Absolute Choice — 21

Chapter 21

Not sure if I can get as many chapters out as yesterday, but I’ll try my best, and also end it without a cliffhanger.

Oh yeah, if there’re any typos or mistakes, please comment, or message me on Discord! Thanks!

Translated by: CKtalon

8 thoughts on “Absolute Choice — 21” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Chapters are half the length of a normal webnovel though. (It’s still a lot, he is getting like 8-10 chapter a day, but that’s like 4-5 chapters by other novel standards.)

  1. You’re awesome CK, and this novel is great, and your translations quality is top notch, comparable to RWX and deathblade… but for your physical and mental health, go easy on yourself haha

    The promised 10 chapters a week is more than good enough, you don’t need to do 10 chapters a day 😛

    (Not that we don’t appreciate it!)

    Thanks for all your hard work, I’m really enjoying this novel so far!

  2. I’m not even reading this novel but like looking at the recent posts and how fast u translate omg legit demon speed King haha whatever RWX said when he introduced you. Respect! I’m really tempted to start now lol but I like to read novels with 500 chapters. But you post so much. So conflicted lol. Great job tho! And yeah bro even though I’m not reading, your fellow readers are concerned for your health 😀 you should slow down a bit and relax before you get sick and it would be worse 🙁

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