Absolute Choice — 40

Chapter 40

Last chapter for the day. Tomorrow will probably be the last round of mini-mass releases as we end the rookie training arc. I need to rest my hands. I think I’ve translated about 50-60 chapters the past week (including True Martial World and I’m Really a Superstar)…
The 10 guaranteed chapters a week will be 1 a day, with 2 on Fri/Sat/Sun. So after tomorrow’s final mass release, we will still get 2 chapters a day.

Note, in this chapter a new kind of Absolute Choice appears, but after consulting with the author, a change has been made to an earlier chapter. So, this will be the second time this kind of choice appears. The first time it appeared was in Chapter 13, during Shi Xiaobai’s shooting ability test.

Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. CKtalon, if you need extra editors, or other back-up,
    don’t be afraid to give a shout out! There are
    bound to be people out there willing to contribute to the project.

    I don’t speak Chinese, so I can’t help you with that, but I could
    definitely be a (back up) editor if you need one, really
    enjoying the novel, so I’m plenty motivated as well.

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