AC Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: You are actually a Demon, right?

Shi Xiaobai was rendered speechless. Only recently had he played an uninteresting card drawing game with Hisith. Shi Xiaobai was not interested in Hisith’s game at all, and wanted to keep a distance from the perverse Hisith.

But the depraved instructor did not plan on letting him off. This was not the first time he had targeted him, and now, he had been called to the podium the moment class started.

Feeling the concerned and sympathetic gazes from Ye Jiaquan and Lingcun, Shi Xiaobai frowned.

“Whatever. This King was previously once a God of Games. How can I be scared off by a depraved gamer that is none other than a sham!?”

Thinking of his tiny victory back in Hisith’s office, Shi Xiaobai was immediately filled with confidence. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he got up and walked fearlessly to the podium in the middle.

“Dahei looks very confident. Me… feels that Dahei should be able to survive it,” Ye Jiaquan looked at Lingcun and said feebly.

Lingcun sighed and did not respond. His pale blue eyes flashed with seriousness.

When Shi Xiaobai came to Hisith’s side, he immediately felt like he had entered an ice cavern, as a cold crept up through his entire body. His body slowly began to stiffen.

Hisith gave Shi Xiaobai a sinister-looking smile and whispered, “Before we play the game, let me ask you. Dahei, do you know what ‘Psionic Shield’ is?

Shi Xiaobai was momentarily stunned as he thought for a moment, before he shook his head and said, “No.”

When the seated rookies heard this, they gave an incredulous look. A number of people even had a dismissive sneer suffusing at the corner of their lips.

He was an idiot who didn’t even know what Psionic Shield was? Did he rely on cronyism to get into [Gaia]? The rookies who suspected Tu Dahei to be Shi Xiaobai immediately had their suspicions lessened greatly.

Hisith had received information of Shi Xiaobai from the organization’s upper echelons. The information revealed that Shi Xiaobai had yet to begin Psionic Ability cultivation, so it was naturally possible for him to be unaware of ‘Psionic Shield’, hence Hisith had questioned him. Shi Xiaobai’s answer was within his expectations, but Hisith felt his head ache. This was because to proceed with the game, he needed Shi Xiaobai to be able to understand and grasp “Psionic Shield”.

“It looks like I need to tug at a sapling to help it grow.”

With this thought in mind, Hisith turned towards the seated rookies and said, “Wang Lin, explain to him what ‘Psionic Shield’ is.”

With him saying this, a 17 to 18 year-old youth with short hair stood up from the seats on the right. Under his tight-fit shirt were firm muscles, it was obvious he was strong. Everyone from Team Blue cast their eyes at the youth, filled with awe and trust.

Wang Lin nodded at Hisith before looking at Shi Xiaobai and said calmly, “Psionic Shield is a Psionic Ability produced from one of the four major combat systems, namely defense.”

Wang Lin paused for a while as he pondered over his words before continuing, “The system of defense is divided into physical and psionic defense. Physical defense refers to one’s skin, flesh, bones and mental defenses. It is in the domain of one’s physical cultivation. As for psionic defense, it is a study of how to use Psionic Power as a form of defense. The name Psionic Shield implies using Psionic Power to form a shield so as to block attacks within a defensive range.”

After Wang Lin finished speaking, he stretched his right hand out. Suddenly what seemed like beams or vapor began gathering in front of his palm in the form of white energy. He had produced a white shield that could nearly block everything in front of him.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up. He had previously seen the white energy back when Ye Jiaquan was punching the wall. So that was so-called “Psionic Power”?

“Psionic Shield typically is used to protect against uni-directional attacks. Be it engaging in melee combat with swords and sabers, or long-distance gunfire or bombs, a solid Psionic Shield can block all of them. Typically, a Psionic Shield at the fourth level of Psionic Mortal Realm is able to withstand ordinary bullets, but would be useless against special anti-psionic bullets.”

After Wang Lin was done speaking, he retracted his right hand. Immediately, the white shield began to dissipate. He looked at Hisith, indicating to him that he was done explaining. Seeing Hisith nod his head, he coolly sat down.

“This thing can block bullets!”

Shi Xiaobai’s heartbeat began palpitating as he felt like all the blood in his body was about to boil.

Upon seeing this, Hisith’s eyes seemed to flash as he said, “Psionic defense is divided into four stages. The first stage is Psionic Hardening. By using Psionic Power to cause a body part to harden, it can instantly achieve the effect of enhancing the body’s physical defense. The second stage is Psionic Shield. Typically, it is used to block unidirectional attacks.”

“The third stage is Psionic Barrier. It can be said to be an omni-directional shield. Although its defensive strength is inferior to Psionic Shield, it is suitable for protecting yourself when facing a rain of bullets, swords or sabers.”

“Finally, the last stage is Psionic Domain. It can achieve the effects of defending a large area. When many people collectively produce a Domain, it can be used to protect cities. Once the degree of hardness reaches a certain level, it will be the main method to defend against missiles or nuclear bombs.”

Hisith explained the four psionic defenses in detail. The rookies in the room already knew this by heart, so they were immediately somewhat puzzled. Why was Instructor Hisith patiently explaining such extremely basic knowledge to this bumpkin?

But Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were almost burning red. What did he hear? Through human means, defend against missiles and nuclear bombs? This… Wasn’t this the power he had always been dreaming of?

“How is it? Do you want to learn Psionic Shield?” Hisith’s voice that contained a spell of bewitchment sounded in Shi Xiaobai’s ears.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai was unable to resist the temptation as he hurriedly nodded. “Yes! Not only the shield, This King wants to learn everything!”

“Alright, then I’ll teach you.”

Hisith smiled as he suddenly leaned towards Shi Xiaobai and whispered into his ear. The rookies pricked up their ears but were unable to hear a single thing. They immediately found things odd.

Producing a Psionic Shield was not something one could do overnight. It was like learning a language. It needed the accumulation of time to achieve that. Instructor Hisith said he wanted to teach this bumpkin, and even whispered something in his ear. Was there some heaven-defying shortcut?

Hisith’s whispers did not last more than a minute. Shi Xiaobai nodded his head despite having only a hazy notion of it, but he said with doubt, “Doing that can produce the shield you mentioned? That simple?”

Everyone was stunned hearing this.

There was really a shortcut?

Hisith nodded with a smile that didn’t look like a smile. “Of course, you will know once you give it a try.”

Shi Xiaobai did not doubt him. His passion for power made him immediately execute what Hisith told him.

“Use your heart to feel your body’s Psionic Power. Use your mind to control the flow of Psionic Power. Then silently recite the chant…”

Shi Xiaobai stretched out his right hand as Hisith’s words flashed in his mind. Suddenly, he felt a warmth rise up from his body. The warmth made him feel comfortable.

But very quickly, this warmth carried on rising in temperature, and slowly became a scalding heat. Pain came from his every nerve, as Shi Xiaobai immediately felt like he had found himself in the middle of flames. It was so painful that he nearly fainted.


A scream tore out of Shi Xiaobai’s mouth, immediately resounding throughout the entire classroom.

The rookies immediately understood what had happened as they immediately drew a gasp. They covered their mouths to prevent themselves from screaming.

Ye Jiaquan’s eyes were already red as he said with a trembling voice. “Lingcun, if Me… If Me isn’t wrong, Dahei is now using the ‘Body Incineration Curse’, right?”

Lingcun’s facial expression had long sunk, as he said with a painful tone, “It is the Body Incineration Curse. It is said to be the most vicious manner of accelerating growth through excessive means. The success rate is less than 10%. If he succeeds, he would be able to at least open up one psionic sacred meridian, but the outcome of failure would be having his body consumed in fire and he would die a painful death.”

“If Dahei can survive the Body Incineration Curse, and open up any psionic sacred meridian, then he can indeed omit the need of a comprehension and accumulation process. He would be able to directly gain the control of ‘Grasped Basics’ of Psionic Power. This is probably the shortcut Hisith thought of.”

“Damn it! I never expected Hisith to be willing to make such a desperate attempt just so that his game can proceed smoothly. Doesn’t he know that Dahei is actually Shi… No, it’s impossible that he doesn’t know, but why is he doing this? Isn’t he afraid that he will cause Dahei’s death? The success rate of Body Incineration Curse is less than 10%! If Dahei dies, as one of the three powerhouses of [Gaia], won’t he feel the pinch?”

“Or could it be that he doesn’t care about [Gaia]’s rise or fall? That’s right. I should have realized earlier that he was such a madman. I was the one who harmed Dahei. It’s all my fault! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

As Lingcun whispered, he was shouting out in his heart silently. His expression looked painful as he buried his head in his knees, with his entire body trembling.

Shi Xiaobai’s tragic screams continued. His skin was already a scalding hot red color. White smoke was beginning to rise up around him as his body seemed like it was about to spontaneously combust into the most ruthless inferno.

As for Hisith, he was standing by the side turning a blind eye to it, as if he was watching a good show play out in front of him.

Even the most ruthless and merciless rookie could not help but feel a sense of pity seeing this. This bumpkin, Tu Dahei, was truly wretched. Encountering the depraved madman, Hisith, who wore an outer skin as a Hero, was bad luck accumulated across eight generations. His only chance of survival was that scammy less than 10% chance of success.

Using the Body Incineration Curse either meant being reborn or to be burned to ash. Everything did not depend on one’s self, nor willpower, just plain luck!

Time passed by the tick, as Shi Xiaobai’s screams turned hoarse. His body seemed like a fixed column. Although he looked like he should have been squirming on the ground, he was standing there screaming. He was like a young tree sapling erected there, experiencing the burning of an inferno.

How long would such torment last?


Suddenly, the sound of a crisp crack issued from Shi Xiaobai’s body. In front of him, a cracked shield, which was so white it looked translucent, bloomed. The red glow on his skin converged immediately as the burning temperatures of the surroundings quickly cooled down. The water mist also dispersed in an instant.

The seated rookies immediately broke into chaos.

“Holy shit, he succeeded?”

“He actually managed to survive the Body Incinerating Curse. This bumpkin’s luck is… heaven-defying!”

“This means he has at least opened up a psionic sacred meridian. Ze Ze. As they say, foolish people can have dumb luck!”

“You guys, enough. He was tortured to the point of death, can’t you just be more sparing with your words?”

“That is a sacred meridian won at the risk of his life. You can’t not be convinced!”

“Should… should this bumpkin bear a grudge or thank Instructor Hisith?”


Whispers in the classroom erupted. They had witnessed a rare Body Incinerating Curse, and even rarer was that the extremely weak bumpkin had managed to succeed!

Shi Xiaobai was still gasping violently as sweat covered his entire body. His eyes could no longer open, and his body looked like it would topple with a simple nudge, yet for some reason, he still stood upright.

After enduring such cruel torture, at the moment of his relief, he must have felt like falling to the ground and lay unconscious, right?

Why was he still standing?

“Very good! Very good! Very good!”

Hisith’s voice that seemed bordering on madness cracked the mystery.

Everyone immediately shut their mouths as they felt their hearts filled with fear. Shi Xiaobai was unable to fall, because Hisith did not want him to fall.

Hisith had forced him to stand there, so he could only keep his exhausted body silently standing there.

“Enough, enough, it’s really enough!” The seated Lingcun was roaring in his heart, as he looked furiously at Hisith.

Was it enough?

For Hisith, this was clearly not enough. This was because everything he did for Shi Xiaobai was to allow the game he designed to proceed smoothly. His game had only just begun.

“Since Dahei has learned Psionic Shield, let the games begin!”

Hisith relentlessly mentioned his original but consistent goal. Everyone could not bear watching this any further. Tu Dahei, should it be said that you had great luck to open up a psionic sacred meridian, or should it be said that you had terrible luck to encounter the perverse Hisith?

“As for the game rules, all of you are to attack Tu Dahei’s Psionic Shield. Only by shattering Tu Dahei’s shield in one strike will it be considered a pass. If you can’t shatter it, then you will be eliminated from [Gaia] directly!”

A sinister smile suffused from the corners of Hisith’s lips. “Then, let the games begin. I already can’t wait for it!”

Everyone was immediately dumbfounded.

What fucking game was this?

They had heard that this bumpkin was at the first level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, and he had just learned how to use Psionic Power. The Psionic Shield he produced was in such a sorry state, and was so thin like there was nothing. It was impossible for them not to be able to break it, right?

The crux of the matter was that they would be eliminated if they failed to break it, so all of them would definitely muster all their strength!

This was no doubt a form of “abuse”. No, there were 72 rookies in the classroom excluding Tu Dahei. It was 72 rounds of abuse!

After having nearly died from physical torment, he would next be faced with 72 terrible counts of defeat. This game was indeed extremely “fun”.

“Instructor Hisith, you are actually a demon, right?”

This was the most intense thought in everyone’s minds.

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