AC Chapter 143

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Chapter 143 Beat O’ Unyielding Heart!

After more than ten minutes of running, the duo arrived at the peripheral of the high wall.

Mos was annoyed. Thankfully, this journey was just a straight line path. If the human had ran amok, things would have become problematic. At the same time, he was secretly shocked at Shi Xiaobai’s condition. After running at full speed for more than ten minutes, all he suffered from was being slightly out of breath.

Shi Xiaobai looked at the steep staircase in front of him and took a deep breath. At an extremely fast speed, he jumped onto it and arrived at the top of the high wall before he looked down.

A humongous white dragon was lying in the middle of four high walls, while a golden wing was covering the dragon’s white body. Thousands of skulls were shooting red beams of light that converged at the dragon’s chest, forming a gigantic outline of a heart.

That heart was slowly contracting and expanding. Nearly half a minute passed before it finished one cycle.

“Wait a moment, This King will save you soon.”

Shi Xiaobai had this thought in mind as he suddenly leaped off the high wall and landed on the ground with a loud thud. After barely getting his footing, he rushed forward and arrived at the gigantic dragon’s head in a few seconds.

Mos’ expression changed slightly as he flapped his wings to fly towards Shi Xiaobai.

“What are you doing?”

Mos’ voice was extremely cold.

“Slaying the dragon.”

Shi Xiaobai softly said those words and then turned his head to look at Mos. He coldly said, “Since the game’s progression leads to a dragon, isn’t it very obvious that the mission in the game is to let This King slay this dragon? Isn’t that right?”

Mos was taken aback and asked in surprise, “How did you know?”

Shi Xiaobai pointed at his brain and snickered, “It’s easy to guess just using the brain. With that idiot, Hisith’s stupid intellect, what complex game can he think of? This King is long sick and tired of this kind of Dragon Quest-like RPG games.”

“Are you courting death!?” Mos angrily asked. Shi Xiaobai dared to verbally insult his master, Hisith, in front of him!

“Why? Are you turning your embarrassment into anger after This King saw through it? Looks like the so-called ‘Underworld King’ and his servant is nothing special. Or are you afraid that This King will easily slay this dragon, easily passing this retarded game of yours?”

Shi Xiaobai stared fearlessly at Mos. The mockery in his eyes was enough to make one go crazy.

Mos took a deep breath and coldly said, “This demonic dragon has been imprisoned for a thousand years and yet it can’t be killed. Do you think you have the ability to do so?”

Shi Xiaobai curled his mouth and said, “To not be able to kill a dragon after a thousand years, your so-called ‘Underworld’ will be doomed sooner or later. This King shall let you bunch of crap see what it means to slay a dragon!”

The veins on Mos’ forehead protruded as Shi Xiaobai’s arrogance nearly drove him crazy. However, he could not help but look forward to seeing Shi Xiaobai’s expression after he realized that the dragon he killed under the illusion conjured by his master, Hisith, was the “Chen Lingcun” he was looking for.

Mos decided to endure a bit longer as he coldly said, “Three minutes later, the Specter Fire Mages and knife-wielding warriors will deal a wave of attacks to drain the dragon. Wait here for a moment and you will be given an hour. If you can’t kill the demonic dragon in an hour, I will kill you with my own hands.”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes flickered before he said, “There’s no need. Move the white dragon’s wings away. This King will slay the dragon in three minutes.”

Shi Xiaobai heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He was in such a rush to reach this place firstly because he was afraid that Riko’s power could not last that long, and secondly, he did not wish for Chen Lingcun to endure even a single wave of “draining”.

Mos was sneering in his heart.

A weakling at the fourth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm was deluded to think that he could slaughter the holy dragon in three minutes?

It appeared that not only was this human extremely arrogant, but his brain was also very problematic.

Mos coldly glanced at Shi Xiaobai before flying towards the dragon’s wing. As he grabbed a corner of the golden wing with one hand, he flew towards the right. The golden wing was slowly moved by Mos in this manner as a white chest was slowly revealed.

“I’m not supposed to help you, but since moving…”

Mos thought that he should give a reasonable explanation for helping him so as to prevent himself from arousing Shi Xiaobai’s suspicion. Although this human was very dumb, there was no guarantee that he might see through the scheme through sheer luck.

“Shut up. Watch quietly,” Shi Xiaobai ruthlessly cut Mos off in a cold manner.

When Mos heard this, he was so angry that he roared, wishing he could immediately slaughter Shi Xiaobai there and then.

Shi Xiaobai ignored Mos’ wrath as he leaped onto the white dragon’s chest. Looking down, he saw the gigantic red outline of the heart slowly beating.

This weak heartbeat was Chen Lingcun’s final strength.

Shi Xiaobai looked up to scan the four rows of skulls that were shooting the red beams of light. According to what Mos said, these rows of skills formed an S-class restraining array formation to seal Chen Lingcun’s heart, restricting the frequency and amplitude of Chen Lingcun’s heartbeats. By keeping the amplitude and frequency to its lowest levels, it resulted in the restrainment of his motions.

Then, the most direct approach was to destroy the S-class restraining array formation, but Shi Xiaobai knew very well that he did not have the ability to destroy the rows of skulls under the watchful eyes of Mos.

Hence, Shi Xiaobai’s only method he had now was…to touch his own chest!

A beam of light appeared from Shi Xiaobai’s chest as he slowly pulled out a dark blue sword from his body. This sword was Riko Minamiya’s power!

Mos was slightly surprised but quickly calmed down. To be able to pull out a sword from his chest, it was apparent that this foolish human was a Psyker.

“Is this superpower the confidence that makes you believe you can kill the golden-white holy dragon? Very well, I will witness with my own eyes how you plan on killing the golden-white holy dragon before I cruelly tell you of the harsh truth.”

Mos looked at Shi Xiaobai with cold eyes, as a teasing smile suffused from the corner of his lips.

Using the superpower that you pride yourself on to kill the friend you have been looking for. Isn’t this very interesting and despairing?

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai raised the dark blue sword high up as he faced the white dragon’s heart outline!

Then, he gently pierced it downwards!

Gently, the dark blue sword’s tip stabbed at the gigantic white dragon’s tough skin!

Mos was surprised. He was so deluded to think that he could kill the golden-white holy dragon with a strike without any strength?

However, the corner of Shi Xiaobai’s lips suffused a smile.

This strike was to save Chen Lingcun!

Because this was not an ordinary sword.


“High Frequency Vibrokinesis!”

Intense spatial vibrations were suddenly generated over the white dragon’s body. It had struck the heart which the S-class restraining array formation was imprisoning!

“Beat! O’ unyielding heart!”

Shi Xiaobai roared angrily in his heart!

Suddenly, the heart that was slowly contracting and expanding…

“Ba… dump!”

It forcefully produced a strong heartbeat which was immediately followed by…

“Badump… Badump… Badump…”

The heart outline looked like a gigantic hand tightly clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing…

“Badump! Badump! Badump!”

Under High Frequency Vibrokinesis, the gigantic dragon’s heart which was confined to a small space under the red restraining beams began to beat forcefully, as though it was an angry little bird that was about to break out of a cage!

Mos finally realized something was amiss. With a drastic change in expression, he charged at Shi Xiaobai!

At this moment, the gigantic white dragon opened its eyes as light burst out from its golden eyes!


A deafening dragon’s roar resounded as the white dragon raised its head high up. A nearly transparent barrier suddenly appeared, blocking Mos’ attack!

Simultaneously, a divine white beam of light began to rapidly condense in front of the dragon’s throat before it spewed out a holy beam that shot straight into the sky!

The white dragon raised its neck and turned its head, slowly sweeping a circle around it!

“Boom! Boom! Boom….”

Within a few seconds, all the skulls were shattered by that beam of light. A huge gap opened up in the high wall!


The gigantic white dragon looked up and roared. It was angry and free!

Chapter 143: Beat O’ unyielding heart!

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