AC Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: Why spit everywhere!


“Make your choice, youth!”

The fiery voice resounded incessantly in Shi Xiaobai’s mind, indicating that he had failed the Absolute Choice for the sixth time.

After failing so many times and having tried again and again, he had solved one problem to immediately have another problem rear its head. It was as though he had entered a never-ending cycle of death.

The complexity of this Absolute Choice of [ Save all rookies in Dragon Mountain Valley ] was revealed in a most vivid fashion.

Shi Xiaobai emptied his mind for ten seconds so as to allow his exhausted mind rest for a moment before he continued thinking.

This time, pure strength alone was not enough to save all the rookies. It was most like a test of wisdom.

Now, he had basically determined that the naked-running youth was the reason for the fourth and fifth failures. Then, the ‘impossibility’ was indeed an illusion of ‘possibility’.

But even though the naked youth was not in Dragon Mountain Valley, why would he cause the choice of “Save all rookies in Dragon Mountain Valley” to fail upon his death?

There were two possibilities. First, the system had made a judgemental error. It might have been unintentional or done intentionally. Secondly, assuming it was an error, the premise that Dragon Mountain Valley was different from what he imagined.

The odds of the former was incredibly unlikely. Although the Absolute Choice frequently pulled pranks on him, it had never played word games with him. It had never made things difficult for him using the rules.

Then, the only possibility was the latter. The false assumption of Dragon Mountain Valley was wrong from the outset.

This was because the vast valley was not Dragon Mountain Valley!

Or could be said that it was only a tiny area of Dragon Mountain Valley. At least, Dragon Mountain Valley included the entire forest. As such, the naked youth was also considered a rookie in Dragon Mountain Valley.

And from that, it further explained why there was no dragon in the empty valley.

It was because Dragon Mountain Valley was much bigger than expected!

Shi Xiaobai pondered for a moment and came to the conclusion that Dragon Mountain Valley included the entire forest or an area even larger.

What supported his point of view was not only how the Absolute Choice failed because of the naked youth’s death, but also because of the dragon roar he heard at the final moment.

If Shi Xiaobai had guessed correctly, the dragon roar came from the so-called dragon.

And the reason why the Absolute Choice failed once again just as Shi Xiaobai was about to kill the black-robed youth was very likely because a rookie had enraged the dragon, resulting in death or elimination.

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt depressed. Up to now, he had not determined if saving included ‘elimination’ or not as the past failures had all been a result of the rookies dying.

And he thought of a very depressing thing. The black-robed youth was also considered a rookie.

Now that he was within Dragon Mountain Valley, would killing him also result in the failure of the Absolute Choice?

Shi Xiaobai had a feeling of once bitten twice shy. He was afraid of repeating again because of missing a small detail. Experiencing six similar scenes in a row within a short period of time would undoubtedly confuse his memories. It did not feel good.

Furthermore, Shi Xiaobai had the nagging feeling that the Absolute Choice had yet to reach the crux of the matter. He had been struggling for so long as though he was lingering around the edge of the Absolute Choice, a feeling that he was not making any real progress.

Shi Xiaobai fell into deep thought for a long time this time. Only when the Absolute Choice countdown reached the last second did Shi Xiaobai confirm his selection.

The familiar scene, the conversations of the rookies, words which Shi Xiaobai himself could recite by heart.

Shi Xiaobai still urged the rookies to leave the valley and reminded everyone to wait outside the valley without running anywhere else. He still told Ka Xiaozi that he had to leave first, and had used Massage Technique of God on the youth that wanted to fart.

Many things that happened were done in an adept but numb fashion. Repeating certain things was no doubt quite a rotten feeling.

But the difference this time was Shi Xiaobai had borrowed Mu Yuesheng’s superpower.

As he had previously reconstructed Mu Yuesheng’s superpower, what he pulled out from her chest was a superpower in the shape of skating shoes.

Shi Xiaobai wore the icy-blue skating shoes and under the gazes of the awestruck crowd, he shot out of the valley instantly with a rub.

Although Shi Xiaobai was searching blindly in the forest the first time, he had subconsciously taken note of his direction because he had a premonition that he could very likely repeat the Absolute Choice a seventh time. Therefore, Shi Xiaobai clearly knew where the naked youth was this time, so he charged straight in that direction.

Shi Xiaobai wanted to bring the naked youth back to the crowd before he encountered the black-robed youth.

With the electric skating shoes augmenting him, Shi Xiaobai’s speed was something that left even the Thousand Eye Demon Sovereign in the dust. In a while, he found the naked youth.

Seeing a naked dick was always rather unpleasant to the eyes, but there was no other way. Shi Xiaobai could only recognize the pain inflicted on him. After finding the naked youth, he quickly made him wear his clothes.

The naked youth was vehemently refusing at first, saying how he would never wear clothes unless he finished running around the forest.

As a result, Shi Xiaobai could only tell him that the black-robed bloody figure was soon arriving.

The naked youth clearly knew about the horror of the black-robed bloody figure. Without speaking another word, he began putting on his clothes at a speed much faster than a person about to be caught engaging in adultery.

Shi Xiaobai and the naked youth quickly returned outside the valley. At this moment, the forty-seven rookies had safely left the valley.

And coming this far, Shi Xiaobai did not know what would happen next. However, he knew that if nothing unexpected happened, the dragon would soon appear. As for why or how it would appear, Shi Xiaobai had no clue.

Shi Xiaobai could only gather all the rookies together.

“The dragon will be appearing very soon!”

Shi Xiaobai looked at everyone and cut straight to the point!

The rookies were astounded as they questioned him.

“How do you know? What did you base your judgement on?”

“Where would the dragon appear? In the valley?”

“Why did you get us to leave the valley? Did you discover some danger? Can you explain it to us now?”


Shi Xiaobai heard the questions from everyone and felt somewhat helpless. He couldn’t tell everyone that he knew everything because he had repeated things several times, right?

Shi Xiaobai had no way to explain so much, nor did he have the time to explain.

He said seriously, “Danger was indeed the reason why all of you were evacuated from the valley. This matter is somewhat more complicated, so it will be explained later. Now, This King has to tell all of you of a possibility… The dragon might not be in the valley. The valley is just a small portion or it could be said, the entire forest or a wider area might be the dragon’s territory!”

When the rookies heard this, they revealed contemplative looks. This possibility sounded somewhat reasonable!

Shi Xiaobai continued, “This King has a hunch that the dragon will appear very soon. Believe in This King. This King’s premonition has always been very accurate. From now on, This King wishes that all of you will brace yourselves and be prepared so that all of you can engage in battle at any time!”

Shi Xiaobai had no way to explain any further because he was unsure how the dragon would appear.

He was not even certain that the sixth failure was a result of the dragon. The dragon’s roar could have been produced by other creatures.

Everything was just a guess, so the only thing he could do was to let all the rookies remain vigilant.

In this regard, the rookies naturally did not disagree. Regardless if the dragon would appear or not, being vigilant would definitely not be wrong.

Shi Xiaobai sighed lightly as he began to observe his surroundings and the actions of every rookie. This had nearly become a habit, because every piece of information could be key to cracking the situation.

Who could have imagined the first few failures were a result of a smelly fart? And that the failures later on were because of a naked-running youth having peed himself from fright?

Failure always happened in such inexplicable ways, but one would find it absurd and laughable after realizing the reason.

Shi Xiaobai’s gaze constantly swept across the crowd. At this moment, everyone was bracing themselves for the appearance of the dragon that Shi Xiaobai had mentioned. No one did anything strange.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai’s pupils contracted slightly. The farting youth that he had paid special attention to had done something that made Shi Xiaobai’s heart leap.

The youth had found a spot in the corner, thinking that no one was paying any attention to him, he suddenly spat on the ground!

Shi Xiaobai’s heart stopped for a second before he gave a wry smile.

“It’s just spitting a mouthful of phlegm. It shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Shi Xiaobai sighed. He was feeling the jitters after the smelly fart and the urine.

At this moment, an exclamation was suddenly heard.

“Holy shit, what is that?”

And following that, several voices echoed.

“Is that… phlegm?”

“Heavens, a flying phlegm? Who the fuck spat that?”

“No, it’s not phlegm. It’s a monster, an invisible monster! Quickly kill it!”


Shi Xiaobai hurriedly took a look and saw a thick phlegm fluttering in the middle of the woods like a butterfly, flying above the rookies’ heads, and it was even going in circles!

Shi Xiaobai jumped up in fright.

Was this one of those invisible monsters in the valley? It had actually come out of the valley?

At this moment, the rookies had realized that the extremely sticky phlegm had stuck onto an invisible monster’s body. They were immediately given a fright.

For an invisible monster to be beside them without them even knowing, how dangerous was this?

The rookies closest to it had already begun attacking where the phlegm was!

Shi Xiaobai’s heart leaped. He realized of a terrifying possibility as he quickly shouted, “Stop! Don’t kill it!”

However, it was too late. Numerous attacks had been launched. Following that, a young cry was heard and with a splash, something fell to the ground.

Everyone looked over and saw a pool of blood, as well as the spit that had been diluted by the blood.

“It’s dead?”

The rookies asked doubtfully.

Shi Xiaobai fell silent and thought to himself—What’s coming will come after all.


A dragon roar that reverberated through the entire woods resounded and mixed in it was infinite anger!

A mouthful of phlegm had hit the dragon’s baby, and with everyone killing the dragon’s baby, the dragon had appeared.

This kind of script was extremely clichéd!

“The dragon has appeared! Protect yourselves!”

Shi Xiaobai roared. At this point in time, the only choice left was to fight the dragon!

And with him here this time, there might be a chance for a different outcome from the sixth attempt!

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