Absolute Choice — 93

Chapter 93

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Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. I have to say, that you have became my second favorite translator, just behind Death Blade.
    I dont comment too much anymore, but ill start commenting again and ill probably start donating again, just thank you very much for your effort CKtalon!
    Im really glad you joined the Wuxiaworld family.

  2. Arg, I’ve gotten into the F5 habit – just in case you surprise us with another. Yesterday I was sitting on a preview that I read, refreshed just out of habit and got to read the whole chapter. After a few times, went to bed thinking “Surely that’s it” – and wake up to 3 more. All I can say now, is “You can do it! Don’t quit!” lol.

    Thanks for the chapters. This series is getting interesting, I’m really liking it.

  3. I hardly ever write a Comment, actually even forgot my password, after numerous tries I finally got it back.
    I ve read True Martial World, or am reading and now Absolute Choice…
    Thanks you for several hours of entertainment.!

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