AC Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Shi Xiaobai is not the Hope of Team Red

Having heard his name from Ye Jiaquan’s mouth, and that he was the captain of Team Red, Shi Xiaobai was completely at a loss. He nearly asked, “When did This King become the captain of Team Red?”, but he could tell the nearly pious veneration in Ye Jiaquan’s eyes, which suddenly gave him a new idea.

“He is This King’s first believer in this world! No, This King has to test his loyalty!”

With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai pretended to look puzzled and asked, “Who is Shi Xiaobai? Is he strong?”

“You actually don’t know Shi Xiaobai?” Ye Jiaquan immediately revealed a shocked expression, as if the fact that anyone that did not know of Shi Xiaobai was an incredulous matter.

Moments later, Ye Jiaquan’s honest expression turned serious as he said formally, “Captain Shi Xiaobai is destined to shock China, no, he is a super genius destined to shock the entire world!”

Shi Xiaobai kept nodding his head in his heart, as he thought deep down that despite Steel Ox appearing dumb, he was actually pretty clever. The fact he knew that he, Shi Xiaobai would be destined to shock the entire world meant he had a better awareness than anyone else!

Shi Xiaobai felt ease of mind, but that wasn’t enough, hence, he thrust his head and asked, “Is he really that powerful?”


Ye Jiaquan’s face immediately looked anxious as he scratched his head. He began to excitedly count the edges the idol in his heart had. “Captain Shi Xiaobai not only has S Class Mind Expanse and Psy-genes, he even has the Perception of God! He is the highest rated rookie in this batch. During the ability test, Captain Shi Xiaobai even went easy! If Captain Shi Xiaobai had been slightly more serious, he would definitely be a S+ Class rookie! Captain Shi Xiaobai is a world-class genius!”

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai immediately felt that Ye Jiaquan was a rare promising person. He was a talent who knew how to speak the truth! Shi Xiaobai was very pleased in his heart, but he still asked with a straight face, “Is that all?”

Seeing his idol not acknowledged by him, Ye Jiaquan immediately turned anxious. He scratched his head incessantly, puzzling over how he could convince the youth in front of him, or how to let the youth believe that “Captain Shi Xiaobai was an extraordinary genius”. In a short while, Ye Jiaquan seemed to think of something. His face flushed suddenly as his limbs turned stiff, his motions looking restricted.

“That… Me’s Captain Shi Xiaobai is Senior Riko’s man!”

Ye Jiaquan said proudly, “Senior Riko is the daughter of the Minamiya family, the only student of His Excellency One-Pun, and this generation’s Oceanic Pontus! As for Captain Shi Xiaobai, he has subdued Senior Riko!”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned for a few seconds when this was said.

“Violent Girl is indeed This King’s person, so that probably counts as having subdued Violent Girl, right?”

Shi Xiaobai had such thoughts, but somehow felt that Ye Jiaquan’s explanation sounded weird, yet he couldn’t tell what was odd about it. However, an inexplicable sense of pleasure seemed to fill his body, it made Shi Xiaobai so excited that he got goosebumps.

“Not bad, not bad. This is a good devotee of This King. However, This King must dig deeper into his beliefs!”

Shi Xiaobai made up his mind, and pretended to look impatient. “Is there anything else?”

Ye Jiaquan immediately widened his eyes, and after a moment of silence, he took a deep breath and exclaimed, “Captain Shi Xiaobai once said that ‘this world does not have any geniuses, only the strong!’. For a great genius to say such inspirational words, Me, Me is very moved! Me is not some genius. Me is very dumb. Me can only work hard, work harder and work even harder, so… Me really felt extremely, extremely moved!”

Awkward but sincere words came out from the honest muscular man’s mouth, as if he was proclaiming the adoration and admiration in his heart.

“This King is really too excellent. Just a simple sentence is enough to affect numerous people!”

Shi Xiaobai felt flattered, and he could almost no longer keep up his cold facial expression.

The slow Ye Jiaquan did not notice the strange behavior of the youth, but after noticing that he was silent, he thought he was too dumb with words that he had failed to convince him. Ye Jiaquan truly believed the youth would join Team Red to become a teammate, and not a rival. However, he knew very well the disparity in strength between the two teams, hence he did not know how to convince the youth. He had to thicken his skin to mention his captain’s name, Shi Xiaobai. However, he never expected that even Captain Shi Xiaobai was not enough.

Ye Jiaquan immediately felt discouraged, but he still wanted to make one final effort. Hence, he said seriously, “It is a fact Team Red is weaker than Team Blue, but all of that is just temporary! That’s because Captain Shi Xiaobai is like you. He has yet to participate in the rookie training as of today! Me believes that once Captain Shi Xiaobai comes, Team Red will definitely be able to defeat Team Blue! Me isn’t good with words, but Me truly wishes that you can join Team Red!”

“Captain Shi Xiaobai will definitely not let everyone in Team Red down! Me guarantees it!” Ye Jiaquan slapped his chest forcefully, issuing a resounding sound.

Upon hearing these heartfelt words, Shi Xiaobai was very touched.

“Hai, this is such a pious devotee. This King can no longer bear to test him further. It looks like it’s time This King reveals his true identity!”

Shi Xiaobai felt that the time was ripe, and was prepared to reveal his identity, telling Ye Jiaquan that he was Shi Xiaobai, that he would lead Team Red to beat Team Blue badly!

“Actually, This King…”

At this moment, a cold voice suddenly echoed, cutting off Shi Xiaobai’s words!

“It’s useless even if Shi Xiaobai comes. In my opinion, it’s better if he doesn’t come.”

The words Shi Xiaobai said midway were swallowed back when this voice echoed, not because of the biting meaning behind the words, but because the voice was too close by. Shi Xiaobai looked in the direction of the voice as his pupils constricted. He saw a silver-haired youth, about the same age as him, had suddenly appeared beside Ye Jiaquan’s massive body.

The silver-haired youth stood in the middle of the sunlight, and was equally thin like Shi Xiaobai. His skin was as white as snow, and he had very good looks. He was dressed in a gray t-shirt and blue shorts. His hands were in his pockets, while his body was leaning slightly backwards. On the corner of his mouth, there was a faint smile.

Shi Xiaobai blinked his eyes, so as to confirming that his eyes had not deceived him. He was immediately alarmed because the sudden appearance of this youth was too sudden. The back of the steel building and the tall surrounding wall had a gap of ten meters, so for him to appear suddenly in such a wide corridor, the only way was to jump down from the surrounding walls or the steel building, if not, it was impossible for Shi Xiaobai to miss him. Yet, if he jumped down, it would definitely have caused some non-trivial commotion.

However, this youth looked as if he had appeared out of thin air. He had not jumped down from the walls or building, nor did he walk from either ends of the corridor. It was like he had always been there, as if before he said those words, he was already standing beside Ye Jiaquan, right there in the sun!

How did he suddenly appear? Could he teleport?

“Shi Xiaobai cannot change the sure-lose situation of Team Red. No matter how gifted Shi Xiaobai is, he is after all still a weakling at this moment, a weak and powerless weakling.”

The silver-haired youth calmly said those words, without any emotion mixed in, as if he was merely stating an objective fact.

“Shi Xiaobai, is not the hope of Team Red.”

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