AC Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: His Freedom was not there

Sunless lowered her head and saw the sword remnant in Shi Xiaobai’s hand. That purplish-gold hilt and silver blade, wasn’t that her purplish-gold silver dragon sword?

But… why was it in such a state?

Sunless quietly came in front of Shi Xiaobai and squatted down. Gently, she pulled out the sword remnant from Shi Xiaobai’s hand and hugged it with a pained look while muttering, “Little Purple…”

Little Purple was likely the name she had given to the sword.

Shi Xiaobai looked sideways at the girl’s face. Under her dark golden hair was a fair face. And on her face, there was a pair of blue eyes that had a depressed look. Other than that, there was no other expression. That was all there was to that.

However, Shi Xiaobai could feel the intense woes the girl was feeling in her heart, as though she had lost a loved one.


Shi Xiaobai could not help but say that single word to profess his apologies.

The girl turned to glance at Shi Xiaobai. She gaped slightly but did not speak. Instead, she lowered her head to caress the sword remnant, as her eyes suddenly glazed over.


The girl pushed out the sword remnant towards Shi Xiaobai and pointed to its edges. There were teeth marks on the edges.

Shi Xiaobai was taken aback and moments later, he sighed and said, “Sorry, This King was just too hungry.”

From the girl’s body, he could sense her sadness, but not a hint of anger. This made Shi Xiaobai feel extremely sorry. He did not want to deceive the girl unnecessarily, so he took all the blame.

However, what he said didn’t sound very believable. It was quite shocking to hear about a human eating a sword.

The girl fell silent for a moment and suddenly reached out her hand to press on Shi Xiaobai’s chest.

Shi Xiaobai was alarmed, but he could not sense any danger from the girl, so he relaxed.

Moments later, the girl retracted her hand and softly said, “You… are very weak.”

Shi Xiaobai was momentarily shocked. After taking the golden pill, “One Second Shura”, 99% of his Psionic Power had been drained. He had persisted on to say his lie before using Crab Steps to run to this secluded spot. The remaining 1% had long vanished, and he no longer had any Psionic Power left in his body.

Indeed, he was currently very weak, so weak that he was like an old person on his deathbed. However, his vitality had not been reduced. His weakness was just a result of his Psionic Power being drained. He would gradually recover with time.

Just as Shi Xiaobai wanted to explain that he was fine, the girl suddenly pushed the remaining portion of the sword into Shi Xiaobai’s bosom.

Shi Xiaobai was startled and raised his head in confusion.


The girl’s dreamy voice sounded like it came from beyond the heavens. Putting down the sword remnant, she immediately stood up and turned around. With a brisk pace, she walked towards the bend.

The girl’s speed was extremely fast, and in a blink of an eye, she had reached the bend. However, her footsteps stumbled slightly as she looked reluctantly back at the sword remnant in Shi Xiaobai’s bosom, but immediately she bit her lips and disappeared from the secluded alley.

Shi Xiaobai reacted moments later, as a wry smile suffused across his lips.

From the girl’s look of grief, this sword was clearly very important to her. However, despite the culprit sitting in front of her, she had not blamed him, nor did she show any emotive signs of grumbling. Instead, she had given him the sword remnant which was extremely important to her for “consumption” after discovering his extremely weak state.

And they were only strangers.

Shi Xiaobai reached out his hand to grasp the purplish-gold hilt and sighed lightly.

A golden beam flashed as the loli appeared. With a sorry look, she said, “Big Brother…”

Shi Xiaobai immediately consoled her, “This matter is not your fault. It’s all This King’s fault.”

The loli hesitated for a moment and suddenly took a step forward. Holding Shi Xiaobai’s hand, her tiny finger tapped onto his palm. Suddenly, a dazzling golden beam bloomed from her slightly cold fingertip, like a golden lotus.

The golden lotus lasted for a few moments before its glow dissipated. In Shi Xiaobai’s palm, a small golden pearl appeared.

Shi Xiaobai asked in wonderment, “This is?”

The loli’s pink lips paled slightly as she said, “This is a heritage for sword arts. It’s a very, very powerful sword technique. Big Brother, when you see Big Sister in the future, put it in between her eyebrows, just like how Big Brother gained insight into Beginner Sword.”


Shi Xiaobai nodded his head heavily.

Steel City, medical ward. Ye Jiaquan, who was still in a coma, suddenly opened his eyes. When the nurse beside him saw him wake up, she was delighted and wanted to call a doctor.

However, a thick, rough hand hit the nurse in the neck.

The nurse blacked out and collapsed to the ground.

Ye Jiaquan retracted his hand while his eyes remained cold. His face no longer had a simple and honest look. His savage-looking face made him look truly frightening.

Ye Jiaquan quickly got off the bed and scanned his surroundings cautiously. Quickly, he walked towards the window and his large figure suddenly leaped up. He jumped through the window like a fish jumping through a hoop.

After somersaulting in mid-air once, his feet landed firmly on the steel ground. A slight thud was emitted, and the moment he landed, Ye Jiaquan immediately hid in a secluded corner.

With a heavy face, he took out his cellphone to make a call.

“Doo… Doo…”

The phone call connected after ringing for a moment, but the other end of the line maintained silence after the line connected.

After a while, Ye Jiaquan was the first to speak, “It’s me.”

The other end of the line produced a strange voice that had been modulated. “You have failed again. This time, I can’t protect you either, so… run away.”

When Ye Jiaquan heard this, he fell silent for a moment and said with a deep voice, “You also know that be it the golden-white holy dragon’s matter or this battle exchange, they were both not my fault.”

“I know.”

No emotion could be heard from the modulated voice as it said, “We also know, but… Lord Duke is furious. Someone has to bear the brunt of his anger.”

Ye Jiaquan gave a wry smile and said, “Don’t I still have a bit of value? At least, I managed to succeed at approaching Shi Xiaobai. If Lord Duke requires me, I can kill him now.”

“If Lord Duke wants to kill Shi Xiaobai, there is no need to borrow the hand of others. Furthermore, you have already been exposed. Be it Gaia or Zeus, they have all guessed your role in this matter. Currently, you are facing the pursuit of three factions.”


Ye Jiaquan’s face turned livid when he heard this and furiously punched the steel wall beside him. After a moment as he gasped for breath, he said, “Is there no other way?”

The person on the other end of the line fell into silence.

Ye Jiaquan coldly said, “Your grandson is about to die!”

The voice on the other side of the connection sighed. Suddenly, it said in a rapid tone, “Sell your soul to another devil, get him to protect you. There are seven Regal Dukes, aren’t there?”

Ye Jiaquan was momentarily startled as his expression changed drastically. Finally, he let out a long sigh and said, “Thank you.”

On the other side of the phone connection, the voice fell silent for a moment before suddenly saying, “Ye Youtian, from today onwards, you have to abandon this identity of yours. The Ye family will no longer acknowledge your existence.”

Ye Jiaquan gave a self-mocking laugh and said, “Since I have chosen this path, I have never thought of returning to the Ye family. However, if the Ye family dares to let down Little Sun and Little Heart in any way, you should know what I will do.”

“Don’t worry, those two children will have the most perfect of futures. I’m very happy that they have a… great elder brother.”

Once the other end of the line said this, it hung up.

“Doo… Doo…”

Ye Jiaquan placed the phone down and looked up into the sky. The sky was vast and infinite, but his freedom was not there.

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  1. Ah, what’s your story, Ye Jiaquan? In the beginning of the story we heard about the seven dukes of China. Looks like Ye Jiaquan took the fall for his siblings sake, at least.

  2. This author really make things out of the box… last chapter i think ye jiaquan as a fallen genius maybe becoz he posses a cursed ring which contain certain master alchemist (BTTH LOL). Which deter his cultivation… or some reason caused his meredian to crippled(ATG LOL)… then he Get thrown by his family and then pursue the fist technique which will later surpass his family sword technique… (after MC massage him to fix whatever broken from him)… one chapter later… omg… who are you???

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      Shi Xiaobai was taken aback and moments later, he sighed and said, “Sorry, This King was just too hungry.”

      Best excuse ever, that you ate the sword. But I guess it’s not an impossibility in a world with myriad mysterious and magical superpowers.

  3. This is the best novel on the site so far. While it has its satiric value, with the MC being the eccentrical stereotype MC in LNs and shonens, it also creates the most in-depth side characters, builds up tension, and has several, very well-made, back-stories that are inter-connected, yet don’t seem so at first glance; not only that, but the author created all these ‘stories’ built around the main story, and juxtaposed them with his new, incredible ideas for a modernized wuxia novel. I have been reading LNs for over two years now, and Mangas and the like for about 6, but this is one of the few stories I really feel invested in. This probably won’t reach the author, but if it does, he should definitely carry out his plans in regards to the Novel. The only complaint I have is that he listens to readers in regards to his novel. It’s amazing, and his ideas regarding the whole genre of ‘cultivation’ style novels are unique and interesting, and he’s writing them incredibly well, and it’s incredible to think that he’s a ‘rookie’ writer. He’s taking the cultivation genre and putting in his own pitches of twists and ideas, and I don’t know how many of the readers ever tried writing something, but it’s hard to create something as amazing as this novel and its new way of writing from an already existing genre. I have nothing but praise for the author.

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        P.S. If you are doubting the number of web novels I have read, I could start you with the fact that I have read all the web novels in Wuxiaworld except AWE due to the fact that it still has few chapters and inconsistent releases because Deathblade is still working with his original novel and ISSTH.

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    1. Yeah, his only weak spots is the basics of writing a web novel like place and fight descriptions. However, these lack of basics also made him unfettered on his way of writing a novel. The only problem with this novel is that it would first seem to be boring and typical. For short, it cannot get the attention of a reader when one reads only the first few chapters. However, it greatly develops later on and now we have this great interconnections of the story. As said by a user in the previous chapter, his style of writing is more fitting for a novel, to be read in one go, rather than a web novel that publishes a chapter or two everyday. I salute CKtalon for fast releases to accommodate the weakness of this novel. More power for the author, and the translator and its editor(s). I would recommend this novel whenever I have the chance to do so.

    2. That’s one of the best things about this author, if he listens to his readers then it means he’s writing a novel for readers to like. Unlike other authors that are just a**holes, ruining stories for their own selfish reasons.
      Anyways, only thing that kinda scares me so far is how he mentioneda few chapters back that this won’t be a short story of 1000 chapters but a long story. I hope 2000, or less, is long enough for him. I don’t hope for a “Die a hero or live long enough to become a villain” kind of thing.

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    Well either way it still a nice little twist. I’m still looking foward what this arc has to offer.

    Thank You for the translation and author for continuing .

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