AC Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: Sorry Kali

Monsters blackened the sky above as they circled the firmaments, eclipsing the sun.

The ground quaked incessantly as deafening rumbles of a stampede were heard, as though ten thousand horses were galloping towards the woods.

Shi Xiaobai was located at the periphery of the forest, so he could clearly hear all those roars. There were countless monsters surging towards the forest.

Shi Xiaobai’s expression changed slightly. For these monsters to suddenly gather towards the forest, it was apparent that they were coming for him.

At this moment, the gigantic vultures circling in the sky were the first to swoop down, as they attacked Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai was naturally unafraid. Raising his sword, he slashed at an incoming vulture. A golden sword beam instantly beheaded the vulture.


The monsters circling in the sky roared in anger, and soon, they began diving down in their attacks against Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai sneered. Although these monsters were numerous and of considerable strength, he was at present most proficient fighting one against many.

Shi Xiaobai used Crab Steps to ingeniously dodge the attacks, while he constantly slashed out Kun Peng Sword Technique. Either flames roared towards the sky, wanton storms surged, or snowflakes flurried. All sorts of large area-of-effect sword techniques were used, as monsters were slain by the sword beams that filled the sky.

Screams of pain and agony echoed in the air as the circling monsters in the sky constantly attacked Shi Xiaobai, but like a tip of the iceberg, the monster horde that eclipsed the sky did not seem to reduce in any way.

At this moment, the monsters that had flocked towards the forest had finally arrived.

The monsters were in groups, and like bulldozers, they toppled one tree after another.

All these monsters were of different species—wolves, tigers, apes, buffaloes, alligators, pythons… Other than these ferocious beasts, there were also many strange-looking monsters.

The monsters ran amok into the forest, blotting out the entire horizon. There was no end in sight, as though they formed a wave that was moving towards the shore.

When these monsters surged into the forest, they began engaging in wanton destruction. Nothing was spared—trees, rocks, ground, as well as harmless creatures in the forest.

They saw Shi Xiaobai, who was battling the monsters that dived down at him, and as though they were beasts that had been starving for a long time, their eyes turned green as they charged wildly at Shi Xiaobai.

The hovering monsters in the sky appeared as though their food was being robbed, resulting in them anxiously diving into the forest.

The entire forest was filled with roars, howling, growing… Killing intent raged, as though it was hell on earth.

Shi Xiaobai was like an incarnation of Death. He circled the monsters at very fast speed as he constantly brandished his black sword. Countless golden sword beams slaughtered the monsters that attacked him like moths to a flame.

However, there was just so many monsters that it was outrageous. After killing a hundred with great difficulty, a few hundred would appear in the sky or crowd the forest.

Shi Xiaobai obviously wasn’t dumb enough to think of vanquishing the monsters that were constantly increasing in number. He only wanted to accomplish one thing.

Survive. By surviving safely, Kali would be at ease, eliminating the need for her to rage.

“If you are planning on using numbers in a plan of attrition against This King, your plans have failed!”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but sneer in his heart.

The monsters that blotted out the sky and filled the lands were clearly the trick up the masterminds’ sleeves. It was apparent that the masterminds had very high ‘authority’ for them to summon such a terrifying beast horde.

However, they did not understand Shi Xiaobai at all.

If it were anybody else, they would not have been able to last long against so many monsters.

However, Shi Xiaobai was different. Looking back at his past experiences, he had faced the skeleton legion and the bone dragons that filled the sky in the virtual world. In the Underworld, he had been pursued by tens of thousands of bat riders. In the Demon City, he had traversed through lands filled with demonic beasts… He had seen such situations several times!

Shi Xiaobai always had nerves of steel, a calm mind, and a fearless heart. He was able to maintain his calm when being attacked in a group. The Crab Steps he was proficient in gave him a huge advantage. The terrifying endurance Unleaking Turtle Aura gave him allowed him to persist on for prolonged periods of time.

It was undoubtedly the most foolish method to kill Shi Xiaobai using a beast horde!

The mastermind had made the worst of decisions.

Shi Xiaobai constantly circled the monsters. What he had to do now was to wait for Kali to safely return. Before that, he only needed to ensure his own safety.

However, as Shi Xiaobai constantly fell back into the inner depths of the forest, he suddenly heard a tragic cry amid the monsters’ roars.

Shi Xiaobai’s expression changed suddenly.

The tragic cry was not a monster’s, but a human’s.

These monsters were not only attacking him, but the rest of the rookies as well!?

When Shi Xiaobai realized this point, his heart was filled with rage.

He untangled himself from the monsters and dashed towards the source of the scream.

Very soon, he traversed collapsed ground and criss-crossing trees. Shi Xiaobai’s pupils contracted slightly.

He saw a rookie being surrounded by dozens of monsters. The rookie’s face was pale. He was furious and afraid, while doing his best to resist, but his body was covered in injuries.

Not far away, there was a mutilated corpse. The corpse was being devoured by several monsters. Its head had been bitten off, and there was no clue as to who the person was. The person’s innards had been pulled apart. There was no piece of meat on the corpse that remained intact, as white bone was exposed!

Upon seeing this tragic scene, Shi Xiaobai was incensed. With a roar, he slashed angrily at the dozens of monsters surrounding the rookie!

Shi Xiaobai obviously wouldn’t show mercy to these man-eating monsters. Soon, he wiped out the monsters that surrounded the rookie and saved him.

The rookie collapsed on the ground after being saved. Turning his head to see his companion’s tragic state, he could not help but cry.

Shi Xiaobai sighed and asked, “Why didn’t you use the exit command?”

The rookie sobbed and said, “It was useless… We shouted dozens of times, but the exit command had no effect… Compared to life, how important can a spot of a collective training be? Boohoohoo… I want to go home.”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, his mood turned heavy. He never expected that the masterminds’ ‘authority’ had reached such a high level of clearance. They were even able to disable the use of the exit command. They were willing to go so far in order to kill him!

From a certain point of view, this rookie had died because of him!

The monsters poured into the forest without end. The monsters that eclipsed the sky were swooping down constantly. The number of monsters in the forest continued increasing.

It was a cacophony of deafening roars, hisses and growls.

Occasionally, there would be the sounds of humans screaming mixed in it.

Shi Xiaobai immediately awoke from his reverie. It was now not the time to feel guilty and upset. With the monsters entering the forest, they were attacking wantonly. The other rookies were also being attacked by the monsters!

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly carried the rookie that had slumped to the ground as he charged deeper into the woods.

“Get it together, we need to save the others!”

Shi Xiaobai shouted to the rookie that had lost his wits.

The rookie revealed a wry smile, “Save the others? We can’t even save ourselves.”

Shi Xiaobai sighed in his heart and did not speak further. Carrying the rookie in his left hand, he constantly slashed with the sword in his right hand at the attacking monsters.

As he advanced, his heart became heavier. The anger in his eyes was overwhelming.

Along the way, he saw ghastly scenes. Rookies that were able to reach the sixth level were of pretty good strength and pedigree, but most of them were fresh out of school. They lacked actual combat experience. They quickly fell into panic when they were swarmed by starving monsters. One by one, they died tragically after they failed in their resistance.

The corpses suffered the tragic fate of being torn apart. They could no longer be identified, reduced to white skeletons.

Shi Xiaobai saved a few rookies, but all of them were wallowing in despair. Against the overwhelming number of monsters and in the face of how the exit command was defunct, as well as the cruel reality of their companions dying, their hearts were filled with fear of death.

Shi Xiaobai naturally did not leave them in the lurch. He constantly killed the monsters like an inexhaustible machine, while darting into the depths of the forest.

However, Shi Xiaobai was not god. With the large number of monsters attacking, there were still rookies that died tragically in front of his eyes.

Along the way, all he saw were hellish scenes. His progress also became more difficult. The rookies Shi Xiaobai could save were few in number. Most of them died tragically or had died somewhere unknown.

Finally, Shi Xiaobai saw two familiar figures in front of him.

They were Mozzie, who was struggling to hold up Magical Silver Shield, and Mu Yuesheng, who was constantly shooting electric bolts while doing battle with the monsters.

The two girls were in quite a sorry state. They were panting, and from the looks of it, their stamina was nearly depleted.

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly rushed up to save the duo.

“Where’s Kevin?”

As Shi Xiaobai slaughtered the monsters, he hurriedly asked. He felt a strong sense of foreboding.

Mozzie immediately cried, “… Kevin was eaten by an invisible monster!”

Shi Xiaobai’s face immediately paled.

What other thing but the dragon could the invisible monster be?

Shi Xiaobai was immediately enraged and also extremely depressed.

More than half of the rookies had died, including Kevin.

Although they had died under the claws of the monsters, they had died because of him!

This was a mad move in order to kill him. He was still alive, but he had implicated the other rookies, causing them to die tragic deaths.

Shi Xiaobai angrily bellowed and charged into the middle of a group of monsters. As though he had gone mad, he was Death incarnate.


Suddenly, with a clang, Shi Xiaobai’s sword was knocked to the ground.

Monster after monster began surrounding him. Opening their jaws, they attacked his limbs.

“Sorry Kali.”

Shi Xiaobai gently closed his eyes.

Light suddenly bloomed above the forest as the monsters circling the skies plummeted. The monsters on the ground shattered like glass as they wailed to their tragic deaths.

Shi Xiaobai sighed.

The fiery voice resounded in his mind.

“Make your choice, youth!”

Kali had raged.

The choice had failed once again.

Shi Xiaobai slowly opened his eyes.

It was that familiar scene from before. Forty-eight rookies were in the middle of the mountain valley. Time was still, as the three lines of black text materialized before him.

A confused look flashed in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes.

Choice 1 would save all the rookies, but result in Kali raging.

Choice 2, to prevent Kali from raging, the masterminds would become unscrupulous in order to kill him. Many rookies would die because of him.

This choice was like the opposite sides of a coin. Choosing any one side would result in the other side’s harsh reality to show.

Shi Xiaobai was still immersed in his grief and anger. His brain was in a mess.

He did not know how to choose.

Let Kali rage? He definitely would not allow that!

Let the rookies die because of him? He could not tolerate that!

Could it be that there was no choice that allowed the best of both worlds?

Was there no choice that would not sacrifice anyone, even if he was the one to be sacrificed?

Shi Xiaobai’s confused gaze landed on the third choice he had ignored from the very beginning.

[ Choice 3: Push down the raging Ka Xiaozi ]

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