AC Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: You sure were naughty

Battle arena cafe, [Gaia] branch, viewing hall.

The gigantic screen was just snow white as it constantly produced the sound of static. After Shi Xiaobai said the three words, “Pig Slaughtering Knife”, the virtual system was crippled. The spectator mode system also broke down as a result.

Although the audience was unable to know what had happened in the virtual world, it was easy to guess what the outcome of the two people left in that virtual world would be. After all, the Arch-Cardinal had intruded into it and successfully crippled the virtual system. They could only feel sympathy and silently pray for them.

Most of the audience sitting in the viewing hall had already left by now. Not everyone would convert their compassion into action since for most of them, wasting their valuable weekend to stare at a white screen in the viewing hall was something unpleasant. They chose to learn of the final outcome through the news in the future.

The people who remained behind were fans of Princess Xiao Xiao, while a portion were DogLeading fans who were completely impressed by Shi Xiaobai moments ago. They were praying that the duo would eventually be rescued.

Despite there being no picture on the screen, or how the commentators fell into a prolonged silence without knowing what to say, they were still willing to wait there. They wanted to wait for the final outcome and for the screen to produce other colors again.

As hardcore fans of God DogLeading, Wang Qiang and Kevin did not leave. Yang Yang, who had some form of relationship with Shi Xiaobai, naturally did not leave either.

In fact, in the viewing halls of the other branches, IAmNoPig, the three-man team and even WindWithoutTrace were sitting amongst the audience and did not leave.

Xiao Xiao, who had just awoken from her virtual immersion, had also rushed to a viewing hall the moment she awoke. She sat in the first row and stared intently at the snow-white screen. Although she knew that committing suicide allowed them to escape the virtual world, she was still worried that an accident would happen.

Everyone was waiting for the final result and for Shi Xiaobai’s ultimate fate.

Suddenly, the snow-white screen flickered twice without any warning. The familiar yet unfamiliar colored scenes were suddenly restored.

In the screen, a dense legion of undead surrounded Shi Xiaobai. The Arch-Cardinal was standing in front of the undead legion, as though a simple order would allow him to tear Shi Xiaobai to pieces.

Shi Xiaobai was in dire straits!

Everyone’s heart skipped at that moment. Although spectator mode had been restored, this situation that provided no means of escape was not something they wanted to see.

At this moment, a voice extremely familiar to the audience came from the screen.

“Obediently shout ‘hubby’. Don’t force This King to make his move.”

This voice was naturally Shi Xiaobai’s, and the person he was referring to was apparently the Arch-Cardinal.

What did his words mean?

Threatening the Arch-Cardinal to shout “hubby” at him?

The audience was stunned as Xiao Xiao covered her mouth. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

This scene was just f*cking wrong!

“Obediently shout ‘hubby’. Don’t force This King to make his move.”

Shi Xiaobai raised his knife and pointed at the Arch-Cardinal. His eyes appeared like a ferocious tiger.

The Arch-Cardinal felt an inexplicable sense of ominous foreboding, but also found the situation ridiculous and annoying.

There were thousands of densely-packed skeleton soldiers surrounding him and there were more than a hundred bone dragons circling the skies. Where did this bastard get the courage to threaten him?

Although he felt disdain, the Arch-Cardinal was still afraid of Shi Xiaobai’s Pig Slaughtering Knife. That knife technique seemed to be strong against his Barrier of Darkness. The defensive favor he was bestowed was only limited to the Barrier of Darkness. If Shi Xiaobai attacked him when he wasn’t paying attention, there was still a slight threat.

The Arch-Cardinal hesitated for a moment and used “Void Floating” to rise up and reached a height dozens of meters in the air, ensuring his safety.

“Oh? Do you think by flying into the sky, This King can’t stop you?”

Shi Xiaobai’s sarcastic voice was heard once again. “Hurry up and shout ‘hubby’ or you will face the consequences.”

The Arch-Cardinal could not believe that Shi Xiaobai would still threaten him under such circumstances. He could not help but taunt, “Since you are so powerful, why don’t you follow me up in the sky?”


Just as the Arch-Cardinal said that, Shi Xiaobai flew up into the sky abruptly like a jet rocket. He arrived immediately to the height where the Arch-Cardinal was.

The Arch-Cardinal gaped in shock.

He really f*cking flew?

However, amidst his shock, the Arch-Cardinal was still somewhat pleasantly surprised because after flying into the sky, Shi Xiaobai had arrived at a spot where numerous bone dragons encircled him. One of the bone dragons could even just reach out its talon to tear Shi Xiaobai to pieces.

“Rip him apart!”

The Arch-Cardinal hurriedly shouted, afraid that he would miss this golden opportunity.


The bone dragons that filled the sky made deafening roars but they did not charge at Shi Xiaobai. Instead, they turned their heads to look at the Arch-Cardinal.

“What happened? Quick, rip him apart!”

The Arch-Cardinal shouted another two times, but he was surprised to realize that not a single bone dragon obeyed his commands.

The Arch-Cardinal’s ominous foreboding grew more intense. He hurriedly looked at the skeleton archers on the ground and shouted, “Bone arrow corp, hurry up and shoot. Shoot him to death!”

The moment he said that, all the skeleton archers suddenly changed directions and aimed at the Arch-Cardinal.

“Door of darkness!”

The Arch-Cardinal hastily waved his hand, but where was the door of darkness?

No, what had happened?

Why did this happen?


Suddenly, a commanding voice resounded from the sky.

The undead legions that filled the area immediately knelt down before the booming voice. One after another, the skeleton soldiers knelt down and hissed. The sound was deafening and it was an extremely spectacular scene.

The bone dragons circling the skies also descended and flew beneath Shi Xiaobai’s feet. They held a humble posture in mid air as they issued gentle calls one would expect from a subject. It was as though they were bowing before a dragon king.

Shi Xiaobai’s shouting of “kneel” caused the undead legion to respond in veneration.

“No, impossible!”

The Arch-Cardinal could not believe the scene in front of him. As he shouted “impossible”, he fell into madness.

“There is nothing This King can’t do.”

Shi Xiaobai gently smiled as he raised his hand and pointed at the Arch-Cardinal. Every member of the undead legion looked up as intense killing intent locked onto the cassock that appeared extremely lonely.

The Arch-Cardinal’s courage cracked as he attempted to flee. However, as he was flying in mid air, his body suddenly stiffened, causing him to fall from the sky. His limbs flailed desperately in the air as though he was drowning. Following that, he began plummeting to the ground and was even shouting “save me” as he fell.

A bone dragon caught the Arch-Cardinal and then forcefully flung him to the ground. He plopped into the midst of the skeleton soldiers and was immediately raised high up by the skeleton soldiers.

Shi Xiaobai descended from the sky and landed in front of the Arch-Cardinal. Other than the skeleton soldiers holding the Arch-Cardinal up, the other skeleton soldiers, as well as the bone dragons that had landed, prostrated themselves as they trembled in fear!

The Arch-Cardinal was lifted high up and the cassock that hid his appearance fell off slowly. The face of an extremely ordinary-looking middle-aged man appeared. His expression was that of complete fear and was as wretched as one could imagine.

Shi Xiaobai took a step closer to the Arch-Cardinal.

“You sure were naughty. Wouldn’t it be fine if you just obediently shouted ‘hubby’?”

Shi Xiaobai’s voice landed in the Arch-Cardinal’s ears as though they were the evil cackle of a devil.

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    I did notice a continuity error.

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    Second, why in the previous chapter would an American RN “lose her job the next day” because she took time to comfort a patient? The only reason would be if she was expressly forbidden from developing a bond with the girl. But in the U.S. it is not uncommon for bonds to form between caregivers and patients. It is usually appreciated.

    1. One, they located the Arch-Cardinal, which probably implies they can get the broadcast from his channel.

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      1. The little girl is probably the Bishop of virtuality. Sucked into the digital world because of her disability. That’s my guess. I do wonder who’s talking to shi xiaobai. I think it is either the American government dude (was it roy?) or the Bishop of virtuality with her child voice. What do you guys think?

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        1. In my opinion, Kali found the bishop (the girl in the hospital) and made her transfer the arch-cardinal’s powers to the MC, then she made the girl relay a message to the MC to inform him.

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      Well, some CIA don’t need these bells and whisles. Their spy picture may be of horrible quality at low resolution but make for some really noise resistant signal. And (right), they may take that signal from any participant. Actually, every VR set (those :)! ) USA sell may have an option to transmit to CIA HQ.

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