👑 Absolute Choice — 241-245 👑

Chapter 241

Chapter 242

Chapter 243

Chapter 244

Chapter 245

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Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. ABDULLAH ALKANDARI ……..*bows* *tears fall* *hugs* *kisses* *censored* thanks~

    Tanoli…Even though steroids might feel good on the short term, long term dosage is injurious to health…Take care and thanks!!

  2. thx Abdullah Alkandari, gotta say I don’t know why the patreon isn’t increasing, this novel is original and rather fun, I myself got difficulties to finish each month so i can’t support but with words ^^, but thx for your work!!!

    1. It’s the lack of early chapters. It’s a matter of competition since many other translators provide early chapters on their patreons thus giving more incentive to support them. Granted, it’s complicated to do early chapters on a double novel patreon…

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