👑 Absolute Choice — 216 👑

Chapter 216

(4/12)+1 bonus chapter of the week! This chapter is to celebrate hitting $730 on Patreon. See you in about 7 hours for the bonus chapter for celebrating the hitting of $760 on my Patreon!

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Translated by: CKtalon

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  1. thanks you for your hardwork..

    i was wondering, what happens with the $760 from patreon ? we are a new month so we get like 10 sponsored chapters ? or it don’t work like that? sorry for the trouble ^^

    1. Yea it doesn’t work like that. At 760, we have gone from 10 chapters a week to 12 a week, so 8 additional chapters a month. Bonus chapters have been given for some milestones along the way as well. 🙂

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