AC Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: God Slaughtering Command

Above the forest, four monsters were standing in each of the four corners of the God Slaughtering Formation on a dark cloud.

The atmosphere was slightly heavy.

The white-masked aristocrat’s Plan F sounded perfect. By killing Shi Xiaobai, Kali would not be able to focus on resisting the God Slaughtering Formation, so it greatly increased the success rate of killing Kali.

However, the plan failed before it was implemented. The invisible monsters were annihilated mercilessly by Shi Xiaobai and the illusion stones that had been planted were seen through by Shi Xiaobai. What seemed like a flawless scheme had been easily nipped in the bud.

How could the four monsters be in a good mood?

The gigantic Nightmare Terror always had a grudge with the white-masked aristocrat, so it could not help but mock, “I wasn’t optimistic about this plan from the very beginning. The number of strange means that human has is endless. Even that dog suffered under his hands. Just that punch not a long while ago was completely unbelievable. Hoping to succeed using such a scheme that can be so easily seen through against that human is truly one that can only happen in one’s wildest dreams.”

The white-masked aristocrat said with a heavy face and cold tone, “What nice hindsight. This human was just lucky. No plan can avoid uncertainties such as luck. What else could I do?”

The gigantic Nightmare Terror said with a chuckle, “Just lucky? It was obvious that your plan wasn’t perfect enough, allowing that human to see through it easily!”


The dual-blade demon coldly interrupted the two monster’s argument. It said, “What we should do now is think of the follow-up plans, not pushing the blame on one another! The ‘trial central computer’ instructed us to eliminate the external ‘virus’. Our final goal is only to kill the two intruders—the pixie and the tiny black-lit person that the pixie sealed in the deep depths of the sea. This human is not on the elimination list. We should only consider how to kill that pixie!”

The lion-headed demonic beast said with a whisper, “But now, we have used the God Slaughtering Formation to imprison the pixie, but we aren’t able to kill her. When the pixie frees herself, she will definitely punish us. When the time comes, what are the chances of the four of us defeating her? I feel that Aristocrat’s plan was still somewhat reasonable. Killing the human that the pixie deeply loves might shake her will, causing her to die inside the God Slaughtering Formation.”

The gigantic Nightmare Terror said coldly, “Having gone back and forth, the conclusion is still to kill that human. However, there’s not much time. As pillars of the formation, the four of us can’t move. The bullshit plan Aristocrat came up with has been completely seen through, so who else can kill that human?”

The lion-headed demonic beast said, “Since this is the world the dual-blade demon presides over, he should have the means to do so. Didn’t he previously say that he had ten thousand ways to let the human die?”

The dual-blade demon said with a heavy voice, “I do have ten thousand ways, but… I can’t be certain that they can kill the human in such a short period of time. The human’s strength might not be as simple as it seems.”

The white-masked aristocrat said coldly, “Use that move.”

The three monsters were slightly taken aback before their expressions changed drastically. They exclaimed, “Are you talking about that move!?”

The white-masked aristocrat nodded calmly and said, “That is the fastest way to kill that human, and also the most reliable way.”

The dual-blade demon said with a heavy voice, “If we use that move, it will cause a large number of trial-takers to die. It is one of the regulations the assessment program has against it. We would be punished by the trial central computer. We would be released in another thousand years, but if we do it now, we might be given another few thousand years of punishment. I can’t accept it!”

The white-masked aristocrat said with a sneer, “Violating the regulations only entails an addition few thousand years of imprisonment, but if the pixie safely escapes the God Slaughtering Formation, our lives would be over. The trial central computer only knows punishment, nothing else. It will definitely not protect us. Even if we work so hard, to the point of risking our lives to complete the mission it gave us.”

The dual blade demon fell silent upon hearing this.

At this moment, the gigantic Nightmare Terror said coldly, “I don’t agree. The fool that previously ruled the fourth level had once had an aneurysm, resulting in it using that move. It caused many trial-takers on that level to die. It infuriated that trial-taker, named ‘Hero King’ by the humans, which caused its death. Most terrifying of all, after that fool died, its soul was imprisoned by the trial central computer. As it had violated the regulation, it is still imprisoned in a prison of darkness up to today. If we use that move, what happens if we can’t kill the human?”

The white-masked aristocrat said with a scorn, “Do you think that human can compare with the Hero King from back then? Don’t worry. This human may be good, but he’s still a distance away from that Hero King. This human will definitely not be able to survive that move.”

The lion-headed demonic beast said, “There’s not much time left. Every second we argue is a waste of our lives. Quickly make the decision. As for whether to use that move, how are we to kill the human without using it?”

The white-masked aristocrat said in a deep voice, “I think that if we were to use that move and kill the human before shaking the pixie’s resolve, causing her death in the God Slaughtering Formation, the trial central computer will pardon us considering the mitigating circumstances. The risk of punishment isn’t very high. But if we do not use that move and if we fail to kill the human, it is almost certain the pixie will safely escape. What else can we do other than run? And if we fail to complete the mission, do you think the trial central computer will show us mercy? We would still be punished when the time comes! Therefore, I think it’s best we use that move!”

The gigantic Nightmare Terror said coldly, “I definitely disagree with using that move. Aristocrat is always able to give all sorts of grand justifications, but he disappoints us greatly every time. I will definitely not believe you, even if what you say sounds very convincing.”

The lion-headed demonic beast shrugged his shoulders and said, “I will refrain from commenting. I only wish for us to come up with a decision as soon as possible. If we do not use that move, please think of something else quickly. You can count on me to act, but don’t count on my brain.”

At this moment in time, the white-masked aristocrat was in agreement, but the gigantic Nightmare Terror was in disagreement.

The lion-headed demonic beast was on the fence, so the only one to make the decision was the dual-blade demon.

The gigantic Nightmare Terror looked at the dual-blade demon and said with a sneer, “This is the world you preside over. You will bear the greatest responsibility using that move. Think carefully about it!”

The white-masked aristocrat chuckled and said, “If you killed the pixie, what the trial central computer considers a high-level virus, in your world, you will gain the greatest merit as well. On the contrary, if you fail to kill her, you will similarly bear a huge responsibility!”

The dual-blade demon’s expression immediately turned ugly as his eyes were filled with a dilemma.

The lion-headed demonic beast urged, “Hurry up and make a decision. There’s not much time left!”

The dual-blade demon took a few deep breaths as an intense struggle wavered in his eyes before finally coming to peace.

“In hell, I learned of something important. When the evil spirits extort you for bread, you would not be able to even keep your clothes if you are afraid. If you encounter a hungry evil spirit, then you would not even… Anyways, to survive, courage is something that cannot be lacking.”

The dual-blade demon said in a heavy voice, “Therefore at this very moment in time, I choose to be brave. I don’t believe that the trial central computer will be so ruthless as to punish us if we are able to kill the pixie. Furthermore, since that move exists, it must have a reason for its existence. I believe it’s the best opportunity for us to use it!”

“Therefore, I’ve decided to use it. We shall use the ‘God Slaughtering Command’!” This is a move that can even easily kill Celestial trial-takers. It’s the highest honor for a human’s death!”

There were charred corpses everywhere in the mountain valley. The invisible drakes had been burnt to death by Shi Xiaobai’s Kun Peng Wind-Fire sword or slashed to death by thousands of sword beams. They had revealed their true forms. They were extremely ugly and now in their charred state, they were even more revolting.

Shi Xiaobai led the rookies away from the valley and came into the forest.

Shi Xiaobai knew that the masterminds definitely had tricks up their sleeves, so he was constantly vigilant. At the same time, he was worried for Kali. His nerves constantly tensed.

Three minutes later, a group of people were walking through the woods, ready to find the invisible dragon. After all, the mission of this level was to slay a dragon.

The danger Shi Xiaobai expected did not happen. He obviously did not know of the three minutes of argument the four monsters had, but Shi Xiaobai had a nagging feeling that it was the calm before the storm.

The invisible dragon was apparently difficult to find. The rookies were eager about it, but turned impatient three minutes later.

Someone suggested for them to split up in their search.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment and no longer objected. The masterminds were targeting him, so if they separated from him, the rookies might end up safer.

Soon, the rookies dispersed as they wandered in the forest as they attempted to find the invisible dragon.

Mozzie, Mu Yuesheng, and Kevin naturally wanted to stay by Shi Xiaobai’s side. However, Shi Xiaobai had their safety on his mind, so he made the three proceed together. After warning them to be careful, he left alone.

Shi Xiaobai decided to stay away from the rest as he ran towards the exterior of the woods.

Regardless of what means you have, come for This King!

As the trees dwindled in number, the number of rookies Shi Xiaobai encountered decreased along the way.


Suddenly, there was a sharp scream from the woods!

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows pricked as he suddenly felt as though the sun above him had been obscured. The sky had suddenly darkened!

Shi Xiaobai could not help but look up, but he was immediately taken aback.

He saw flying monsters everywhere in the sky. All types of monsters were gathered in the air like tigers with wings, gigantic vultures, wyrms, and ugly gigantic bats. Like dark cloud, they covered the sky.

The flying monsters looked down at the forest with cold eyes and murderous intent.

At the same time, the ground began to violently quake!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Sounds of deafening trampling came from outside the woods, as though there were thousands of rhinoceros approaching in a stampede.

How many monsters were in this stampede to cause the ground to quake in such a manner?

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