Absolute Choice — 90

Chapter 90

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Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. Actually, i think you are really awesome,i follow everynovel you are translating, i don’t know how many hours does your day have!!!! I see “last chapter of today” and 3 hours later i see the next chapter!!

  2. Daniel calls you an absolute machine, and he is right. You release so many chapters its almost unbelievable. You promised us at least 10 chapters last week, and got out 18, over 2 per day which is crazy. I now want to know the statistics of how many chapters/words people translate per week, just to see how close to number 1 you are right now.

  3. Motivation: Go go I believe in you! I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of chapters and I forget to commend but thx for all of them, I read them as soon as they come out!

    My thoughts: I want to see what the knife attack is about XD

  4. Cktalon has achieved a level in the art of translation unlike any other! From now he shal be referred to by the title of Patriarch Lightning Chapters!

  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    I really love how that part where they were fighting makes it very realistic. I’ve gotten that feeling of getting better at something by being challenged and I know it feels amazing. Can’t wait to see what happens next, and I wonder what’s gonna happen with WindWithoutTrace.

  6. I honestly think you’re a translating monster… I’m curious what your daily schedule looks like LOL… But thanks for pumping out so many chapters! I legit read every series you translate, since the speed + quality <333.

  7. I will put this simply: “I want your baby”.
    Please continue to keep up that amazing work!
    If more translators were like you……. Well I’d probably never would have had time to notice how awesome Absolute Choice is, since I just started reading it because my other novels were caught up.

  8. So here’s my theory: CKtalon you are, in fact, an artificial intelligence living in cyberspace in reality. You prove your existence through the worship of your followers. After having drifted through the net for so long, you finally found what you could do to make people worship you and prove your existence. And that thing is translating a ton of chapters for us unworthy citicens who cannot read other languages than english (or at least not the original one). You have done great. Your existence is hereby proven by us readers. May you forever translate more.

    Joking aside, thank you very much for the horrendous amount of tranlating you do. My sincere respect.

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