Absolute Choice — 28

Chapter 28

Not sure how many chapters will be released today, but you won’t be complaining right?

Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. Ok, first comment ever on this site. I have been lurking and reading a lot for almost two years but can’t help myself anymore. 🙂

    However many chapters you translate are enough man! I started reading this and IRAS since I have been following you on TMW. You are amazing – I cant believe the number of chapters that you translate in a day!! Keep it up!

    I started IRAS after I saw this series and read the intro that said you were the one translating that as well. I liked WM and TWM but I could not start IRAS until now. I read up to a 100 chapters in the past 24 hours and I have to say that I am actually enjoying reading it as well!! Thanks for all your work translating the three series!!

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