AC Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: It’s time to bring out the big guns

“Aren’t you all irritating. Stop fucking talking so highly about Shi Xiaobai. Let me make this clear, even if he were to use all his strength, he will not be able to move the monster!”

The voice was deliberately raised, overwhelming the voices of everyone else. As such, it was also heard by Shi Xiaobai and company.

Everyone could not help but turn their heads over. The person who said it was a youth that looked frivolous.

When the youth saw everyone looking at him, he timidly took a step back, but quickly he worked up the courage to say, “Even the combined forces of Feng Yuanlin, Zhou Chuchu, An Mo, and Liu Yu were unable to move this diamond monster by a centimeter. Why would Shi Xiaobai be able to do so? All of you are like braindead fans saying how we can soon go past this with Shi Xiaobai here? I can’t bear hearing this anymore!”

The mood suddenly became strange. The rookies gave the youth strange looks before they gaped.

“Although Shi Xiaobai is two-timing, his strength is nothing to be maligned. If he can’t do it too, then we probably do not have any way of crossing.”

“When I heard him clear the first level in less than twenty seconds, I immediately thought that it was impossible. When I saw the legions of demonic beasts during the counteroffensive against the Demon City, I thought it was impossible too. Not long ago, I heard that only the Hero King had managed to conquer a Level Lord, and I thought no one else except the Hero King would be able to do it, but Shi Xiaobai managed to do it. So now, I believe that there is nothing Shi Xiaobai can’t do.”

“I sense some sour grapes. Although Shi Xiaobai truly makes you jealous and envious, it shouldn’t go as far as suffering from sour grapes because of him, right?”

“I’m a brainless fan, so? Are you going to bite me?”

“Pui! Even Feng Yuanlin and the others said that the monster will not be able to obstruct any further with Shi Xiaobai here. Are you unconvinced?”


What happened was rather surprising. These rookies who were cursing how Shi Xiaobai was two-timing immediately took his side and supported him. Most people believed that Shi Xiaobai had a way to move the monster as well.

The youth’s face turned extremely ugly. He was feeling as terrible as him having eaten a fly. He could only insist, “Let’s see what happens. Shi Xiaobai definitely will not be able to move the diamond monster, not even a centimeter. If, if he could to it, I’ll run naked in the woods.”

Hearing the youth’s words that went for broke, the rookies were somewhat dumbfounded, but soon, they burst out into dismissive sneers.

“Who are you running naked for? Are you planning to blind our eyes?”

“It’s fine if you are ugly, but taking off your clothes to pollute the environment would be your fault.”

“Pui, with someone like you, you dare to reveal your dick?”

“Gross. The scene is just too sick. I don’t even dare to imagine.”


Upon hearing the crowd jeering him, the youth’s expression turned even uglier. He suddenly felt somewhat regretful for mocking Shi Xiaobai out of his inability to suppress his jealousy.

Fuck, all of you were having fun putting down Shi Xiaobai, but now, there wasn’t a single person supporting him.

What sort of magic did Shi Xiaobai have? How did Shi Xiaobai make all these rookies from various organizations, who were usually proud and mighty, so trusting of him?

From afar, Shi Xiaobai heard the crowd’s conversation and felt his heart warm up. He never put jeering at heart because he would quickly use action to smack faces. However, to be supported while being jeered at, this seemed to be his first.

Of course, it appeared as though there was a danger to it. As the crowd had placed him on a high pedestal, he would suffer from a terrible fall from the pedestal if he were to fail to move the diamond monster.

However, Shi Xiaobai was never afraid of challenges, nor did he worry about being placed on a pedestal.

He only wanted to say, come on, let the praise and ravings be more intense!

Ka Xiaozi gently touched his arm and said with while beaming, “It’s time to bring out the big guns.”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised before he nodded. He had a nagging feeling that Ka Xiaozi would occasionally say something cheeky. For example, the sentence, “it’s time to bring out the big guns”, seemed to be…something he had previously said?

“A coincidence?”

At this moment, four people walked out of the crowd, towards Shi Xiaobai and company.

They happened to be Feng Yuanlin, Liu Yu, An Mo, and Zhou Chuchu.

Other than the voluptuous Zhou Chuchu, Shi Xiaobai had a slight impression of the four.

Liu Yu had once defended City #1 with him. He had met Feng Yuanlin on the crystalline grounds of the third level, Thousand Stone Doors. He remembered An Mo to be a person whose flute tunes were horrendously jarring to the ears.

Furthermore, he had learned of their names from Mu Yuesheng just a while ago. She had also briefly described their appearances, so Shi Xiaobai was able to immediately recognize them.

As such, Shi Xiaobai was the first to speak, “Thank you for protecting This King for ten minutes. This King will definitely remember it.”

Remembering it was Shi Xiaobai’s promise.

The promise sounded simple, but its value definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Feng Yuanlin scratched his head and said, “Don’t, don’t thank me. It’s quite embarrassing.”

Zhou Chuchu immediately snapped, “Excuse me? The most shameless person is you!”

An Mo said with a serious expression, “Shi Xiaobai, this diamond monster’s defense is crazily high. The dozens of us have attacked the diamond monster together but to no avail. Even if you use that attack that instantly killed the black-robed bloody figure it might not be enough. However, I still choose to believe you because you have done many impossible things.”

Liu Yu said with sigh as well, “According to This Penniless Priest’s deductions, it’s impossible to shake the diamond monster’s defense at the Psionic Mortal Realm.”

When Shi Xiaobai heard what the two said, he was slightly alarmed. The attack he used to instantly kill the black-robed bloody figure was Excalibur augmented with One Second Shura. The price he paid was extremely high. It was his strongest move at the very moment. Although his psionic power back then was insufficient, preventing him from being able to fully use his power, it was still very terrifying.

This move could not even shake the diamond monster’s defenses? How terrifying was this diamond monster?

Shi Xiaobai turned his head to observe the diamond monster. It was laying on the ground silently. Its eyes did not even move, as though it was a lifeless object.

Shi Xiaobai gathered his killing intent and was surprised to discover that the diamond monster only had one fatal red line on its body. Furthermore, the red line was located in the core of the diamond ball. The motionless line was very thin and short.

This was the diamond monster’s only weakness. It was completely hidden in its interior, making it equivalent to not having any weakness at all.

At this moment, Mu Yuesheng walked towards Shi Xiaobai’s side. She whispered, “Anything other than physical attacks seem to be completely ineffective against the diamond monster. My electric bolt, the flame and ice attacks of other rookies were absorbed the moment they touched the diamond monster. However, its physical defense is equally terrifying. Dozens of them attacked at the same time but failed to even leave a mark. They didn’t even manage to shake it.”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he was slightly surprised.

Non-physical attacks were ineffective, and its physical defense was extremely heaven-defying.

What sort of history did such a diamond monster have?

As Shi Xiaobai pondered, he walked forward and came to a spot three meters away from the diamond monster.

Everyone gradually quietened down. They cast their gazes at Shi Xiaobai. Although they verbally said that they believed that Shi Xiaobai could change the impossible into reality, they were still not certain. This was because the diamond monster’s defense was too exaggerated. It was so exaggerated that they suspected if the diamond monster was something the assessment program deliberately released to eliminate them.

Shi Xiaobai reached out his right hand as a black beam of light bloomed. A black sword appeared in his hand.

At the same time, golden points of light began emerging out of the ground as they quickly gathered towards Shi Xiaobai’s body, giving his body a golden luster.

Everyone held their breaths. Their hearts were both filled with anticipation and also disturbed.

Shi Xiaobai suddenly took a step forward and slashed out!

A golden sword beam struck the diamond monster like dawn casting its first light!


An explosion resounded as the golden beam shattered. Dust flew into the sky and it was not immediately apparent as to what had happened.

But soon, the golden light dissipated and the dust settled. Everyone drew a gasp.

That diamond monster… still remained unmoved. Not a single mark was left on it!

“Ha… ha, hahaha…”

A mocking laughter resounded. The youth from before derided, “Look, this is the Shi Xiaobai all of you were constantly harping on. Just that bit of attack, what can it do?”

The crowd did not speak. They only gave the youth a glance like they were watching a retard.

This strike was clearly the most simple Beginner Sword. Although he had activated his Sword Truth, this was clearly a simple move for Shi Xiaobai. He was just testing the diamond monster’s defense.

Everyone’s eyes were on Shi Xiaobai, waiting for his next strike.

The next strike was the real attack.

But what astonished everyone was Shi Xiaobai putting away the black sword.

Following that, he turned around and walked back.

The crowd was alarmed.

Shi Xiaobai had given up? Did he realize that the diamond monster’s defense was impenetrable after a test strike, so he had given up?

Of course, Shi Xiaobai did not give up. However, this strike that seemed like an ordinary Beginner Sword actually had terrifying destructive power. In terms of destructive power, it was not much weaker than the Kun Peng Sword Technique with Sword Truth activated.

Such power could not even shake the diamond monster, indicating how powerful its defense was.

“I will have to use that move.”

With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai walked towards Mozzie and company. Under everyone’s astonished stares, he came in front of Kevin.

Kevin immediately felt a sense of foreboding as he said with a dry laugh, “What’s the matter?”

Shi Xiaobai did not say a word as he reached out his right hand towards Kevin’s chest.

This action gave everyone a fright.

They had seen this scene before. Back at the fifth level, Shi Xiaobai had once retrieved a pair of shoes from the brown-haired girl beside him!

They immediately realized what Shi Xiaobai was planning on doing, but they found it extremely odd.

Touching a chick’s chest was a welfare that made people jealous.

But touching a guy’s chest? Fuck, that’s just disgusting.

However, the imagined gross scene did not appear. This was because when Shi Xiaobai’s right hand reached about ten centimeters away from Kevin’s chest, a circle of light appeared by Kevin’s chest. A short sword flew out of his chest and landed in Shi Xiaobai’s hand.

Kevin stared at Shi Xiaobai and realized that he could not resist at all.

When this scene landed in Mu Yuesheng’s eyes, she gaped and thought, there was no need for his hand to be so close? Then why…?

Heavens, it was horrifying on pondering…

Shi Xiaobai transformed the short sword in his hand into a blob of light and stretched both his hands into it.

When Mu Yuesheng saw this scene, she could not help but turn towards Kevin and asked, “How… do you feel now?”

Kevin shook his head and said, “Nothing. That’s not right. This Genius is feeling pissed now. This bastard was so nice and friendly when he borrowed your powers, but now when it comes to my turn, he extracted it without a word. I didn’t even get to react.”

Mu Yuesheng fell silent. The feeling of her powers being borrowed was bone-chilling. It made her even lack the energy to walk. But now, Kevin did not feel a thing.

Could it be that there was a difference between men and women?

Or could it be… that Shi Xiaobai had always been going for a long con?

Mu Yuesheng did not dare to think further.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai had finished his energy reconstruction. He had transformed the short sword into a meshed boxing glove!

Shi Xiaobai wore the boxing glove and walked towards the diamond monster.

When Shi Xiaobai came before the diamond monster. He turned sideways and arched his right knee. His right hand formed a fist as he went into a pose of punching it at any time.

Everyone was alarmed. Shi Xiaobai was planning on using his fist to attack the diamond monster?

Wasn’t Shi Xiaobai a swordsman?

Shi Xiaobai grinned and said, “It’s time to bring out the big guns.”


Shi Xiaobai was never a swordsman. Sword techniques were just one of his hobbies.

Speaking of which, this move had not been used in a while. It was the most damaging offensive attack Shi Xiaobai had!

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