AC Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: Let us go home

“You might not believe it if I told you. He is my… boyfriend.”

After Kali said those words softly, she suddenly felt embarrassed. Although she had lived for eons, she had never been exposed to the love between a man and woman. Saying the word “boyfriend” on a whim immediately made her turn embarrassed.

Her heart began to race slightly when she recalled how she had become Shi Xiaobai’s girlfriend on the first day they met.

However, she did not regret her decision. Shi Xiaobai’s heart had indeed moved her during that very moment. For that, she was willing to sign his so-called lovers’ pact.

Although she had not fallen in love with Shi Xiaobai as they had not known each other for long, she had placed Shi Xiaobai in a very, very important spot in her heart. It was a spot that no one had managed to reach.

Wendy did not know any of this, and even if she knew, she would not be able to understand it. She dryly smiled and said, “Your joke isn’t funny at all.”

A little kid at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm was still an earthworm crawling in the dirt, no matter how heaven-defying his talent was.

As for the purple-haired girl in front of her, she was a phoenix that flew high above the nine heavens.

Maybe there would be a day the phoenix suddenly sensed that the earthworm had the potential to be a flood dragon and gave him some opportunities, but there was no way it would fall in love with an earthworm, much less be the earthworm’s partner.

Wendy could only take Kali’s words as a silly joke.

In response, Kali only smiled and gave no explanation. When the day the earthworm became a flood dragon, no one would think the flood dragon unworthy of the phoenix.

Both of them fell silent, having nothing left to say.

Moments later, Wendy suddenly asked, “How do you plan on punishing me?”


Kali lightly laughed and said, “He isn’t injured, so why would I punish you? Oh, because you are the Bishop of Virtuality?”

Wendy faltered before giving a bitter laugh. She said, “Yes, because I am the Bishop of Virtuality.”

“What a joke.”

Kali said, “A small terrorist organization is not worth me making a move. Furthermore, from my point of view, so-called evil might not be evil. So-called justice might not truly be justice. If I really want to mete any punishment out, America’s Intelligence Agency, who chose to be oblivious, will be first to be razed.”

Upon hearing this, Wendy fell into a daze for a moment before she revealed a heartfelt smile.

“Thank you.”

Kali glanced at Wendy and said softly, “Besides, I think highly of you. To establish the Church of Virtuality at the age of six and develop it to its present scale in ten years. As a human being, you are truly outstanding.”

Wendy could not help but smile, as she said, “If it’s possible, I would rather be mediocre. But this is my destiny and my life. There is no way for me to resist it, so I can only go with it and do my best.”

Kali shook her head and said, “Destiny is in your own hands.”

Wendy lowered her head slightly and did not retort. She did not want to meaninglessly debate over this pointless topic.

“I have a question that I’m not sure if you are willing to answer.”

Wendy suddenly thought of a question.

Kali nodded and said, “Go ahead and ask.”

Wendy pondered over her words before saying, “With your abilities, you could have ended this farce right from the beginning. Even a virtual world cannot resist your coming. Why did you choose to make me transfer power to the child at the very last moment?”

Kali was slightly surprised upon hearing this. She could not help but laugh, as she said, “If he were my student or a descendant I think highly of, I would have removed all of the Arch-Cardinal’s power from the beginning and gave you some warnings.”

“However, he is my boyfriend, so I wish that he can see me as his equal. If I help him whenever he encounters difficulties or even use my own strength to make him someone strong, then how is he to get along with me? Will he think he owes me? Will he be unable to be his true self in front of me? Will he begin to form a reliance on my strength?”

“I don’t want that. I don’t want there to be any differences in our standing or give him any reason to feel gratitude. So, I will not help him solve his problems or give him any strength. Only as a last resort would I use methods he has no way of realizing to give him a little help.”

“This time, he did very well. He did not need any of my help to perfectly tide through this round of difficulties. If not for that misunderstanding at the end that disgusted me, I would not have requested you to transfer your power.”

Kali paused and then gave a self-deprecating smile. “This is really the first time… I wish someone will treat me equally as an ordinary person.”

After Wendy heard this, she fell into a prolonged silence.

“I am beginning to slightly believe that he is your boyfriend,” Wendy said as she blinked her eyes. “He is truly lucky.”

Kali shook her head and said, “Actually, I am the lucky one.”



Back when Shi Xiaobai’s Crab Steps passed through the door of darkness and saved Xiao Xiao, he had in fact broken through his limits. He was just a tiny step away from reaching the Dominating Refinement realm. As such, when he ordered a number of the undead legion to manically attack him, he just took about half an hour to completely break through to the Dominating Refinement realm.

The familiar system’s voice resounded in his head.

“Absolute Choice completed. Congratulations on obtaining a ‘B-level reward’—’Filthy Turtle Divine Technique’. This divine technique consists of three major systems—Body tempering technique: ‘This Turtle Is Hardest’, endurance technique: ‘Unleaking Turtle Aura’, fist offensive skill: ‘Turtle-speed Divine Punch’.”

After that, knowledge surged into his brain and after having a momentary headache, he knew the body tempering art of “This Turtle Is Hardest” and the endurance art of “Unleaking Turtle Aura” by heart. He also obtained the proficiency of Grasped Basics with “Turtle-speed Divine Punch”.

Shi Xiaobai was immediately satisfied. Although he found the name Filthy Turtle Divine Technique somewhat odd, it was still a B-level reward, so it couldn’t be that bad.

After completing the Crab Steps mission, a profuse sense of exhaustion overwhelmed him. The sleepiness that he had forcefully repressed immediately shattered his will the moment he relaxed.

Shi Xiaobai used the system privileges that the Bishop of Virtuality had given him and left the virtual world immediately. As for the Arch-Cardinal, Shi Xiaobai had fulfilled his promise of “sparing” him. However, with the Arch-Cardinal’s looks completely exposed, his future was not something Shi Xiaobai needed to worry about.

Waking up from his virtual immersion, Shi Xiaobai got up from the virtual immersion cabin and stumbled over to the bed and plopped down into it.

He was too tired. After seven consecutive days of intense Crab Steps cultivation, he had relied purely on his will. He even encountered the unexpected situation with the Arch-Cardinal, so it was a miracle that he did not suffer a mental breakdown. Now with everything coming to a perfect end, it was time for him to rest.

“This King has created a miracle!”

Shi Xiaobai buried his head into the pillow as he inarticulately grunted. With his eyes shut, he fell into deep sleep.

A bright light suddenly flashed in his private room, with Kali appearing by his bedside.

Her gaze was especially gentle, like the bright and pure moonlight.

“Let us go home.”


Author’s Note: This is Kali’s special scene. Hai, I’m already falling in love with Kali. What should I do?


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    1. I think the controlling of the skeletons has something to do with imagination.
      I’m fairly certain that Imagination had something to do with the power of the Arch-Cardinal and it’s already been stated that the MC has a ridiculous imagination just look to him going straight to rank 3 in 10 days or however long it was. So maybe he hijacked the imagination train

        1. The arch-cardinal has already been described as a middle aged man in real life. Wendy is most likely the Bishop of Virtuality since Shi gained his powers after Kali found wendy.

    2. Basically Wendy, the Bishop of Virtuality, retrieved the power she gave to the Arch-Cardinal and gave them to Shi Xiaobai instead (temporarily I think). All of the Arch-Cardinal’s come from Wendy which she can grant to anyone and take away on her whim.

    3. Wendy = Bishop of Virtuality. The one who granted Shi Xiaobai the “absolute choices”.
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