👑 Absolute Choice — 457-3 👑

Chapter 457-3

Chapter 457-4 Preview

Here’s a chapter with a longer word count. They were split in a way that will make the chapters end nicely without them dangling oddly. This entire chapter 457 is 16197 Chinese characters long, compared to the usual 2000-character chapters AC has (3000 characters for other novels at times), so an optimal split is somewhere between 5-8. I could have split it into 8 chapters if I wanted to be dishonest about it. Besides, the author gave me explicit permission to split it as I deemed fit. I decided to split the 12 chapters into 25 chapters, when the author was saying that he wouldn’t mind that I could split it into 35 chapters, since the 12 chapters spanned about 70,000 characters.

Conversation with author informing him of where I’m splitting the chapters, with the number of characters each split chapter has (all >2000 characters)

This and the next chapter are quite philosophical, and it is something important that the author feels important.

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Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. Mr. CKtalon… my name is Alex. thank you for the work you do. As someone who is a little… bitter? about you cutting the chapters, i’ll assume this little message is for me and many of the others like me. but at the same time as i’m feeling like this, i also understand. I wont say that i understand what it’s like to translate these novels/chapters, but i do understand doing big and long projects. They can be tiring and exhausting. especially when you have a schedule to keep.

    … So i get it. I hope my other fellow readers like me can also be a little more… understanding.

    but yeah, thank you very much for the hard work. 🙂

    1. lol, i be waiting too xD i think he might be doing it on purpose to get people to come check this post out for the ones that just skip it XD

  2. I mean, i don’t really understand the point of posting your conversation with the author… Aren’t you, the translator, free to publish the chapter as you see fit (with patreon you only committed to a certain number of characters more than a number of chapter) ? Why ask for permission ?

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