Absolute Choice (绝对选项) – Index

ac绝对选项, aka Jué Duì Xuǎn Xiàng, aka Absolute Choice, is a webnovel by a rookie Chinese Xuanhuan (fantasy) writer Pear Lands In The Autumn Spring (梨落秋溪) with great, fresh ideas. It will be translated by CKtalon, who also translates True Martial World and I’m Really a Superstar. The novel is ongoing, and is a refreshing novel about a young world-crosser to another dimension with an interesting system. It is unlike typical xianxia or xuanhuan, that this fantasy world is in modern times.

Expected release rate is at 14 chapters a week.




A world filled with heroes with superpowers. A world attacked by calamity fiends. A modern world filled with wonders and dangers.

Shi Xiaobai, a child from normal Earth, walked into such a world, proclaiming to be its king. But at the first signs of danger, he is forced to make a choice, one which he cannot refuse for time would repeat, making him face the choice again.

He is not humble nor is he modest, but neither is he delusional. Yet, the Absolute Choice seems to make fun of him. Will the joke be on him or will he laugh at his opponents? There will be many watching his escapades, and there will be some joining him in his adventures.

To see through the world and to grasp its truth, that is the destiny of the King.


Chapters 1-16 (Rookie Evaluation Test)
Chapters 17-43 (Rookie Training)
Chapters 44-56 (Meteor Shower)
Chapters 57-68 (Virtual Reality Training)
Chapters 69-105 (Battle of the Sacred Cup)
Chapters 106-155 (Annihilation Selection Arc)
Chapter 106: I’m back
Chapter 107: Where the King’s Blade Tip Points
Chapter 108: This is a monster
Chapter 109: A teammate that accidentally harms you
Chapter 110: Strength comes from Oppai
Chapter 111: Oppai is also justice
Chapter 112: Whiteology Appearance
Chapter 113: Why are you this skilled
Chapter 114: Lovers’ Pact 2.0
Chapter 115: Hisith wants some quietness
Chapter 116: Where did the gentle reminder go
Chapter 117: All Tu Dahei’s fault
Chapter 118: This Turtle Is Hardest
Chapter 119: Imbalanced Broken Character in the World
Chapter 120: This King is wrong
Chapter 121: Peeling Memories
Chapter 122: Do not scream in pain even when balls shatter
Chapter 123: Filthy Turtle Divine Technique Combo!
Chapter 124: Who is Chen Lingcun
Chapter 125: Refreshing your world view
Chapter 126: The adorable you
Chapter 127: This is the reason why you are enduring?
Chapter 128: Very cute, very naive
Chapter 129: Upright person despite Being tough on words
Chapter 130: Intoxicated Moan
Chapter 131: Can you be a bit faster
Chapter 132: Quick stick it back
Chapter 133: Are you kidding me
Chapter 134: Can you give This King a knife
Chapter 135: Being able to see you before my death
Chapter 136: You have successfully infuriated me
Chapter 137: A Very Silly Story
Chapter 138: A Sorrow that should be Drowned
Chapter 139: Wait, you must wait!
Chapter 140: This King needs you
Chapter 141: Hold it in even if you can’t accept it
Chapter 142: Is your face hurting badly?
Chapter 143: Beat O’ unyielding heart!
Chapter 144: Golden-white holy dragon shows its prowess
Chapter 145: What you said makes a lot of sense
Chapter 146: Invincibility is such Loneliness
Chapter 147: Able to posture even while not being awesome
Chapter 148: Cherish Life, Stay Clear from Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 149: Don’t stick it back
Chapter 150: An honest person does not “play with swords”
Chapter 151: Coach, I want to learn swords
Chapter 152: This tests skill
Chapter 153: Massage Technique of God
Chapter 154: Will you feel regret
Chapter 155: Let’s celebrate by getting a room

Chapters 156-206 (Battle Exchange Arc)
Chapter 156: Plans of a King
Chapter 157: Big Perv Shi
Chapter 158: Fragrance and Odor
Chapter 159: Mozzie
Chapter 160: Truly Heh heh
Chapter 161: The Girl who doesn’t drink Chicken Soup.
Chapter 162: Who is messing with who
Chapter 163: A person should be more like Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 164: Come, let’s have a good battle
Chapter 165: Be faster for This King
Chapter 166: Still able to do another few hundred rounds
Chapter 167: The Choice of Courting Death
Chapter 168: Knocking on the Wrong Door
Chapter 169: How can you be such a hooligan
Chapter 170: A Hooligan Unfortunately
Chapter 171: The kick at the threshold
Chapter 172: Have you never seen safety shorts
Chapter 173: Given up for chicks
Chapter 174: Lord God’s Advice
Chapter 175: Not even given a ‘Nice Guy Card’
Chapter 176: Fat chance
Chapter 177: How can this be
Chapter 178: Flirting Expert Shi Xiaobai
Chapter 179: This is the reason for you to break public property?
Chapter 180: Double Speed Mirage
Chapter 181: In This King’s eyes, all of you are already dead
Chapter 182: The vengeful [Zeus]
Chapter 183: This King wants to fight one against all
Chapter 184: The darn godlike collapse of tear ducts
Chapter 185: A super, super flirting expert
Chapter 186: Can I borrow your hand to smack faces
Chapter 187: Come on out, the extremely cute little loli
Chapter 188: King of Lolicons
Chapter 189: Ye Siblings
Chapter 190: Back in the day, against the headwinds, thirty feet I could pee, but today, my shoes are soused despite tailwinds
Chapter 191: Looks Competition MVP
Chapter 192: Take Ten Million to Feed the Pigs!
Chapter 193: If Shi Xiaobai were here
Chapter 194: Who should receive the Academy Award for Best Actor
Chapter 195: Why must a Fatso make things difficult for a former Fatso
Chapter 196: King’s Beginner Sword
Chapter 197: The King’s Fury
Chapter 198: Since the Heavens made the Moon, why did They make the Sun too
Chapter 199: The Former Child Prodigy
Chapter 200: A Crush from a Single Sword Strike
Chapter 201: Can Only Tolerate, Silently Suffer
Chapter 202: Feeling Sad, Wanting to Cry
Chapter 203: Didn’t you see Tu Dahei one-shot Heartless?
Chapter 204: We Can’t Lose Again!
Chapter 205: The King’s Choice
Chapter 206: His Freedom was not there

Chapters 207-226 (Pre-Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower+Level 1)
Chapters 227-246 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 2)
Chapters 247-272 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 3)
Chapters 273-287 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 4)
Chapters 288-304 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 5)
Chapters 305-333 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 6)
Chapters 334-378 (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 7 - Transcendence)
Chapter 334: You have clearly awakened, why are you playing dumb
Chapter 335: Take a good look at who he is!
Chapter 336: Are you courting death or committing suicide
Chapter 337: Shi Xiaobai’s Delicacy Tour
Chapter 338: This matter was so hard to refuse
Chapter 339: A Difficult Nemesis
Chapter 340: Not only mimicry
Chapter 341: Their Choices
Chapter 342: It’s venomous, you are toxic
Chapter 343: Four legendary figures
Chapter 344: Stop or die!
Chapter 345: Racial Discrimination
Chapter 346: To dare mess with This King, eat first, talk later
Chapter 347: The powerful Transcendents
Chapter 348: Leonis and civil strife
Chapter 349: Do you prefer being raped before being killed, or being killed before being raped
Chapter 350: Some fruits no longer exist if you miss them
Chapter 351: Wrong way of posturing
Chapter 352: The importance of a posturing technique
Chapter 353: Shi Xiaobai, I want to learn to posture!
Chapter 354: Shi-style Posturing Technique
Chapter 355: Unarmed combat
Chapter 356: Leonis on the brink of raging
Chapter 357: Moya’s rage
Chapter 358: Erroneous Plot
Chapter 359: Humans are just this and nothing more!
Chapter 360: You have successfully infuriated This King
Chapter 361: The physique of humans is bad?
Chapter 362: But This King won’t do so!
Chapter 363: His opponent is only himself
Chapter 364: Fuck tomorrow
Chapter 365: In front of the Door of the Bravehearts, the meeting of girls
Chapter 366: Transforming without a word
Chapter 367: Come on, let’s clash head on!
Chapter 368: Always waiting
Chapter 369: Heart feeling downtrodden, an exhaustion that comes from the soul
Chapter 370: None of you know anything about strength!
Chapter 371: What is he trying to do?
Chapter 372: The hard to beat Leonis
Chapter 373: Leonis who lost his reason
Chapter 374: The story behind the sword
Chapter 375: Even a fly wanted to bite a piece of meat from a lion
Chapter 376: No next second
Chapter 377: Never took a step back
Chapter 378: This King has been targeted!

Chapters 379- (Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower Level 7 - ???)
Chapter 379: The Sudden Appearance of the Choices
Chapter 380: End the Age of Bravehearts
Chapter 381: Do you know what you have eaten
Chapter 382: King’s Mandate
Chapter 383: This King is immune to poison
Chapter 384: 139?
Chapter 385: Darling, you finally came back?
Chapter 386: Did I make a mistake
Chapter 387: I know every inch of your body!
Chapter 388: Proving His Identity
Chapter 389: The Infernal King is also a King
Chapter 390: Gods and Demons
Chapter 391: I’m only waiting for you
Chapter 392: In order to not be bored
Chapter 393: Because you want to be Speechless Li
Chapter 394: Darling, do you want to take it off yourself?
Chapter 395: Because you are not the strongest Transcendent
Chapter 396: Why don’t you die now?
Chapter 397: An “Ouch”
Chapter 398: How can it be put into the mouth just like that. Hands had to be washed first!
Chapter 399: A King that doesn’t know how to bow his head has no right to stand above the heads of his subjects
Chapter 400: I’ll do whatever you want to do tonight
Chapter 401: War has already begun!
Chapter 402: We aren’t real
Chapter 403: They are a pack of lone wolves
Chapter 404: Who exactly are you
Chapter 405: The Seductive Infernal Queen
Chapter 406: No one can prevent the war!
Chapter 407: A Fool that did not care for his life
Chapter 408: Take you flying in awesomeness
Chapter 409: Complicated and Confusing Changes
Chapter 410: Let us play a board game that tests wisdom and strategy
Chapter 411: A Complex Chess Game That Turns Crazy
Chapter 412: It’s impossible for This King to make a mistake
Chapter 413: Truly realistic acting
Chapter 414: Darling asked the right person
Chapter 415: Speechless begins to question life
Chapter 416: Infernal King’s Mandate
Chapter 417: Tolerate my ass!


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      1. OMG


        1. this novel is verry good ?
          because i have finished coiling dragon, stellar transformations, lovant dragon and tales of demon on this website…
          and i search another verry good novels

          sorry for my spelling i’m french :p

          1. martial world and true martial world are the best ones i have read…. after that are desolate era and WMW after that against the gods… i have read the ones did aswell… hope it helps XD

          2. Might be too late, however this novel is nice, I did like Coiling Dragon did not like ST or tales of demon, never read lovant dragon, also if you do not wish to read my essay just go to novelupdates you will find all of the popular novels with great feedbacks thats where I find great novels. I liked this one although the male lead will get a harem he is funny and acts like an actual human being. Why I did not like ST was just because of the dragged on arc after he left for the sea, I did not like ATG after seeing how the male lead is similar to the one from MGA, a character that is stupid and claims to be a genius, I also did not like a male lead that claims to be doing certain things for revenge when he is just slaughtering people. I love reading novels with Evil male leads but not male leads that pretend to be just and commit crimes, another good novel that isn’t on this site is called Dark King, interesting novel great plot development and fast translation. Definetly avoid MGA unless you wish to see a copy pasted plot, ATG is still alright if you are alright with a foolish male lead. I honestly stopped reading wuxia novels after seeing how the plot is developing for some of them, the fight scenes are too long with not a lot of descriptions, I loved CD maybe it was because it was my first novel and the male lead wasn’t killing people without proper reasons.

      1. Are you saying that sabre is not a virgin!!?
        My hopes, my heart, my wired anime dreams/heart/hopes…
        Well, actually I always hoped to see a version where Shirou and Sabre got together for real.

        1. Xenoten, play the visual novel. Remember that scene in the shack after Archer sacrifices himself to fend off Berseker? Instead of some weird mana dragon dream thingy, in the visual novel they have sex. And when I say they, I mean “they”. If you’re hoping for just Saber x Shiro though, they do it with just the two of them later on, before the final battle. Mana transfer, ho!

  1. Is this story related to the anime “absolute choice”?
    It seems so similar in concept that it feels like a super duper dumb question.
    But that anime is not in the least bit xianxia.

  2. Ugh I don’t know which came first but… Ore_no_Nounai_Sentakushi_ga_Gakuen_Love_Comedy_wo_Zenryoku_de_Jama_Shiteiru
    Sound very similar seing how both MCs have an absolute choice ability it’s just that instead of going back in time if he fails he gets punished… Completely forgot about this anime till this book reminded me of it thou (but let’s be honest this book will probably be better)

    1. Going by the description alone, the book is destined to be better. I honestly hope they won’t be the same, seeing as that anime is practically one of my worst nightmares. I am absolutely shite with misunderstanding-based humor, and embarrassing scenarios. The absolute-choices that MC had were all public-image executioners, and they were horribly painful to watch.

      For the very least, the description doesn’t make it seem like they share anything in common, other than that basic mechanic.

        1. About 50%. Why’d I be here if not to read the type of stories that WW puts up? :u

          @Regarding my previous comment:
          This story, it doesn’t work. The MC is incredibly chuunibyou, and it overpowers everything else in the narrative for me, seeing as it is primarily a comedy story, and I do not find the jokes to be funny.
          The cringe is very much real in this one.

          1. y i see u in nearly every novel aswell XD …. but that only shows that i read way too much aswell…

            i think i will trust u with this one…. didnt like the last 2 novels i started… MGA and AST were kinda crappy… the autors just werent good… no balance and way too much copying and incoherrency

  3. Bwahaha. It’s freaking One-Punch-Man Anime/universe as a Chinese webnovel. And One Pun(ch man) is only a side character (and even an oddly reliable one). Only a few chapters and already a must-read. I normally don’t like ripped-off webnovels but I’ll keep reading this for now just to see where it’s heading…

  4. Just wondering if this is the same as the anime “Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga” with the absolute choice thing… the “absolute choice” system thing imposed by some self proclaimed god… or is this a whole different story??

    1. The story also makes use of One Punch Man to facilitate its world, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the author just mishmashed a bunch of random anime together to create this story.

      1. Man… Imagine one punch man blasting the cast from Ore no nounai sentakushi ga and sabre aka “1000 yo(lo) virgin” to oblivion XD

        I’m not so sure about the “absolute choice” mechanic implemented in a xianxia…
        Feels like putting 1/2 prince 1/2 an inch too close to a forbidden dark zone…
        Or kind and caring grandmothers in dark souls.
        Or carrots in smoothie (just not supposed to be good).
        But… I guess that the absolute choice mechanich makes a lot more sense in a xianxia, now that I think about it…

        1. It makes a lot less sense to put a disgusting chuunibyou in Xianxia, I can tell you that. His inflated, baseless narcissism can only make me question if this wasn’t actually written by a Japanese.
          The choice-thing was interesting, tho. I can agree with that.

  5. .
    ───── Foя тнє translation
    ────────── from Jack

  6. I must first thank this translator, CKtalon. He is very fast and provides quality translations close to RWX and DB.

    Please change the introduction. It is either extremely misleading, or is a huuuuuge spoiler. Either way, the MC refuses to speak in first person, so unless he starts using “I” instead of “this king”, modify the introduction.

    The intro initially made me interested in this novel only to find out that it’s a huge wasted opportunity… the MC is a shounen character (seriously, is this book even chinese?). Overall, don’t read if you don’t like a main character with undeserved arrogance (he is so scared he can’t even move, but he will still provoke Mount Tai for no apparent reason other than to stroke his own ego). I can personally read a novel if the MC has an over inflated sense of justice, but this guy has an over inflated narcissism which translates to him looking down on literally everyone he sees. Even after dying multiple times, his idiocy is still there, so I don’t see any character development any time soon.

    If you like gag manga, read this and enjoy. If you prefer pretty much any other novel on this website (except maybe Perfect World), either stay away or read with caution.

  7. A story featuring a cross world traveller in a modern cultivation world. Although on the surface it appears to be your everyday op mc that doesn’t know anything but to attack, Land has hinted to a deeper, more serious character that has his own legitimate flaws. As of now Land’s use of the ‘absolute system’ has been relatively good. Its main use appears to be aiding in plot development and has (thankfully) yet to be used for comedic purposes. Due to the mc’s world traveller status the overall world political/cultivation system is unknown resulting in quite a few infodumps. Overall the novel shows alot of potential

  8. I really like True Martial World and I’m Really a Superstar…so I thought to give it a try…
    Unfortunately this is worse than a (bad) japanese shounen manga/anime/light novel.

    CKtalon, please concentrate on TMW or IRAS =))) Even if I like the concept of this novel makes it the MC impossible to read…

  9. I dont get the hate from some readers. This is funny novel. why so serious? just enjoy this novel and you will like it. It gives us different taste than other novels in WW.

      1. although I totally agree with kingkawaii’s comment for the beginning of the novel to the point where I repeadedly stopped reading this novel before the second or 3 chapter. however once I pushed myself through the beginning I started to like it slowly and after the virtual reality arc I didnt really have any issue with the story or MC due to reasons you can know from reading. Also by the current point in the story when the MC calls himself This king I honestly have to nod my head and agree.

        P.S. Kali is the best character in the novel in my opinion I even cried for her.

  10. This book is really good. I would recommend you guys to read it. But then again, who cares what a random person said online. You should still read it though.

      1. They should care because why else would they be browsing the comments on a book they didn’t want to read or found interesting in someway shape or form.

  11. I personally felt (being a Chunnibiyo once) makes me cringe at the sight/hearing of it … but it does make you stronger in a sense of you protraying as someone else (dreaming of strength).

    After finding my own strength to survive in the real world, it was nice to hear some of these stories – be it real or fiction. Brings back memories (and cringes as well) =__=

  12. boring start ? yes it is.

    look atg start ? it’s boring.

    even issth start is not that great…

    but after chap 15-30 i can say it’s pretty good and maybe even more enjoyable than other good series .

    but $70 for a chapter maybe is a little expensive. at least there is already 10-15 free chap every week.

    1. I’m scrolling for this comment.

      1-3 DE chapter is a hell for me, i keep trying to read it again and again to past that chapter.
      After that everything is awesome.

  13. Dear CKtalon,

    I would love to be able to assist you, whether in translation or proofreading work. Do reach out to me if there is anything I can help you with. Thanks!

  14. Hi CKtalon, will you be bringing True Martial World here in the future? I love that novel, although you have it on gravity tales, I think it would make a great addition here. Plus it will add more exposure too. Just a thought, thanks for all your work, you are great.

  15. Good novel! Not your typical type of chinese novel… game element in one-punch man world… it is martial arts but a gag at the same time…

    Oh well the only problem is the MC but it is bearable… it clearly fits in the story though but also not fits at the same time… it is still bearable…

  16. I usually detest chuuni/overpowered mc/ripoff jokes but surprisingly, after a few hundreds of chapters, it’s pretty dang amazing.

    SXB is a nice guy and I just appreciate the fact it isn’t overly ecchi (even when it is, it’s a joke or its too serious of a situation to pay attention to)

    I really want to draw Kali and Shi Xiaobai! I just can’t imagine their outfits.

  17. this is a great read. bear with the first 20 chapters. then it’s get really interesting until you can’t put it down. my record is non-stop reading this is for 15 hours from 7am to 10pm other than bath, eat and shit 😛

    awesome story. thanks a trillion! 🙂

  18. After i read the comments my hand so itchy can’t wait to read. But when i saw the chapter still at 300th ++… I retain myself… Enough with ATG, TDG, MGA MW & TMW every F5 every night, day, hour, minutes and seconds…

    *outer disciple F5 sect ongoing to core disciple F5 sect

  19. Great book but I feel like this arc is dragging too much, although its better then having a book where the main character finishes the arc in a few chapters, this arc should have rushed the first few levels at least. However it is still addictive as hell each level still maintains interest.

  20. would be a good novel toobad the translator is traitorous and prone to backstab those who help him. he smeared WW’s name yet somehow gets to keep his work posted on here… it makes no sense at all and is very disrespectful to the community to have to continue seeing posts made by talon on this site. since he wants to be part of qidian so much he needs to leave.

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