AC Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: You might not believe it if I told you

When Shi Xiaobai gave the order, causing the undead legion to prostrate themselves, it stunned the audience who saw this scene into silence.

When the Arch-Cardinal fell from the sky and was brought to Shi Xiaobai by the skeleton soldiers, the audience immediately applauded. Even the aloof Xiao Xiao could not help but pump her fist and shout “nice” in English.

However, when Shi Xiaobai said the sentence, “You sure were naughty. Wouldn’t it be fine if you just obediently shouted ‘hubby’?”, everyone was petrified. This…this was too f*cking hard core?

The Arch-Cardinal had already revealed his ugly middle-aged man face. The fantasies of some people imagining the Arch-Cardinal as a great beauty had been completely shattered.

It was unbelievable how harsh it would be on the ears when the Arch-Cardinal succumbed and said the word “hubby”.

Many people closed their eyes at that moment.

Well, you ask why didn’t they cover their ears?

This was because they were curious if the Arch-Cardinal would really shout “hubby”, but they found that scene revolting. They could only close their eyes and hear the voices, and then beautify the scene in their minds…

The Arch-Cardinal was already completely dumbfounded.

For an unknown reason, all the favor he previously enjoyed had suddenly disappeared. Having lost the Bishop of Virtuality’s powers, he was just an ordinary person at the fifth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. How could he have the courage to resist the massive undead legion?

Furthermore, the entire virtual system was apparently controlled by the pervert in front of him, preventing him from quitting the game. Under the current circumstances, he was just a prey waiting to be slaughtered.

For the Arch-Cardinal, dignity was nothing compared to his life. After being coerced by Shi Xiaobai numerous times, and how he was promised to be “spared”, he finally conceded. He was prepared to shut his eyes and shout the word.

Wasn’t it just taking the foe as a husband?

The Arch-Cardinal opened his mouth.

Just as the jarring scene was about to happen, something happened.


The person who interrupted the Arch-Cardinal was Shi Xiaobai. A cold sweat droplet oozed out of his forehead as his intuition told him that if he made the Arch-Cardinal shout the word “hubby”, he would end up in a miserable state.

What was going on?

Shi Xiaobai vaguely sensed that someone was watching him from somewhere, as though the person was very dissatisfied with his actions.

Shi Xiaobai frowned and pondered.

What did he do wrong?

The Arch-Cardinal noticed Shi Xiaobai’s dilemma and hurriedly said, “Great King, how can this lowly person be worthy of your love. To call you “hubby”, this lowly person…”

“Hold on, when did This King ask you to call This King ‘hubby’?”

After a moment of hesitation, Shi Xiaobai suddenly understood what had happened.

Oh no, this was a huge misunderstanding!


The Arch-Cardinal was stunned.

“You are mistaken. It isn’t what you think!”

After Shi Xiaobai said those words in a righteous manner, he immediately felt that displeased gaze on him reduce. Immediately, he heaved a sigh of relief. So that person watching him was disgusted at this bizarre misunderstanding?

Shi Xiaobai felt lucky. If not for that unknown hidden gaze, he would have been “passionately” called “hubby” by a middle-aged man. Just thinking of that gave him goosebumps.

Shi Xiaobai did not dare think any further. With a roll of his eyes, an idea came to him.

Shi Xiaobai scanned the skeleton soldiers kneeling in front of him, before he pointed to a skeleton soldier and said, “You, get up. Come here.”

The skeleton soldier immediately stood up and walked towards Shi Xiaobai. Under Shi Xiaobai’s guidance, it stood in front of the Arch-Cardinal.

Shi Xiaobai said in a formal manner, “This King shall specially betroth you to this skeleton soldier. From today, you will call him your hubby and stay loyal. *Cough* Hurry up and call ‘hubby’. Remember to do it loudly!”

Upon hearing this, the Arch-Cardinal stared with widened eyes of disbelief at the skeleton soldier who even had a few bones broken.

Shi Xiaobai said, “The bones of the condemned can eventually become a king. Your luck isn’t bad. This skeleton soldier will eventually become a Skeleton King!”

The skeleton soldier appeared to understand his words and raised his head to utter a strange growl.

“No, no… please, I beg of you… anything but this…”

The Arch-Cardinal was already beginning to stutter.


The skeleton soldier suddenly reached out its bone claws and smacked the Arch-Cardinal in the face. It then turned to face Shi Xiaobai and respectfully growled a few times.

Shi Xiaobai seemed to understand the meaning behind the growls and solemnly nodded and said,  “Yes, you can. Since This King has already betrothed him to you, you can teach him a lesson as you please. This King permits your request!”

The skeleton soldier once again looked up and growled. It then walked towards the Arch-Cardinal and let out a “quacking”-like laughter.

The Arch-Cardinal was completely dumbfounded. How could these members of the undead have their own thoughts? This was clearly an act directed by that devil, but…

Upon seeing this, the audience was also dumbfounded.

This could also f*cking work?

Arch-Cardinal, you have encountered a true devil.

With the threat of receiving the skeleton soldier’s punishment, the Arch-Cardinal very decisively closed his eyes and shouted “hubby” three times. After shouting, he suddenly felt like he lacked the will to live on. He nearly burst into tears.

And as a result, Shi Xiaobai completed his Absolute Choice mission. A voice echoed in his head to indicate the completion of the mission.

“Absolute Choice completed. Congratulations on obtaining a ‘C-level reward’—Poison resistance greatly increased. Able to filter out 80% of toxins.”

The moment it said that, Shi Xiaobai felt as though his body was being scanned. It did not feel too painful but felt somewhat itchy.

Moments later, the itch disappeared and Shi Xiaobai exhaled. However, his mind turned active again. The Absolute Choice’s rewards were too good. If he could cultivate Crab Steps to the Dominating Refinement realm, wouldn’t he get another B-level reward?

Shi Xiaobai never had any resistance when it came to rewards offered for quests in games. Sometimes, for a quest, he would be willing to run half the world map or even raid a boring dungeon numerous times.

“How can This King miss a B-class reward?”

Shi Xiaobai looked at the undead legion that filled the lands. Immediately he beamed. Apparently, cultivating Crab Steps wasn’t that difficult.

The next thing that happened made it unforgettable for everyone in the audience.

Shi Xiaobai had actually ordered the undead legion to frantically attack him!

For this, Wang Qiang and Kevin cheered.

God DogLeading is magnificent! God DogLeading is invincible!

The three-man team cursed.

The bastard was indeed crazy.

Biscuit and Sweets expressed that this was the first time they had seen such a wonder in the many years of being commentators. They could do nothing but be awed.

Xiao Xiao fell silent for a long while before she directly headed for the archery training room. She planned on entering reclusive training for about half a month.

Far away in the United States, Gino joked and said to Roy, “I think for the sake of our country, we should send a strike team to China to get rid of this kid.”

Roy did not laugh but instead said with fiery hot eyes, “His Crab Steps is about to reach the ‘Dominating Refinement’ realm. I’ve now seen China’s Yaris.”

Washington S-class Hospital Central, Intensive Care Unit, Ward 1014.

Wendy snapped the ‘Teachings of the Saints’ book in her hand and said softly, “Not a bad child, just a little naughty. However, he is resolute, brave, kind and has amazing talent. I look forward to his future.”

After saying that, Wendy turned to look at the uninvited guest who was sitting by the bed. It was a girl, or to be precise, she was a purple-haired girl wearing a gothic-style long dress.

Wendy could not help but admit that this purple-haired girl was very, very pretty. It was the most beautiful existence she had ever seen.

At the same time, she had to silently agree that this purple-haired girl was very, very strong. It was the most powerful existence she had ever seen.

This was an existence that was not supposed to exist.

“So this child…”

Wendy pondered over her words before asking, “This child is a good seedling you are optimistic about? Is he your descendant? Or is he the successor you selected?”

The purple-haired girl faltered slightly when she heard this. She slowly blinked and rescinded her distant gaze. She then turned to look at Wendy. With a moment of hesitation, she suddenly gave a playful smile.

“You might not believe it if I told you. He is my… boyfriend.”

AN, somewhat a spoiler

Author’s Note: The virtual competition arc will end in the next chapter. This has been a non-cookie cutter plot that doesn’t take the traditional route of fighting a final boss. I hope everyone liked such a style.


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