AC Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: This problem is problematic!

As he looked at Shi Xiaobai raise the short knife up as though he was about to stab at his own heart, the Arch-Cardinal’s eyes turned moist. Tears nearly streamed down.

He was just an ordinary lowly employee in San Francisco, United States. He turned numb towards his daily life as he was often blamed by his superiors. Back at home, he would receive the incessant nagging of his wife.

Occasionally, he would recall the touching moments during the beautiful period of back when he was in school. He regretted being playful and did not strive for excellence. As such, he would always be wasted after a meal. He would then hide in an alley to cry to himself, lamenting the distant dream that he had long abandoned.

He had once thought of committing suicide, hoping to be released from his mundane and uninteresting life that repeated itself day after day. However, he lacked the courage. It was not because he could not bear leaving his son that was becoming naughtier, nor was it because he would miss his wife that was becoming uglier. Only his self-indulging fantasies had kept him alive in his intolerable life.

He thought he would end up living the remainder of a decadent life of sorrow until he met the Bishop of Virtuality. From then on, his life changed completely. His laughable and lamentable fantasies turned true, giving him genuine satisfaction.

In the Church of Virtuality, he was just subordinate to one and had thousands under him. All the parishioners of the Church of Virtuality treated him with absolute respect. He could easily trample on the dignity of anyone.

He won the Bishop of Virtuality’s favor and obtained the power to ravage through most of humanity. He could enjoy the struggles of so-called geniuses as he begun yearning to see geniuses despair. He reveled in destroying those elites who led an extraordinary life.

There was no doubt he felt bliss.

However, his bliss was coming to an end at this moment. Letting Xiao Xiao escape was already something he would be punished for. If Shi Xiaobai were to succeed in committing suicide, then he would receive a severe punishment.

Having disappointed the Bishop, he would lose his status as Arch-Cardinal. If he was lucky, he could become an ordinary practitioner who had to bear hardship without complaint. If he was unlucky, he might be assigned to become a suicide bomber in the next terrorist attack.

If Shi Xiaobai were to commit suicide, he would lose everything he had.

“No, no, don’t die!”

“I implore you not to commit suicide!”

The Arch-Cardinal immediately raised his head and said with a sorrowful voice. It was rather touching.

A sacred and solemn voice echoed right after he finished speaking with a voice filled with grief and pain.

“Human, are you begging This King?”

The Arch-Cardinal was stunned as he looked down and saw the knife Shi Xiaobai had raised lowered back at his chest. It was as though he was in no rush to commit suicide.

The Arch-Cardinal slightly heaved a sigh of relief and pondered over Shi Xiaobai’s words. His frown gradually eased up.

With his identity, how could he humble himself to implore a scum at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm?

That’s not right.

If this guy were to commit suicide, then everything he had would come to naught. Not only would he lose his status, he might even lose his life!

No, I have to humble myself and think of a way to stall him and make him turn careless.

The Arch-Cardinal spent three seconds to come to a conclusion before he said with eased eyebrows, “Yes, great King, how can the formidable you commit suicide? This lowly one begs you to live on!”

Shi Xiaobai sneered and said, “Heh heh, do you think a few flattering words can make This King become careless and forget your sinister goals?”

The Arch-Cardinal broke out into cold sweat. With the current situation, it was indeed true that he could not bluff his way through.

“For that, you got the right idea.”

Shi Xiaobai interrupted the Arch-Cardinal’s thoughts and said in all seriousness, “Hurry, hurry up and continuing flattering This King.”

The Arch-Cardinal’s brain froze immediately. All the words he was planning to say seemed stuck.

His brain could not keep up!

Shi Xiaobai suddenly said, “That’s right. Since your power is given to your by your whatever Bishop, can the whatever Bishop give anyone power?”

The Arch-Cardinal’s eyes lit up when he heard this. With a good idea, he hurriedly said, “Yes, His Grace Bishop of Virtuality can bestow infinite power to anyone who obtains his favor. His Grace does not want to harm you because he has seen the greatness in you. He wishes to invite you to join the Church of Virtuality and give you the power that is worthy of your status!”

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai hesitated as though he was in a dilemma.

The Arch-Cardinal immediately clenched his fists.

An opportunity. This was an opportunity!

“As long as you join the Church of Virtuality, with your esteemed status, you can definitely be on equal footing with His Grace. The world would be awed by you as you become a King of this world!”

The Arch-Cardinal felt as though this was a turning point in his future. Yes, no one could resist the temptation or power and status. This little kid who had not seen the world and indulged in fantasies would definitely lose himself in this fictional beauty. As long as he grasped the opportunity when Shi Xiaobai turned inattentive, he could let the stirring undead legion tear him to bits!

“Well, joining the Church of Virtuality seems like a pretty good choice.”

Shi Xiaobai began muttering to himself.

The Arch-Cardinal nearly burst out laughing as he found the appearance of bliss too sudden!


The Arch-Cardinal’s eyes stared and immediately tensed up. There was still a but!

Shi Xiaobai solemnly said, “However, there is a good saying, ‘you never fear having a god-like opponent, you only fear having a pig-like teammate’. If the Church of Virtuality is filled with people with pig brains, wouldn’t This King be falling into a trap? So, This King plans on testing your intelligence. If even the Arch-Cardinal is an idiot, then there are probably not many in the Church of Virtuality that are clever, right?”

The Arch-Cardinal was infuriated hearing this but he did not dare reveal his true feelings. He obsequiously said, “That’s right, what you said makes absolute sense! I wonder how you plan on testing this lowly person’s intelligence?”

“Simple. You just need to answer a question.”

Shi Xiaobai said seriously, “Listen carefully. Once upon a time, a house had only two people, a hubby and his wife. One day, the wife was bathing in the bathroom when suddenly she heard a knock on the bathroom door. The question is, who was the one knocking on the door?”

The Arch-Cardinal was stunned. There were only two people, and one of them was bathing. The question was who was knocking on the door?

This question… was too f*cking simple?


The Arch-Cardinal found the question too simple and was afraid that there was a trick to it. As such, he whispered the simple answer with uncertainty.

“What? Louder!”

Shi Xiaobai placed his hands by his ears, as though he did not catch it clearly.


The Arch-Cardinal shouted his answer loudly.

“Did you not eat? Louder again!” Shi Xiaobai roared.


The Arch-Cardinal strained his throat and shouted again.

“Do you dare to act like a man? Shout the answer loudly one more time!” Shi Xiaobai shouted once again.

Shi Xiaobai was feeling excited. For a C-level reward, he had chosen the Absolute Choice of getting the Arch-Cardinal to shout “Hubby” three times. After thinking hard, he finally thought of this silly approach.

Now, the Arch-Cardinal had already loudly shouted “Hubby” twice. As long as he shouted this obvious answer once more, he would be able to finish this darn Absolute Choice!

However, the Arch-Cardinal did not shout “Hubby” a third time as Shi Xiaobai wished. At this moment, he was quite shocked as great wonder and fear consumed him.

He had already shouted so loudly, why was this bastard asking him to shout louder again?

This bastard was giving him a chance!

Hubby was not the answer!

That’s right. If the answer was Hubby, the question would be too simple. It could not even test one’s intellect. This question definitely had a twist that he had missed.

There was only the couple in the house, while the wife was in the bathroom bathing. Who could be at the door in front of the bathroom?

The Arch-Cardinal pondered with a frown as he constantly racked his brain, as though he was considering an abstruse philosophical question. Countless brain cells died at that very moment.

“It’s not Hubby!”

The Arch-Cardinal’s eyes lit up as he excitedly slapped his palms and laughed with glee. He finally thought of the answer. This question that appeared simple actually had a catch. Indeed, it was a great test of intelligence!

The Arch-Cardinal’s mouth suffused a smile as he looked at Shi Xiaobai and said with full confidence, “The answer is not Hubby!”

“But… Old Wang from next door!”


Author’s Note: Boom shakalaka, this chapter was written by me with great delight. I’m still best at writing this kind of wacky styles. I wonder if everyone likes it.


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  1. It’s simple, all Xaiobai has to do is tell the Arch-Cardinal is say ‘hubby’ *3 and he won’t kill himself. Worth a shot even if it doesn’t work, it’s by far the simplest path. Plus with the way time rewinds he literally has nothing to lose.

    1. Well theoretically if he succeeds but is then killed by the Arch-Cardinal the Absolute Choice would have been completed so it wouldn’t rewind and he would permanently die so its not like he has nothing to lose.

    2. I don’t know if that would work. The choice was for the Arch-Cardinal to “call him hubby 3 times”, not just say the word “hubby” 3 times. Like with the loli fairy goddess, I suspect the Arch-Cardinal has to actually mean what he says – at least, that would be how I would interpret the choice. Of course, being only a rank C reward you may be right and he only has to say the word 3 times in succession.

    1. Crab Steps quest is a lifestyle choice. No resets or retries.

      Lifestyle choices are like daily quests, no big deal if you fail one.

      Absolute Choices are like Main Quests. You keep checkpointing if you fail.

      1. Lifestyle choices do have a penalty equivilant to the rank of the reward Shi Xiaobai chooses. So the B rank reward for Crab Steps will have a B rank penalty if he fails to complete it under its time limit. It’s the other choice styles that don’t have a penalty for failing since they just turn back time to right before he made a choice.

        1. The bonus-style resets, so he could practice crab steps, fail the bonus and then when reset keep practicing. Rince and repeat till lifestyle choice complete, THEN finally complete the bonus. QED

  2. This is basically the perfect unlimited training room! If he dies, it repeats! He can just ignore the mission, practice Crab Steps until it’s perfect, then do the mission.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, but where does the profieciency lie? If its in his mind then there is no problem doing this, but if its his body, then when time resets, would his proficiency reset also?

        1. I was thinking the virtual world trained the nerves of the body and the skill mastery doesn’t come from memories alone. Going back in time only brings back his memories while everything else resets.

          1. To bcmustain, How does absolute choice even work anywhere? As there haven’t been any rules established for the absolute choices existence in the first place, how does it make any less sense in the virtual world?

          2. Yup right, just look at those second chance novel. MC turn back time with only his beginner skill, yeah it’s reset.

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    The Arch-Cardinal’s “intellegent” answer to SXB’s “trick” question mean’t the wife was cheating on her husband XD

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