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Chapter 319: Murder induced by a pool of pee


“Everyone, leave the valley as fast as possible!”

Shi Xiaobai said to everyone in the mountain valley.

This was the sixth time he was facing the same scene. He fell somewhat in a trance momentarily, but he snapped out of it very quickly.

Shi Xiaobai repeated the words he had said before, while the rookies reacted in the same manner by heading towards the valley in droves.

Shi Xiaobai turned his head and whispered to Ka Xiaozi, who was beside him, “This King needs to go first. There’s someone outside the valley that needs saving. Can you wait for This King outside the valley?”

Shi Xiaobai had promised to protect Ka Xiaozi and to never be more than three meters away from her.

He had to leave the valley as fast as possible, and if he brought Ka Xiaozi along with him, the monsters might no longer feel any dread. Who knew what they could do.

Although there was no way to determine which of the two of them was what made the monsters feel dread, it was the moment when he needed to make a bet.


Ka Xiaozi was very understanding as she agreed without any hesitation.

The reason why she wanted to stay beside Shi Xiaobai was because ‘I’m very weak’. It sounded like she was requesting a safety umbrella, but in fact, it was just an excuse.

She did not need Shi Xiaobai’s protection. She just needed to be beside Shi Xiaobai when he was not in trouble.

Shi Xiaobai gave Ka Xiaozi a grateful look and did not speak any further. Turning around, he used Crab Steps to rush forward at an extremely fast speed.

While passing by the rookie who was about to release his ‘toxic gases’, Shi Xiaobai stretched out his hand and held his shoulder and pinched it a few times.

Shi Xiaobai did not repeat the important matter thrice this time because he realized that it was superfluous. Farting required ‘courage’. Other than this rookie who could not resist any further, the others had great discipline.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai chose to use the ‘Massage Technique of God’ to suppress this youth’s biological embarrassment.

Following that, even if the youth wanted to fart, he would not be able to do so. He would have to bear with it for a period of time.

Of course, this feeling wasn’t very pleasant. It was similar to constipation, but Shi Xiaobai believed that the youth would agree to dedicate himself for the greater good by accomplishing such a momentous feat of sacrificing his own ‘happiness’ to prevent the ‘disaster’ on everyone else.

Well, for his opinion, let’s not ask about it. Let’s pretend he agreed to it.

However, the fart was truly wretched. Shi Xiaobai could not imagine what sort of noxious gas it would turn into after it festered for a period of time.

He only wished that the youth would be able to find a toilet when the time came, so as to not pollute the environment.

Shi Xiaobai overtook everyone very quickly. He reminded them once again to leave the mountain valley as soon as possible and gather outside the valley to wait, before rushing out of the valley.

When the rookies saw Shi Xiaobai rushing out of the valley, they did not dare delay any further and immediately sped up.

When Shi Xiaobai ran out of the valley, he ran straight into the forest.

None of the forty-eight rookies had died, yet the choice [ Save all rookies ] had failed.

What was the contradiction in this matter?

Shi Xiaobai had first thought of two possibilities.

Firstly, there were forty-nine rookies who entered the mountain valley at the beginning. Before the choice appeared, a rookie had been silently devoured by a monster without anyone noticing, eventually dying after a period of time.

Secondly, there was a rookie who had managed to enter the valley before he shattered the diamond monster before being devoured by a monster. Therefore, what seemed like forty-eight rookies in the valley was actually supposed to be forty-nine.

However, the two possibilities were very quickly put aside by Shi Xiaobai temporarily.

This was because from the attacks from before, the heads of the monsters were unlikely to be large. If not, they would not have simply bitten off heads or limbs in their attacks. There was a very low chance of devouring a rookie whole.

Furthermore, if that truly was the case, how was he to save that rookie?

Against these monsters he could not see, hear or sense, Shi Xiaobai could only use a wide area-of-effect sword attack mindlessly. There was no other way, much less find the monster among the sea of monsters that had devoured the rookie before carefully dissecting it to save the rookie.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai could only temporarily place these two possibilities aside.

He later realized that all the ‘possibilities’ he came up with would not result in such a contradictory situation.

Shi Xiaobai immediately looked at it from a different logical point of view.

If there were no ‘possibilities’, then would an ‘impossibility’ perfectly explain the situation at hand?

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai very quickly thought of an ‘impossibility’.

There was a rookie that had entered the valley with them, but due to a mental lapse, he had ran into the forest to run naked.

If that youth that was running naked had died, everything could be explained.

However, this possibility had been limited to an impossibility due to the words ‘in Dragon Mountain Valley’ in the choice [ Save all rookies in Dragon Mountain Valley ].

However, everything impossible could very well be a ‘possibility that seemed impossible’.

Shi Xiaobai pondered over it repeatedly before betting on this ‘impossibility’ on his sixth attempt.

Shi Xiaobai darted through the woods, unsure of where the exact location of the youth running naked was, so he could only run around blindly in the woods.

It was unknown where the youth had gone, so Shi Xiaobai failed to find him instantly.

Shi Xiaobai was keeping track of time in his heart. Seeing how the failure that had happened a few times was about to happen without him finding the rookie, Shi Xiaobai gradually became anxious.

However, there was no other way than to search blindly in the forest.

Finally, when there were only a few seconds remaining, Shi Xiaobai saw the youth in the distance after turning around a bend!

The youth was stark naked, unafraid that his dick would freeze!

However, this was not something that Shi Xiaobai had to worry about. He frowned because in the distance, he saw the youth leaning at a tree in fear, and in front of him stood the black-robed youth holding his crimson sickle!

The black-robed youth’s eyes were cold as the crimson sickle was held to the youth’s neck, as though he was hesitant about severing the youth’s neck or not.

The youth was obviously horrified as he constantly mouthed something. From the shape of his mouth, it looked like ‘Open Sesame’, but not a sound was produced.

The black-robed youth had used an unknown method to prevent the youth from using the exit command.

Shi Xiaobai charged at the two silently. His accurate sense of time told him that the youth would die in two seconds. Therefore, there was no need for him to shout to stop the act from happening. The most pressing thing at the moment was to close the distance.

At this moment, something astounding happened.

Having not been able to use the exit command, the youth believed that death was at his doorstep. In his horror, he actually… peed himself from fright!

In the face of death, it was common for a timid person to pee themselves, but typically, peeing themselves meant wetting their pants.

However, at this moment, the youth was stark naked, there wasn’t a pair of pants!

A stream of yellow liquid spewed out from the naked adolescent penis, straight onto the black-robed youth’s black robe!

That scene was truly beautiful…

Shi Xiaobai nearly burst out laughing.

Being suddenly ‘attacked’ in such a manner, how could the black-robed youth tolerate such a humiliating act? The black-robed youth took a step back in alarm and dodged the attack of the urinary stream before blowing up into an indomitable rage!


The black-robed youth roared. Without any hesitation, he raised his sickle and slashed it at the youth’s neck!

The time matched the time of the previous Absolute Choice failures perfectly.

Shi Xiaobai was immediately rendered extremely speechless. First, it was a smelly fart that induced massacre, now, a urinary stream had resulted in a murder. What the heck!?

The black-robed youth raised his sickle high. Just as it was about to decapitate the youth, Shi Xiaobai arrived in front of him. With a clang, the black sword blocked the sickle.

The black-robed youth was sent retreating. When he turned his head and saw Shi Xiaobai, the anger and killing intent in his eyes turned more intense. This black-haired youth that had previously reduced him to a pool of blood was the target he wanted to kill the most in the trials.

When the youth saw Shi Xiaobai, he felt as though he had seen his father. Tears and snot was lathered across his entire face as he tried to approach Shi Xiaobai.

“Don’t come over, put on your clothes first.”

Shi Xiaobai quickly kept a distance from the naked youth.

The youth also realized that his current state was somewhat odd, so with an embarrassed smile, he took a step back.

However, the black-robed youth did not have any patience, he had brandished his sickle and slashed it at Shi Xiaobai!

A sanguinary storm stirred towards Shi Xiaobai!

As Shi Xiaobai looked at the black-robed youth, his gaze turned slightly cold.

This black-robed youth had previously forced him to use One Second Shura and Excalibur. When he was unconscious, he had smashed all the rookies protecting him and had nearly killed him.

It could be said that the impression this black-robed youth gave Shi Xiaobai was even worse than Sen Senyuan in the trials, especially his bloodlust and aura of darkness, something Shi Xiaobai hated especially.

If he could kill this inhumane black-robed bloody figure, Shi Xiaobai would definitely not show mercy.

At this moment, the opportunity had arrived.

The black-robed youth was very strong, so strong that Pulp Farmer and company were helpless against him. He had even nearly killed the weakened him and Sunless.

But in fact, the black-robed youth was extremely weak to Shi Xiaobai, much weaker than any rookie!

This was because his right hand had been restored to normal at this moment in time!

Shi Xiaobai kept the black sword and rushed towards the black-robed youth despite the sanguinary storm heading towards him!

A psionic knife conjured in his right hand at that moment!

This knife was called Pig Slaughtering Knife!

The sanguinary storm met the Pig Slaughtering Knife and dissipated without any suspense.

The black-robed youth was given a fright as he hurriedly conjured his crimson barrier!

This crimson barrier that remained indestructible despite Pulp Farmer and company’s attacks was no different from paper in front of the Pig Slaughtering Knife. It shattered in an instant!

The black-robed youth was dumbfounded as he retreated in panic.

The Pig Slaughtering Knife countered all darkness. The black-robed youth was unable to put up even the slightest of resistance against the Pig Slaughtering Knife!

At this moment, a dragon’s roar suddenly reverberated through the forest from the distance. It was extremely loud as it filled the world.

Shi Xiaobai naturally heard it, but he had no time to deal with it. He only had one thought in mind—kill the black-robed youth!

The black-robed youth retreated quickly as he brandished his sickle madly, slashing out sanguinary storms, but the attacks that were filled with bloodlust and darkness were like glass mirrors in front of the thrusting Pig Slaughtering Knife. They shattered instantly.


Fear arose in the black-robed youth’s eyes. His speed was inferior to Shi Xiaobai and soon, he was caught!


Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were cold. Towards an abhorrent person, he would never show mercy.

Finally, Shi Xiaobai’s knife reached the black-robed youth’s chest!

“Make your choice, youth!”

The fiery voice resounded in his brain.

“That can’t be!”

Shi Xiaobai was extremely stupefied. He realized his body could no longer move. The scene before his eyes had returned to the moment when everyone was in the mountain valley.

It was still the three choices.

It was still that darn voice.

“Make your choice, youth!”

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