. In order for Shi Xiaobai not to worry over her hair, she pretended to be relaxed.

However, Shi Xiaobai knew that her transformation into a fallen pixie was a mental torment for Kali.

Shi Xiaobai sighed in his heart. A girl who was willing to make the silent sacrifice for him, regardless of how powerful she was, how long her lifespan was, how heavy her responsibilities were, how much he did not deserve her, he had to work hard to stand beside her, or even in front of her.

At this moment in time, Kali’s expression changed slightly as she coldly said, “Trying to escape?”

Kali sensed that the masterminds were about to run, so she was prepared to pursue them.

Up to this point in time, everything was the same as before.

But this time, Shi Xiaobai prevented Kali from leaving. He stretched out his hand to grab Kali’s hand and said softly, “Don’t go first. Follow me.”

Shi Xiaobai pulled Kali towards the inner depths of the woods. Kali was slightly surprised and acknowledged it. She was not worried that the monsters could escape her. She was only eager to take revenge.

But compared to revenge, it was obviously not as important as Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai pulled Kali into the woods and soon found an extremely secluded spot.

There were trees all around, with a flat stone being surrounded by trees. It was like a smooth stone bed.

Shi Xiaobai was very pleased with this layout. The place was very hidden, and that large stone bed was as though it was carefully prepared for him.

It was very suitable… to push her down here!

Shi Xiaobai let Kali sit down on the flat rock, and sat down beside her with his shoulder to hers. They were very close and it seemed somewhat intimate.

Kali blushed, but she did not dislike such intimacy.

Shi Xiaobai turned slightly nervous.

Pushing down sounded easy.

However, Shi Xiaobai was unsure if he would really succeed.

Kali said with a light laugh, “You seem… rather nervous? Is there something urgent for you to bring me here?”

Kali clearly never expected Shi Xiaobai to be plotting something with ulterior motives.

Shi Xiaobai took a deep breath and said seriously, “This King knows that there were masterminds behind your sudden disappearance, the hallucination of the rookies, and the reason why the dragon and those monsters attacked This King. And next, you want to seek revenge on those masterminds. With your present strength, it’s probably not difficult, but This King does not wish for that to happen. This King wishes that This King can seek revenge himself!”

Kali was slightly astonished. Looking into Shi Xiaobai’s eyes, she could see the rage and killing intent in them. Shi Xiaobai’s hate for the masterminds had reached an irredeemable state.

Kali sighed gently and said, “Xiaobai, with your present strength, you have no way to fight them for the moment.”

“This King knows.”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes flickered as he said, “Therefore, This King is planning on borrowing your power.”

Kali was slightly surprised before immediately remembering Shi Xiaobai’s superpower. After a moment of pondering, she whispered, “Didn’t we try previously? It’s unlikely you are able to borrow my power for now.”

Shi Xiaobai shook his head gently and said, “It can be borrowed. It’s just that the… posture wasn’t right the previous time!”

Kali was astounded.

The posture wasn’t right?

Kali immediately recalled how Shi Xiaobai had to use his right hand to place in front of a person’s chest to borrow powers.

Was this the posture needed for borrowing powers?

But what did it mean to have an incorrect posture?

Kali’s face blushed slightly as she whispered, “Then… what posture is needed?”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent and gently grabbed Kali’s shoulders with both hands.

Kali’s heart began to race as she noticed Shi Xiaobai’s eyes as bright as the stars. Her cheeks began to heat up.

Hey… why does this seem to be leading to something odd?

Could it be…


Kali exclaimed.

After Shi Xiaobai held her shoulders, he pushed her forcefully onto the giant stone. And with an ambiguous posture, he lay over her body.

Heavens, what posture was this!?

Kali’s body stiffened as she held her breath. With a quivering voice, she said, “We can’t do that… You are still young… Furthermore, didn’t I say before that we can’t do… it?”

Kali’s body trembled. Shi Xiaobai had placed one of his hands on her mosquito bite, while his other hand was placed on her smooth and soft belly that was without any fat.


Was this the legendary ‘foreplay’?

Kali nearly fainted, but reason told her that she had to shout “no” or “stop”.

“Relax, This King is only borrowing your powers.”

Shi Xiaobai’s voice suddenly entered her ears. Kali snapped out of her reverie as she looked up to look into Shi Xiaobai’s eyes. She noticed that his eyes were bright, and his breathing was calm. He looked very composed as well.

Kali fell into a daze and nearly fainted from rage.

Heavens, how can you be so calm while lying above such a beautiful girl?

Hey, my breasts might be small, but they still exist, right?

If your left hand were to move slightly lower, wouldn’t there be the tiniest bit of temptation?

Kali grunted slightly as she grabbed Shi Xiaobai’s back. Their bodies were pulled even more tightly together. She piqued, “Borrow it then, borrow as much as you want! Don’t stand on ceremony with me!”

Kali’s body was very soft. It exuded a fresh fragrance of a virgin, but Shi Xiaobai was obsessed with completing the Absolute Choice, and did not have any unnecessary thoughts.

In fact, Shi Xiaobai was lying, but it was not a complete lie. The reason for this position was not because he wanted to take advantage of her, but neither was it purely to borrow her power.

In fact, Shi Xiaobai had three functions to his superpower.

The first one was borrowing strength. It was as the words meant. As it was borrowing, he needed the consent of the target, and had to return it later.

The second one was forcefully appropriating the powers of others. For example, when Shi Xiaobai extracted Kevin’s powers, it was forceful without need for Kevin’s consent. As long as Shi Xiaobai’s power of the soul could suppress Kevin’s resistance, it was enough. However, such forceful appropriation required him to return the power.

And the third function was the most special. He could directly completely deprive of the other person’s power and use it for himself. There was no need to return it. It was called ‘Power Siphoning’!

If Shi Xiaobai had used Power Siphoning on Mu Yuesheng, Shi Xiaobai would permanently have lightning superpowers, and Mu Yuesheng would lose her lightning superpowers forever.

Different superpowers needed different postures in order to be used. Power Appropriation was the simplest. It just needed one’s strength to suppress the other. As for Power Borrowing, it needed mental dialog. He had to use his right hand to obtain the recognition of the person’s heart, therefore he had to place his right hand on the target’s chest.

Power Siphoning was in general more complicated. In order to siphon the powers of the other person, he needed to conquer that person!

Power Siphoning was clearly a very overbearing and somewhat malevolent power. Furthermore, its usage was very vague. Therefore, Shi Xiaobai had always ignored this ability.

Only when Shi Xiaobai encountered this Absolute Choice did he remember of this superpower.

Push down…

Was the posture of pushing down a girl a form of conquest?

After making such a guess, Shi Xiaobai had pushed down Kali. Of course, it was different from what other gentlemen would be thinking of.

The hands Shi Xiaobai placed on Kali’s chest and tummy suddenly emitted light spontaneously. With a yelp, Kali’s eyes glazed over.

Shi Xiaobai’s consciousness was immediately enveloped by endless light. The light was warm and holy.

Shi Xiaobai was delighted. He had succeeded.

This endless light was Kali’s power and it was free for him to siphon.

As long as he absorbed all this power of light, Shi Xiaobai’s strength would reach a terrifying realm.

However, Shi Xiaobai paid no attention to the power of light. His consciousness roamed the endless light.

Finally, he saw a patch of darkness in front of him.

The darkness was like a small black cloud in the endless expanse in the sky.

In the endless light, this tiny patch of darkness appeared trivial, as inconspicuous as dust. However, Shi Xiaobai could clearly tell that this darkness was spreading, and the speed of its proliferation was accelerating.

Without any hesitation, Shi Xiaobai stretched his consciousness into the darkness!

He wanted to siphon this darkness!


The embarrassed and lost Kali finally realized something was wrong as she suddenly opened her eyes.

Tears immediately welled in her eyes.

At this moment, Kali’s hair transformed into a beautiful purple color.

As for Shi Xiaobai’s hair, it had turned a cold silvery-white!

Shi Xiaobai smiled.

He had created a situation where no one was sacrificed except for himself.

It was as simple as that!

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