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Chapter 416

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A note to readers who think that the tower is going on for too long. Back at the sixth level, the author consulted the readers if he should end the tower, and the majority of them said to carry on writing as he pleased. So he continued writing the 7th level. He too knows the tower arc has been going on too long (he told me that he should have written a 5-floor tower instead), but he can’t end it too hastily since he has set up everything for the conclusion of the tower arc, while interweaving it with the story’s main plot points. The author is not purposely dragging it out. In fact, the tower is very restrictive when it comes to creative writing and he is eager to get out of the tower so he has more freedom in writing the plot.

Aeroplane Chess spoiler

As for the game of Aeroplane chess, it will become useful in a future chapter beyond the raws.


The 7th level is actually an important level that will have huge repercussions for character introductions and story building in the future (thanks to spoilers beyond the raws from the author). Furthermore, the tower arc has already given us a lot of new information regarding the calamity, the seven sins, new characters that will follow us into the next arc. In the next chapter, you should have all the clues to guessing what is happening.

TL;DR Just enjoy the process and don’t be so anxious to reach the end.

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Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. Thanks for that, and, though it is clearly too long as an arc, I still think this tower is fun, I’m looking forward to shi xioba binging on rare artefacts, and, him eating the jade? Made the whole aeroplane chess thing (a low point for me) still totally worth

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