AC Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: True Weakness

When Instructor Hisith read Chen Lingcun’s name, other than Ye Jiaquan and Shi Xiaobai receiving a shock, the others revealed a confused look.

“Who is Chen Lingcun?”

“Eh? Why do I not have any impression of this name?”

“Isn’t the weakest rookie Mi Xiaoqi?”


The rookies began to engage in whispers. They were surprised to discover that their memories did not have the slightest impression of a person named “Chen Lingcun”.

The strongest and weakest were always the focal of attention. On the path of Psionic Ability cultivation, the figure that walked in the forefront was always the one idolized and the target to chase after. For example, Team Red’s Shi Xiaobai, who had played truant for several days, was such a person. His dual S monstrous talent and Perception of God had been deified by the rookies in their conversations. Everyone in the room knew of him.

And the person at the back of the pack was normally one they would be familiar with. Every time they encountered a setback, when they were exhausted from it, they would see the person in front opening up a despairing gap. And at that moment, if they were to turn backwards to look at the trailing figure at the back, they would see that there were weaklings weaker than them. They could then feel a lamentable joy, a tiny bit of comfort, and even gain the strength to hold on.

The weakest person was the source of their self-comfort, so they were naturally the focus of attention!

But, who was Chen Lingcun?

The rookies racked their brains but were still unable to gain any information regarding this name. They suddenly realized that they had missed out something or had forgotten something.

When Instructor Hisith called out the three words “Chen Lingcun” a third time, a silver-haired youth stood up. His hands were in his pocket and his head was lowered. He walked out of the crowd.

When certain people walked into your field of vision, your eyes would be glued to them. The silver-haired youth, who was walking out, was such a person. Even though his head was lowered, his handsome looks still made people hold their breaths, unable to shift their gazes away.

“Ah? How can there be such a handsome hunk? It’s been so many days, and yet I didn’t notice him?” A boy-crazy girl was already shooting hearts out of her eyes.

“What a handsome elder brother. Strange, why don’t I have any impression of him at all?” A ten-year-old girl cocked her head and wondered.

“Heh heh, it serves him right to be the weakest for looking so handsome,” a particular ugly boy cursed in his heart.

“Oh? I have such a person in my faction?” The head of one of Team Red’s faction, Han Feng, frowned.

Under the doubtful and surprised gazes of everyone, Lingcun walked to the stage, and stood meters away from Shi Xiaobai, just across him. He revealed a wry smile.

“Very good! Very good! Very good!”

Hisith squinted his eyes as he stared at Lingcun for a moment before suddenly laughing maniacally. He inserted his fingers into his fiery red hair and began to tremble.

“I don’t have any information about you in my memory. Even I missed your existence. It looks like you are similar to another interesting guy. Your looks are near perfect, but your presence is nearly nonexistent. This extremely fun contradiction is truly interesting!”

Hisith looked at Lingcun with fiery eyes.

“You know that guy!?”

Lingcun suddenly raised his head to look at Hisith, his breath shortening. His pale blue eyes revealed a redness, as he gnashed his teeth, saying, “Where is that guy now?”

Hisith was slightly surprised as he began thinking.

“So that’s how it is. It seems that you and that interesting guy come from the same place, so that’s why you have the same characteristics. Heh, I can see from your eyes’ hate. The desire to kill him is so intense and urgent. Oh, I like your gaze. It reminds me of a particularly happy moment in time.”

Hisith grinned. “You are pretty lucky. I do know that guy who looks somewhat similar to you, and similarly, I know where he is presently.”

Upon hearing this, Lingcun’s breath went stagnant. His pale blue eyes were suddenly filled with a layer of crimson. But as though he thought of something, the crimson color faded away suddenly. His aberration state only lasted for half a second before he returned to normal. Following that, he took a deep breath, calming down gradually.

“As long as you tell me where he is, I’ll fulfill any condition you want.”

Lingcun raised his head to look into Hisith’s eyes. His calm words were filled with rough emotion as well as resolve that was beyond doubt.

“I have seen enough ‘fun’ from you. As long as you show the value as a toy, I will satisfy your every desire.”

Hisith licked his lips with his tongue. “Perfect, I have thought of a game ‘that is slightly difficult’. If you can survive the game, I’ll tell you everything you want to know, including everything about that man that nearly had zero presence.”

The rookies present, who were still at a loss, were immediately aghast when they heard this conversation. “Surviving” was the passing criteria of the game?

“Regardless of what game it is, I’ll accept them all. We can even begin now!” Lingcun answered without hesitation.

“Very good. I’m truly beginning to like you even more.”

Hisith’s pleasant face suddenly turned cold as there was a sudden turn in his words. He said, “Although I am very satisfied with the ‘fun’ you bring, I am still filled with doubt about you being qualified to join my game. That’s because you are too weak.”

Hisith lowered his head to look at the tiny notebook in his hand. He smiled lightly. “You are truly deserving of being this batch’s weakest rookie.”

“Come, my beloved toys. Listen well and know what true weakness is.”

Hisith turned to face the seated rookies and began to read out the text in his notebook.

“Chen Lingcun, Mind Expanse, F Class. Psy-genes, none.”

“Ability test, F Class. Obtained only one point.”

“Psionic Ability Realm: Psionic Mortal, first level.”

“Known offensive skill: None.”

“Known defensive skill: None.”

“Known movement technique: None.”

“Evaluation, 3 points. Rating, F Class.”

Hisith announced Lingcun’s personal information line by line, without sparing his feelings. As Lingcun’s pathetic natural endowment evaluation was revealed, how “weak” Lingcun was was immediately laid bare for all to see.

There was half a second of dead silence before mocking laughter and jeers erupted from the seats. Even the faces of those female rookies, who were previously shooting hearts with their eyes, turned cold.

“Heh heh. What trash-like numbers.”

“Pui! To think I was slightly moved. Who knew he was such trash. What a waste of a nice piece of skin.”

“Mi Xiaoqi is so much stronger than him. He is indeed worthy of being this batch’s weakest [Annihilation] rookie. Heh, he is probably the weakest rookie in all of [Gaia].”

“How did he get into [Gaia] when he’s so weak. Did he take the back door?”

“Look at how smooth and tender his skin and flesh is. Maybe he took the back door through some old freak from the upper echelons?”

“Maybe he is kept by one of those old women high up the chains of command.”


There was unbridled vicious mockery. Hisith’s smiling look seemed to encourage everyone to say even more vicious words. Rookies, who were just subconsciously mocking him, seemed to get the meaning behind Hisith’s smile. Slowly, they began to pour out more mean remarks.

Deplorable words such as weakling, gigolo, taking the back door and various other profanities poured out in limitless fashion. Instantly, the entire classroom was flooded by invectives.

Hisith had a brimming smile, and looked as though he was enjoying it tremendously.

Lingcun was silent, his face calm. However, the hands in his pockets were clenched tightly before relaxing. He clenched them again, and relaxed them again…

Suddenly, a voice filled with anger exploded in series amidst the invective voices!

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! All of you shut the hell up for This King!”

Shi Xiaobai’s had a furious glare as he pointed to everyone seated. The words “shut up” spewed out from his throat like a volcano erupting.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up…”

The din did not stop immediately, but as the maniacal screams continued, it gradually faded away, no longer having any strength in them.

And at that moment, the mockery and invectives also seemed to lose its “fun” and meaning.

One rookie after another involuntarily shut their mouths.

When the final rookie stopped laughing, only that single youth was still screaming in the classroom.

The youth’s voice was slightly hoarse and was nearly cracking, but it was still stirring.

“Finally, silence!”

Only when Shi Xiaobai realized that his voice was the only remaining sound in the classroom did he stop shouting with satisfaction.

He coughed, as though he was prepared to say something.

Everyone could not help but hold their breaths in wait. This bumpkin was like a madman. What did he want to say after making them turn silent?

“Why can’t This King understand the reason for your laughter?”

Shi Xiaobai faced everybody’s stares and righteously spoke, “Trash? Weakling? That is just by your own standards. From the way This King looks at it, it’s utter baloney!”

“Have you seen true trash? Have you seen true weaklings? Do you understand what weakness is?”

“No, none of you have any idea what true weakness is!”

Shi Xiaobai’s enraged look shocked everyone. The words he said were incomprehensible. What was he trying to express?

“Don’t you want to play a game? Come on! This King will keep you company to the end! This King will show you what true weakness is!”

Shi Xiaobai sneered as he pointed his thumb at himself.

“This King is the true weakling and trash!”

Author’s Note: This King does not do cookie-cutter plots. Yes!

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