AC Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Shi Xiaobai’s Intuition

Dozens of poker cards floated in mid-air and although it looked like a messy distribution, there were no two poker cards that overlapped each other. Shi Xiaobai even realized that in his range of vision, all the backs of the poker cards were facing him. It was probably deliberately done by Hisith.

“Make your choice. Choose one card out of these fifty-four poker cards. If it has more than ten points, I will help you conceal your identity. If it is ten or below, I will directly eliminate you from the rookie line up. Make your choice, my beloved little toy.”

Hisith said those words with a sinister smile on his face. He had a savoring expression, but his tone was not to be doubted.

Shi Xiaobai suddenly found his body relaxed. The invisible binding energy had been removed, but once he looked up, his eyes met Hisith’s, causing a biting chill to immediately suffuse, as if he had been thrown into a dark forest where danger lurked at every corner.

Shi Xiaobai instinctively felt fear, but he was unusually furious. The words Hisith said, “make your choice”, made him recall that unforgettable sunset, as well as the cold voice that rang in his head.

“Compared to filling in the blanks or short answer questions, This King prefers questions with options, but This King does not like being forced to make a choice. Why should This King choose from the options you provide? This King refuses. This King chooses—not to choose!” Shi Xiaobai said with a sneer as he looked straight into Hisith’s eyes that were narrowed into a slit. He felt like there was the coldest blade hidden behind those slits. Every moment he looked at them made him lose a bit of his courage, but Shi Xiaobai did not shift his gaze.

“Very good! Very good! Very good!”

Hisith suddenly looked up and issued a harsh and sharp laughter hysterically. It was terrifying. Then he inserted his five fingers into his flaming red hair, his mouth pursed into a sinister arc.

“Shi Xiaobai, O’ Shi Xiaobai, my liking for you is truly increasing. Your choice makes me surprised, so I am very satisfied.”

Hisith put out his tongue to lick his lips. Suddenly, his body seemed to teleport through the densely hovering poker cards without them moving, as Hisith appeared in front of Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai’s pupils contracted as he could not help but draw a gasp. Suddenly he found his body bound by that invisible force once again, there was no way to move his stiff body.

Hisith leaned his face close to Shi Xiaobai, and whispered, like how lovers exchanged whispers, “But the game has already begun. I will not allow you to quit midway. So you still have to make a choice. If you don’t, I will…”

Hisith dragged out the word “will” before suddenly closing his mouth. This dragged out word that suddenly came to an abrupt stop sparked boundless imaginations. Shi Xiaobai could not help but begin thinking. If he insisted on not choosing, what would this depraved person do?

Shi Xiaobai felt his heartbeat increasing rapidly, and his back was beginning to ooze with sweat. The fear that came from the bottom of his soul occupied his mind. The sinister face that was inches away from him looked like the face of a most ferocious wraith.

“Relax, relax. Don’t be nervous.”

Hisith laughed softly as he reached out his right hand, gently caressing Shi Xiaobai’s cheek with a sharp nail .

The cold nail moved across Shi Xiaobai’s face, immediately giving him goosebumps.

“It’s just a little game. This King can join you in this game, is that fine? Hurry up and take your hand away.”

Shi Xiaobai was extremely furious, but he no longer dared to put on a brave front. His intuition told him that the depraved person in front of him was very “dangerous”.

Upon hearing this, Hisith slowly retracted his hand. He had a slight disappointment on his face, as he turned around to take a step. In a blink of an eye, he had returned to the other side, across the poker cards.

“Choose. Choose the poker card that you think is greater than ten.”

Hisith stressed the rules once again. As he said, this was a game no one could guess the outcome to. Success and failure only depended on luck.

Of course, this game was considerably unfavorable for Shi Xiaobai. Amongst the fifty-four poker cards, the number of cards with faces greater than ten only numbered fourteen.

Shi Xiaobai focused on the floating poker cards but could only see the six-sided star with the short sword face on the cards. He could not tell the difference, much less be able to find the fourteen cards amongst the fifty-four cards. It looked like he needed a certain amount of luck..

“This card!”

In three seconds, Shi Xiaobai had made his choice. He stretched out his hand to point at an unnoticeable card out of the dozens of cards. It was not at a corner, nor was it at a particularly unique location. In fact, it looked extremely ordinary.

However, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were brimming with confidence. The demeanor of his expression and his tone was extremely determined, as if the choice he made was definitely correct. It seemed like he was destined to win despite the outcome of this game of luck being completely unknown.

Hisith was standing on the other side of the poker cards, so he could immediately see what card Shi Xiaobai had chosen. His gaze stared intently at the chosen card, as he fell into a long silence.

“You passed, my little friend, Tu Dahei. I look forward to the upcoming rookie training. I will definitely give you ‘my love’.”

After a long while, Hisith finally announced the game’s outcome. His voice was still coquettish, but was now apparently exceptionally cold. When he said the two words “my love”, he even enunciated it with a tone that was absolutely terrifying.

Shi Xiaobai felt the invisible bondage disappear immediately once again. Without another word, he hurried out of the office. He felt that every second he spent with this depraved person was dangerous.

After Shi Xiaobai left, Hisith was still maintaining the same posture. His eyes were still on the poker card Shi Xiaobai chose.

“A one in fifty-four chance. Was it by coincidence or simply inevitable?”

Hisith stretched out his hand to hold the poker card Shi Xiaobai chose. The other fifty-three poker cards suddenly transformed into plumes of blue flames, turning to ash after burning for a moment.

As for the poker card in Hisith’s hand, it revealed its front side—it was the highest trump card, “Red Joker”!

“It looks like you indeed possess the Perception of God, and it’s the strongest one at that. Interesting, definitely interesting. As a toy, you are truly too extravagant for me.”

“However, the game has only just begun. I will ‘teach’ you well, and I hope you will not disappoint me.”

Hisith placed the “Red Joker” into his breast pocket as a sinister smile suffused on his lips.

After walking out the office, Shi Xiaobai still felt panic-stricken. He hurried his footsteps, afraid that the hateful, depraved person would chase after him.

“Yet another monster that covets This King’s divine body. Thankfully This King was fast in getting away!”

The more he thought, the more he felt fear after the event. However, just thinking of himself being able to choose a poker card that was greater than ten out of fifty-four poker cards made him happy.

“There is indeed nothing This King can’t do! Isn’t it just a bet on luck? This King has never feared it!”

While Shi Xiaobai was choosing the poker card, he thought of how he had blindly made a shot during the rookie evaluation’s ability test. Immediately, he had felt like he had invincible luck, so he chose without any hesitation.

His intuition told him that the poker card was greater than ten.

“Strange, why does This King keep having the thought that the poker card is the “Red Joker’?”

This bizarre idea flashed in Shi Xiaobai’s mind, but soon vanished.

“Heh heh, there is nothing strange about that. The card chosen by This King is definitely the ‘Red Joker’!”

Shi Xiaobai felt at ease and justified as he accepted his own explanation.

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  1. Talon, since you seem to be tracking the manga/anime-based characters, it should be pointed out that Steel Ox is none other than Nendou Riki from Saiki Kusou no Psi Nan and it’s possible that Lingcun is similarly Killua from HunterxHunter. Saiki Kusou deserves even more love than it already gets so I wanted to point that out in case you wanted to give it a footnote.

    Otherwise, This King thanks you for the speed at which you’re delivering these endless laughs.

      1. It was mentioned last chapter in a TL note at the bottom that Hisith is based on Hisoka. But honestly Hisith doesn’t seem to be just based on Hisoka but a complete copy of Hisoka down to his personality and even the description of him sounded exactly like Hisoka down to hair color and the little marks under the eyes and then the way he dresses and even the use of cards like this. It’s scary how much Hisith acts and looks exactly like Hisoka who is hands down one of the creepiest important character from a manga/anime I have ever seen.

      2. Yeah, it was the note about Saitama somewhere from the start and then about Hisoka in the last chapter that made me feel like pointing out the unsung originals in case CK wanted to shout them out for cameo-hunters as well.

  2. ooookay.

    now I suddenly am a believer that he actually has a perception ability and isn’t just full of bullsh*t xD

    then again, if he didn’t have that attitude and personality of his, even if he picked that card via his perception, he would not have been even the slightest bit convincing as the uncertainty would show in his eyes. 😛

  3. Have faith in LORD FIFTH, gain eternal life. When LORD FIFTH appears, who dares to cause strife!

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  4. I have to comment on Gaia’s seeming retardation in this situation. So the situation is this; they find a new rookie candidate with the highest aptitude in the country, effectively, and then their upper ranks send a message to Riko (who is also important) saying to seduce/coerce this rookie to make sure he stays with them. Okay, that’s consistent. But then immediately after this things become nonsensical; Riko, far from actually caring instead leaves a note and takes off for weeks without so much as a goodbye, no one comes to check up on their remarkable new rookie despite him being in Riko’s house for half a week and not attending training, and the moment he actually shows up to training he finds out that his new instructor is an absolutely weird as f**k creeper who has intentionally rigged the entire training system to intentionally make him fail.

    I mean, what part of this makes sense? Gaia as an organisation should be begging this kid to stay. Instead they are putting huge (almost impossible) obstacles in his way. If I were in his position I would literally just say f**k you, turn around and go to one of their competitors; someone who would actually provide an instructor who isn’t one short step away from being a pedo-molestor, and who hadn’t sabotaged my chances before I’d even shown up. It’s just… ridiculous. I’d extend that to saying their training system in general is ridiculous as well, because why would you keep eliminating people every time a team fails? Do they actually have too many talented rookies? Because that as well is the complete opposite of what we’ve heard so far.

    1. Riko thinks he’s going to school anyway, so there’s no real need for her to be around. As for Hisith’s crazy acts against Shi Xiaobai, it is explained later. And Hisith was never previously a teacher, he just suddenly ‘showed interest’ into becoming the sole teacher of the rookies. Gaia had no choice but to acquiesce. Furthermore, most of the rookies are untalented, only SXB, but as mentioned, Hisith is doing it for a special reason.

  5. You know, the fact the Hisith/Hisoka is a “hero” is pretty ironic. However, in Hunter X Hunter he was a hunter and that didn’t make much sense either, but when you consider his love for “games” it all makes sense. He’ll probably train Shi Xiaobai very well, and every minute will be hell (for Shi Xiaobai).

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