👑 Absolute Choice — 286 👑

Chapter 286

Normal chapter of the day. From this chapter onwards, for about 50 chapters, most of the chapters are about 80-120% longer, which makes translating them more taxing. Kind of tempted to reduce the release rate in a proportionate level…

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Translated by: CKtalon

10 thoughts on “👑 Absolute Choice — 286 👑” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Do it. You work hard enough as is mate, anyone can see that. Chapters that are twice as long as more? Definitely reduce how many you put out.

  2. Please reduce the regular chapters. You’re already working too hard. Plus not to mention your fingers are in poor condition, and the chapters are almost twice the length.

  3. I know i might be greedy and selfish but….

    CK can you at least reduce the releases for the next 50 chapters and then go back to the original after that?

  4. You really should take it a bit slow, one chapter a day is more than enough for me at least. We don’t want you to burn yourself out and stop translating altogether.

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