AC Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Perception of God

“What you can’t see with your eyes, use your mind to capture its trajectory and feel its emotions. From that, ‘see’ its existence.”

Shi Xiaobai always remembered this line. Although he forgot where this line came from, maybe it was a novel or an animation, or it could have been fabricated by himself, Shi Xiaobai believed in one thing—one’s mind could see everything.

This was one of the reasons Shi Xiaobai eventually made this choice. Shi Xiaobai believed he could use his mind’s power to capture the target’s location, and from that complete the feat of shooting blind.

“There is nothing This King can’t do.”

This was Shi Xiaobai’s current maxim.

The belief of being able to implement this personal maxim made Shi Xiaobai attempt to sense the energy in his mind after he closed his eyes. Regardless of how chaotic the external world was, he remained calm in his inner mind.

However, what made Shi Xiaobai disappointed was that after more than ninety targets went by, he still failed to sense a hint of his mind’s energy. The world he saw after closing his eyes was still that dark world with that layer of illumination.

But just as Shi Xiaobai was about to abandon his belief, the voice of the Violent Girl resounded in his ears—”Shi Xiaobai! Hurry up and open your eyes to score one point! As long as you obtain one point, I’ll agreed to anything you want!”

Agree to anything, doesn’t that mean…

Shi Xiaobai could no longer hold on any further. He knew that he could not stay silent anymore. He rushed to confirm if Violent Girl’s promise would truly be effective as he hurriedly asked, “Girl, will you really agree to anything This King wants?”

These were the words Shi Xiaobai suddenly said after a prolonged period of silence. However, the more calm and tranquil it was before, the more out of the blue it was!

Everyone was dumbfounded from shock. Their conversation sounded too bizarre, with an inexplicable strange flavor to it.

Riko was also dumbfounded from shock. Although she knew Shi Xiaobai would not suggest any ‘creepy uncle’ requests, there was no guarantees a thirteen-year-old boy would suddenly have curiosities that arose from puberty, doing some understandably “naughty things”. In short, Riko whiffed a dangerous scent from his words.

Just as Riko was in a dilemma, a cold machine-like voice echoed—”Ninety-eighth point. Blue!”

“Holy shit, it’s nearly too late. I’ll agree first. If that darn kid suggests anything scummy, I’ll at most disavow everything and serve him a good beating as a side dish!”

Riko quickly made up her mind and hurriedly screamed at the top of her voice, “I’ll agree to anything. Quick shoot!

At the same time, the cold machine-like voice echoed: “Ninety-nine points. Blue!”

The next target was the last one left! There was no more time left!

Upon hearing Riko’s voice, Shi Xiaobai, who was considering when to shoot, how to shoot and where to shoot, suddenly came to a realization that there wasn’t enough time left. However, the powers of the mind he was hoping for did not appear. The world in front of his eyes was still black!

“It seems like there are things This King can’t do. Sometimes, some things won’t work out. However, one should enjoy life when there is prosperity. When it’s time to shoot, there must not be any hesitation! Here goes, I’ll let all of you see This King’s Shot of Fate!”

With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai no longer hesitated. Immediately he raised his right hand and pointed in a random spot and pulled the trigger. Immediately, a laser beam shot out!

In an instant, the cold machine-like voice echoed—”Hundredth point. Red!”


Who was red?

Wasn’t red f*cking Shi Xiaobai!?

At this moment, everyone was momentarily at a loss, including Shi Xiaobai.


Other than Shi Xiaobai, everyone else went into a state of utter confusion. Not only had Shi Xiaobai shot with his eyes closed, he had shot before the target point appeared, not after it appeared!

At the instant Shi Xiaobai pulled the trigger, while the laser beam was flying towards the white screen at the speed of light, the target point suddenly appeared and was then immediately hit!

It could be said that this shot was anticipatory, and there was no mistake to it at all! Be it the location or the timing, there was not the slightest deviation!

How the f*ck did he do that? And he had his eyes closed?

It must have been a wild attempt, right!?

Everyone immediately determined that Shi Xiaobai’s shot had been a wild, but lucky attempt. However, they quickly overthrew their judgement the next second, because they suddenly recalled the various anomalies that had happened during the ability test!

Why was Shi Xiaobai closing his eyes the entire time?

Why did Shi Xiaobai retort with a question “will you really agree to anything This King wants?” after Riko Minamiya made such a promise?

Why did Shi Xiaobai immediately hit the target after receiving a definite answer?

This was because everything was self-written, self-directed and self-acted by Shi Xiaobai!

Shi Xiaobai knew about the bet between Riko Minamiya and Mu Hongli, hence, he knew that Riko Minamiya was afraid that he would receive zero points! That was why he purposely closed his eyes to pretend like he had given up, so as to force Riko Minamiya into a desperate situation. From that, he received Riko Minamiya’s promise to “agree to anything”! And the crux of the problem was that Shi Xiaobai had to hit the target in his final shoot, if not, all the work he had done before would have been in vain. But with such a grandiose scheme, he definitely could not risk it on the last shot, yet he had shot out an anticipatory shot. Clearly, it was not a wild attempt, but because he had sufficient confidence and conviction!

Everyone present was clever, so they quickly deduced the truth and drew a gasp in unison! Under that silly exterior of Shi Xiaobai hid such a dark and scheming heart?

And the crux of the issue was, how did he do it with that anticipatory shot at the very last moment?

The first person who thought of the answer was the most experienced elder. After the astonishment from having been enlightened, he shouted, “I know! This is one of the Six Senses of God!”

The eyes of the middle-aged man beside him lit up, and he immediately added, “Humans have six senses. They are the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch as well as perception! And for some very talented people, their sixth sense can reach a God-like state. As such, it is called the Six Senses of God!”

The middle-aged woman recovered from her daze and lauded, “Perception is also termed the sixth sense. It is the most mysterious sense. If it’s the Perception of God from the Six Senses of God, then it would be completely reasonably to be able to anticipate the location of the target!”

The three older people revealed the truth in a few sentences.

The elder took a deep breath and looked at Shi Xiaobai, asking, “Shi Xiaobai, do you really have the Perception of God?”

Shi Xiaobai was still in a dazed state, unable to believe that he had managed to hit the target with a wild attempt! Upon hearing the elder’s question, Shi Xiaobai’s furrowed his eyebrows before relaxing them moments later.

“This King was once a member of the race of God. Since the Perception of God has the word God in it, then This King definitely has it!”

With this thought in mind, Shi Xiaobai nodded at the elder and said, “Of course!”

The elder smiled with relief as he sighed, saying, “The Six Senses of God are so rare that it’s comparable to a Psyker at A Class and above, let alone that you have the strongest Perception of God out of the Six Senses of God. Dual S Class talent, coupled with Perception of God. Child, your future is beyond measure!”

At this moment, everyone looked at Shi Xiaobai with complicated expressions, as if they were seeing a humanoid monster!

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      1. Ehh, i dont know. CHinese novels normally have the mc be some forme of competent in some way or another. Gors mc is at least not an idiot. Jap novels are usually the mc blindly stumbling through the story with pure luck and no skill, with extreme arrogance all the while, along with there being a girl soon to be introduced to hit the mc every five words in the name of comedy.

        1. Um having a considerable number of these novels now. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these kinds of characters do appear more or less in chinese novels. A Messed Up Wuxia World, A Will Eternal(although he became competent), History’s Number 1 Founder( Highly recommend) are a few to mention.

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  8. [“What you can’t see with your eyes, use your mind to capture its trajectory and feel its emotions. From that, ‘see’ its existence.”

    Shi Xiaobai always remembered this line. Although he forgot where this line came from, maybe it was a novel or an animation, or it could have been fabricated by himself, Shi Xiaobai believed in one thing—one’s mind could see everything.]

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