👑 Absolute Choice — 287 👑

Chapter 287

Last chapter of the week. Since all the upcoming chapters are about 80-120% longer, which makes translating them more taxing (especially on my hands), I’ll be reducing the release rate for the next 50 chapters to 10 a week, the originally guaranteed pace. It will be restored to whatever rate it should be after the long chapters are done. The one-chapter days will be Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu. See you in about 24 hours for the next chapter!

(13/13) + 8 bonus + 4 sponsored chapter(s) of the week! A total of 25 chapters for the week =.=

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Translated by: CKtalon

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    1. No way. Split chapters are way worse than planned cliffhangers. Sometimes you’ll get cuts in the middle of a conversation. I’d much rather get fewer, longer, releases than split chapters.

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