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So, ever since the BTTH manhua got picked again, there have been a lot of controversy about the BTTH novel. Finally today, I took the time to read through all 133 chapters of the manhua which corresponds to about chapter 495 of the web novel (about halfway through chapter 495 to be exact). It’s kind of long so be warned or you could skip to the bottom.

Sooo, I’ll start by admitting that my opinions might be a little biased against the manhua. The manhua, in my opinion, is somewhat of a summary (with pictures) of what happens in BTTH. It’s not a bad summary, in fact, it was much more comprehensive than I thought it would be. However, there is obviously some content left out (it’s impossible to fit about 6000 chinese characters into 20 pages of pictures). For example, chapter 157 of the novel (yup, the chapter that was just posted today) and the story in the valley is basically skipped.On a side note, the art of the manhua is pretty good (much better than I thought it would be and I’ll admit that I got a little sucked in by the colorful fights) though the quality of the pages changes from chapter to chapter.

Now about the content in the manhua: personally, I feel like the events are a little exaggerated and some are just plain wrong. Take chapter 32 to 35 of the manhua which is about the fight against Mu She. Besides Mu She dying and Xiao Yan saving the day, none of the events (Fairy Doctor who’s called Xiao Yi Xian demonifies <-(not a word) and goes berserk against everyone or Mister Yao of the Thousand Medicine Hall actually being a good guy)  that were depicted in the manhua was in the novel.  Even though the results are the same, I feel like the manhua not adhering to the novel and adding new things that never happened leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In addition, the Fairy Doctor was supposed to be portrayed as someone who was extremely alert of everyone around her with a soft side that only showed to Xiao Yao (you’ll see this more later) but in the manhua, I got the feeling that she was a somewhat foolish girl. There’s also the part about the Ice Emperor (should be Ice King) that gets on my nerve but I’ll leave that for you to find out.

Also, there are quite a few loose ends in the manhua: where did the red wolf (Xiao Hong) go after the fairy doctor left? What happened to Mister Yao? … Overall, I got the feeling that the people in the manhua were dolls instead of actual human beings with actual feelings.

Finally, there are obvious translation differences. For example, Dou Zong vs Dou Ancestor. Personally, I see the Dou Zhe, Dou Shi, Da Dou Shi as names that don’t have a correspondence in English. They all represent different masteries of Dou Qi and the second word (after the Dou) can’t be translated. By that I mean Dou Wang, Dou Huang, Dou Di have the same meaning – Dou King/Emperor. Wang usually refers to a ruler of a place or state, usually not a country (like the King of China) while Huang does mean the ruler of a country. <- I may be wrong on this point but in Chinese Huang usually is more “royal” than Wang. And Di refers to a supreme being (not god, that’s sheng). In chinese myths, the ruler of the heavens is named Yu Huang Da Di and once again, no he is not god. So I guess this huge digression is basically to say that the translations of the novel and the manhua have differences.

Anyways, my overall opinion is neutral to the positive side of the manhua. It’s a great way to read ahead since it’s basically summaries and although somewhat inaccurate (in the sense that it’s missing stuff, added extra stuff and has stuff depicted wrong), you get the big picture of what happened. So yeah, that’s my opinion of the manhua.

I’ll probably be back to answer questions so just leave them below.

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EDIT: I also posted on gravity so go over there if you’d like more opinions.


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  1. I’ll admit, Most of my praise for the manhua comes from comparing it with the Douluo Dalu manhua(Take Douluo Dalu, add as much Shounen Manga as you can before you cant call it Douluo Dalu anymore and you got the manhua pretty much). But I like how it alters events slightly and adds its own flavor(The Wolf Mostly, and it shows up again for all of a chapter) without actually getting rid of the original feel.

    1. Everything looks better compare to Doulou Dalu manhua >.< Its soooo bad. The one thing that kinda irrate me with all the manhua is that they make everything in to a gag and really destory the tone of the stories by adding in all these random jokes and 4th wall breaking in.

      1. I think it was the Coiling Dragon Manhua that set the bar for terrible.

        I agree with what is posted here. Before we got to this point in the manhua I had already begun to treat it like loosely related cliff-notes of the story rather than the story itself.

        But that said all of Chinese Manhua adaptions of web-novels seem to have an editorial push to try and market the story to children. The Transcending the Nine Heavens manhua has a character eating poop rather than dirt in the early stages for example. Or how in DD in scenes where the characters kill people, they are all just knocked unconscious in the manhua.

        It happens in too many adaptions to not be a direct result of manhua editors forcing these tropes to happen.

        1. Ugh, don’t even talk about the CD manga. It was sooooo bad! Did they drop it? I hope so cause it is almost as bad as when they tried to make percy Jackson into a movie :/

          1. Aye… I just had to agree.

            When I saw the CD Manhua, I was like….. BOOM! *NYC obliterated by a meteorite*

            …and thought that the embellishments on the details were just plainly disgusting and did destroyed the entire webnovel feel of the story. And then there’s DD1 Manhua… the most annoying part was the *Blackening* of Tang San and the *Handsome Phoenix Transformation* of Fatty where… the blackening part wasn’t even there and Fatty only got slim around chapter 290 or something of the Webnovel.

            I mean, when these stories were made into Manhua, they just CRASH down from a majestic story into becoming a complete trash.

          2. Ugh god, paracticaly anything that gets turned into a manhua from a light novel becomes so bad with so many plot inconsistencies.

    2. Yeah exactly. In comparison to Douluo Dalu(Manhua) most anything would be better. Which I have also felt that even so the Manhua version of BTTH is still pretty good on its own, and gives you a chance to see what to look forwards to in the future. Assuming it stays on course, and things don’t change too much

    3. To be honest, I think the comic adaptions of these novels is for an entirely different age group…. a much much lower age group (cause Xianxia fiction doesn’t seem appropriate for children).

      And DD was actually ahead of its comic translation counter part for a while… which severely influenced our views of the comic….

      Btth, we are reading the comic separately because it is so far ahead of the novel when it comes to translations, so it is more difficult to negatively compare it.

      The starts are usually much more bearable for the novel readers.

      For DD, all the stuff that happened in the comic felt worse because we already knew how it was supposed to be in the novel.

  2. It is rather sad to see that a chapter of the manhua that is 18-20 pages of colored pictures with barely any text combines roughly 5 chapters of the web novel. Not only that but the manhua butchers the source material and changes a bunch of stuff around. I honestly find it insulting that the manhua was even able to gain the rights to basically castrate this awesome web novel.

    1. It’s the same for all manhua adaptions. Poop jokes, memes, fan service and fourth wall breaking are pushed into the story – anything considered adult or too complex is taken out. It’s fairly obvious this is the editorial policy of the manhua publishers responsible for these adaptions, there may also be influence from Chinese censorship boards.

    2. At the same time though. Sometimes a 20 page manhua chapter can easily fit a few of the written chapters. I’m mostly talking about the chapters where the MC pulls out some massive stunt or power up and everybody spends the next 4 chapters reacting to it (looking at you ATG). Beyond that though I see what you mean.

  3. Its the translator’s fault tho when there is talk of dou emporers and what not, I dont think the manhua does that, unless u read the raws. I think its irritating as well tho

  4. For BTTH i actually preferred the Manhua to the Novel version
    imo the MC is portrayed in a more lighthearted (funny) and likeable manner…someone you would root for…didn’t get that feeling while reading the Novel.

    Also the constant Bullying and knee jerk reactions of Xianxia is tiresome to read in 6000 words…just easy to gloss over in the manhua version

    Feel exactly the opposite when it comes to Doulou Dalu (Soul Land) version

    1. Thats just how most manhau adaptation are, they make everything really light hearted (even when that doesn’t exist at all) and all random gags and 4th wall breaking everywhere which kinda irrates me because lot of the mood is ruined because of it

      1. Well, it is kinda supposed to be… Xianxia isn’t appropriate for children, these comics aren’t actually adapted for the fans who read the novels, but the children who shouldn’t read the novels.

        1. Ya… Thats the exact reason i didn’t even attempt to read Panlong Manhua, you don’t just switch genders on one of the most major characters in the story like that.

          1. I was half way into Reading CD around 2 year ago, when i thought hey lets check Manhua and see how it is !

            On First chapter i was like who the fk is she ?! then when i figure it’s Grandpa i just closed it and never bother again xD

  5. Most of the manwha adaptations are in the shortcut side. Though the end result is same but manwha usually tends to change some part and get to that result.
    Look at the manwha of doulou dalu, it is an example of the worst manwha adaptation, the end result is the same, but the way it gets there, it has created a new story completely different than that of the novel.

    For BTTH, I feel the manwha was pretty awesome and comedic too though it wasn’t completely as the novel but it was pretty great.

    Though I didn’t know that it summarized upto chapter 495 of the WN.

    1. wow i actually feel the opposite. doulou dalu’s manhua is far superior to the novel IMO. However i will say i could never get past the first volume of the novel because the horrific grammar and chingrish made me have to sit and spend 4 hours rewriting great chunks of it so it made sense in proper english. Which i found amazing since my english usually sucks >.< when i realised i was going to end up doing that for all the subsequent chapters i just gave up and went back to the manhua, which sadly seems to have been dropped by the scanlators now

      1. The douluo dalu manhua butchers everything that make Tang San a cool character. He is so much more of a badass in the light novel in all his battles. They make him far weaker in the manhua. They also do a poor job showing off his control abilities.

        1. that may well be true, but the quality of the novel translations are really bad. it’s a hard read with sentences and paragraphs that make no sense. I’m told it gets better somewhat as they went on, but are still quite bad at times.

          The odd dodgy sentence I’m fine with, comes with translating, but doulou dalu needs huge chunks rewriting.

          1. well the first few chapters had poor story flow as well as poor grammar because bagelson was just starting out in the translation journey and he himself agrees on that ( he posted it in his site on the site’s anniversary ). Look at the chapters after that, they are all great and among the top quality translations.

            But no matter what, the manwha doesn’t compare to the novel at all. There is way too much difference, read the novel and you will find out all the differences 🙂

          2. The thing with DD was that when they started translating it the translators themselves were amateurs overall. Though it wasn’t as bad as a machine translation, the fact that the guys translating the LN didn’t have the level of expertise that you may be used to were you reading other non machine translated works still shows.

            For a while there they SERIOUSLY considered rewriting some of the earlier chapters, to the point where I believe they did so with the first chapter before rabid fanboys jumped down their throats and DEMANDED that this stop and that everyone who complained “get over themselves”. On that day I lost a LOT of respect for the DD fanbase… Sigh…

            Well in any case, for those of you going TLDR in summary. Bad translation due to inexperience. Go to fix. Fanboys go WE WANT MORE CHAPTERS NOW! SCREW QUALITY! Translators go back to publishing new chapters and abandon fixing the quality of the earlier ones.

  6. An interesting read, but not sure what the controversy is??

    The thing with the manhua is that it was never going to be a direct translation from the novel. And frankly I’m a little grateful for that, as i find the novel overly long winded at times….a lot of the time.

    As for the added sections, they were probably done to tie up loose ends left after they removed sections of the novel. Again i don’t really have a problem with that, so long as it was done well, which at times it isn’t.

    One of the biggest gripes i have is that the manhua has a habit of dropping sections of the story without completing them, Quing Lin’s story being a perfect example.

    I also prefer the manhua translation of ‘receptarier’ over the novels ‘alchemist’, just feels better 😀

    In the end i think they both fill a good spot, you’ve got the manhua is you want a lighter and faster story. Then you’ve got the novel here for slow, long winded and exposition.

    Personally i read both, started reading the manhua first and then came to the novel

      1. dang don’t drop the LN!! I’ll be honest and say i think (at the minute) I’m preferring the manhua, but that just cause the LN takes so damn long to get anywhere.

        Yet i do like the LN and i think once it gets further down the road and he reaches the academy, things will finally start to get interesting.

      2. What? Why would someone tell you to drop this series? It’s one of the better stories out there right now.

        I don’t have a problem with the manhua ommitting certain elements of the story, but when they start adding in things that never happen, I get a little bit annoyed.

        Please don’t drop the series, we haven’t even gotten to the fated battle against his fiance.

        PS – thanks for translating up until now and I hope those people don’t affect your decision.

      3. wow. hell no. I’m totally looking towards the day when things progress to the point of the manhua.

        Receptarier? You like that word? I don’t even know that that is an actual English word

      4. Please don’t listen to those trolls!
        I don’t read the manhua myself since they all said it cuts a lot and I prefer details, but those who told you to drop the LN really has no business telling you that!
        If they prefers the manhua they could just read it and not messing with the LN translation, you have done a good job and anybody who tells you to drop it are simply there to mess you up and their opinion are not worth a damn.

        Finally, thank you for all these chapters!

  7. Ok, I had to register to vent my opinion 🙂 This is a serious topic.

    This is from my PoV exclusively, but … I regret deeply reading any manhua that has novel version. The images decide for you how characters look and in part how they act. It’s a great loss of immension. I am an older guy, 30 this year, my imagination is not the same as a 10 year old boy.

    So when I read these novels, my imagination projects them accordinaly. And it’s very different from what the manhua is doing. You guys translating these text novels is marvelous and deeply appreciated. Those graphic novels can’t deliver the same kind of story.

    tl;dr; You guys rock, since I learned about your work, I stopped reading the manhua version.

    1. I had to register too to say this .i agree with everything u said .to note i started reading Douluo Dalu in my manga loving days and now i can’t read the novel at all because everytime i start reading i remember the bad images of the characters and i stop despite everyone saying it’s great novel .

  8. So far the only manhua that follows their respective novel closely is the one for Shen Yin Wang Zuo. Every other popular manhua seems to veer drastically from their novel counterpart. The only issue I have with SYWZ is the bobblehead art for some of the younger characters. BTTH, Douluo Dalu, Kuang Shen change way too much and butcher the stories quite a lot.

  9. Manhua is lame in comparison. I found it a bit hard to read the novel after reading the manhua since, despite being different, also have core parts being similar, but when I did, I was glad. Novel portray the characters much better, so far.

  10. Felt like they altered the manhua to appeal a more “casual” audience. Personally I feel the novel is more ruthless and hard, while the manhua is like a fluffy cloud.

  11. I prefer to read the novel and visualize the scenes in my head instead of just flipping through a comic version of the book. I hope you’ll still continue translating the novel despite the controversy.

  12. i tried to read the first chapter of the manhua but the characters doesnt feels as “dark” as i imagined them to be and it turned me off. on that note people told me cd have some sort of manhua too? maybe ren would give his opinion on it as well

    1. No dont Start the manga from CD if you read the novel:
      In the manga grandpa doehring is a girl
      Bebe is not a Rat he is something weird?
      You cant compare it to the novel in which you can read every sad Moment every break through ….

  13. Manhua version of this is actually AWESOME!!!

    Seriously this is by far the best adaptation, heck dare i say that it’s even better than the original (Novel) version …MC in the manhua remined me of Jiraiya, plus all the annoying “Trash” “Garbage” and all that exaggerating and over the top annoying situation is quite toned down to my liking

    be glad that it wasn’t butchered and completely “Shonen”ified Like Doulou Dalu

  14. IMO i might also add that BTTH novel feels quite short chapter by chapter basis, and the content is somewhat exagerrated like all the time the MC gets picked on or looked down upon pretty much eats up half of the chapter itself.

    one of the rare cases where adaptation tops the Original version

    1. As far as novels adaptations goes it’s pretty good. The art is superior to most of them, the colour palette in particular is great especially with essences and fights.

      It’s less “gritty” and has great light-hearted comedy. Sure some people might want a more serious read but as far as hitting their younger target audience as manhua adaptations do it’s pretty spot on.

      Like most older readers I prefer novels but I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed the manhua. My only real gripe with it is how arcs end abruptly and sometimes they are skipped a tad.

      I don’t see why Goodguy should stop, it’s now at 1 chapter a week and sometimes it’s 2. If Novel translator keeps the pace then it will catch up slowly but surely.

      I guess people want another project? Such greedy readers!

  15. I prefer the novel but I temporarily dropped it because the updates are kind of slow and reading so few chapters feels tormenting.
    What I can’t agree is the translation thing. I don’t have anything against the way they translated those names, it’s still understandable but the way you guys use the term ‘Dou Zhe’ doesn’t feel quite right to me, as you are using this same term for both the rank as well as for all the practitioners(of all ranks) which is extremely confusing at times.

  16. 😀 i agree, i was biased against it, but enjoyed the art, and found it a good skim-through to grab a summary but a bit off in parts, i found it blissful reading compared to dulou dalu, so i was a bit biased back towards it ^^

  17. The valley training scene isn’t just omitted; it’s completely rewritten (as well as the Mu She mercenary arc). The reveal for the poison calamity body is completely different, and Little Fairy doc’s master is even introduced out of thin air.

    However, that being said – the humor in the BTTH manga is much more prevalent, and it makes the characters more likeable IMO. In particular, I felt that Xiao Yan’s father was a lot better in the manhua. The pacing is too fast by about double, so many of the side characters lose their impact (fairy doctor and Yun yun especially) but I think that’s to be expected of manhua adaptations since there’s so much to cover. Also, the speed of the manhua helps to cover a little for the repetitiveness of the text in the novel.

    Overall, I like both, and both have drawbacks.

  18. It’s nearly impossible for them to be the same as it’s translation between media. It’s between to think of them as two separate things.

    Also, I prefer the BTTH manhua over the novel, sorry. Nothing personally, I just like pretty pictures more soft things.

    1. the manhua would be fine if the original intention was to pursue a different story. It fails because they try to half-assedly follow the original plot, and frequently decide “this complicates things for us… let’s cut it or change it to something more ‘entertaining’ to make it easier for us”.

      an example of changed plot is certain events occurring in a different order, with altered trail of events. which would be considered an alternate-world take on the plot of the novel, unless it manages to improve the flow of the story, in which it can genuinely be considered an improvement to the plot.

      but in the end, media translation works only for certain types of stories. chinese stories with a crapload of descriptive text and information reveals, are simply not the right type to turn into manhua, and they keep choosing this type of novel to change simply because it is whats popular.

    1. Haha that was the worst part xD gradpa doehring a girl …..they tried to destroy CD :S i closed that window with the manga the Moment i saw that extrem change and i wont even Start with bebes image….

  19. Ahaha… at first I thought the manga stunk, especially considering the lihlghthearted theme the illustrator put on the MC. But now that I’ve seen desolate world manga I think it could’ve been worse so BTTH manga ain’t that bad.

  20. Almost two years ago, I spent weeks trawling through the manhua raws hoping someday someone would translate what seemed to be a fun and exciting story.

    Bring on the beginnings of the light novel translation and I was in paradise. After, finishing Douluo Dalu I was ecstatic to discover the manhua I thought would never finish being translated was being released in all its novel glory.

    Eager to continue reading, putting both my studies and sleep aside, I spent months using online dictionaries and google to try an make heads or tails of the chinese characters in the raws. It was as painful as it was blissful.

    Thousands of chapters into the novel, I see the manhua I began this journey with, being translated again. Unfortunately for me, looking at the pictures and reading what they are supposed to convey give two different feels. My second reading of the manhua was and still is fairly atrocious.

    Despite its good points i.e: humour, artstyle, brevity and ease of reading; the manhua has glaring faults.
    The author has clear favourite characters, as he/she bends events to suit them. The author recreates events in an effort to skip explantations, this is bad because he/she goes overboard, at times erases characters that are meant to appear more often.

    I fear how he is going to end the academy arc too, because yeah, that stuff, yeah you know what I mean.

    All in all, I wish I had the ability to help produce a working translation alongside the gravity team, in a bid to show exactly how great this novel actually is. Alas, time and destiny is against us.

  21. Hey well in my case i also read the manga and the novel here on wuxiaworld and personally i like the btth manga more than the novel since i think the novel seems a little bit slow with New chapters.
    And if you compare the manga from btth with the manga from CD you will know what a Bad manga / novel comparison is …… Btth manga is okay but if it is about CD you should better read the novel.

  22. I first discovered BTTH through the manhua, and read somewhere that there was a novel of it. I’m currently reading both and, although the plot is the same, I feel like it is incredibly summarized in the manhua, as you said.

    There were some things that weren’t explained in the manhua, and they were referred to afterwards, which was weird and confusing. After reading the novel I realized it was the manhua (and not the plot)’s fault.

    The biggest difference is in the characters, especially Xiao Yan and Yao Lao. Xiao Yan in the manhua is just plain childish, and while it might be fun (it is), it feels weird. The same with Yao Lao. He pretty much only jokes around in the manhua.

    Anyway, between reading the manhua and the novel, I prefer the novel, because although it can be annoyingly long at times, I feel like it develops in a coherent way (and frankly, novel Xiao Yan is more mature and cool).

    EDIT: This being said, off I go to read BTTH chapter 157!!

  23. To be honest, I think Combat Continent has an unfairly bad rep when it comes to the manhua because we already read all the events in the novel first.

    BTTH on the other hand is way ahead of it’s novel counterpart in translations.

    And to be honest, I don’t think Xianxia comic adaptions are for the Xianxia fans, but for the brats that are too young for Xianxia. It is for a different age group and is supposed to be much lighter.

    It’s like how adults get real cars, and then toddlers get those mini car-things with peddles…

    Xianxia novels are like adult fantasy novels while their comic adaptions are younger shonen….

    Their purpose is to make the story more accessible for younger age groups… so for most people reading the novels, the comics aren’t actually targeting us.

  24. I read the Manhua and the story sucks. The MC was acting like an idiot, Yao Lao is nothing but a background character. if that is not enough they butchered and altered the story. i know that novel adaptation to another media cannot be done perfectly but at least do not altered the story as they wish.
    While the art is good but it’s nothing close to Tony Wong, Andy Seto, or any Hongkong manhua artist. I mean good xianxia should be treated with respect no.

  25. I am enjoying both the novel is fun and keeps close enough for me and is much better then some of the other adaptions like Fury or Soul Land which annoy me. I hope both continue.

  26. BTTH ive seen it first on (manga)manhwa , its really a good one then one of my friend told me that you can read it on novel cause ive done reading on manga(manhwa) chapters, BUT when i search it here it so hard to find what chapter i stop. Then Admin here post the difference on manhwa and novel, so the one translate at the one who make the manhwa was different sectors.
    So i switch to TDG i thnk there manhwa and novel were the same.
    still im a Big Fan of BBTH..

  27. i must be one of those liking those manhwa adaptation because i started by reading it before discovering their novel conterpart few weeks ago (korean LMS , then here on WW BTTH, TDG, WDQK last week started DouluoDalu novel on another site, unable to start reading coiling dragon tried 3 time but the first chapter bored me and went to start novel i haven’t read the manwha if they got one : korean Ark and ATL, or here WMW, USAW, for now i fear to start those novel with so many chapter already published and not complete as i know how much i can read as soon as i got free time i think i have enough started story to wait for next chapter at least until i read all DD 1 and 2 ) .

    Yeah sometimes i’m shocked by differences in story especially with BTTH and the doctor, i had to go check the manwha if my memory forgot everything or confirm the story was different. Manwha seems more light hearted and with more fun and puns to attract more public or please some censorship but it don’t disturb me that much.

    But sometimes reading novel i’m bored to have the MC described again and again or each time mentionning a girl having to write a paragraph on her slender legs, her white jade skin, etc each time she appeared despite having it already described in her ten previous apparition BTTH especially poor on this side.

    I think how you discovered the story influence judgement a lot, same as movie or anime adaptation, often found some movie good before reading their book and shitty if you already read book before and have a hard time watching an anime when already read the manga

  28. I have reached the Three Year Agreement arc of the novel, & I say, I can’t be anymore dissappointed with the manhua at this point… The events portrayed in the novel & the events portrayed in the manhua vary greatly… Several key factors are completely disregarded & the difference is just appalling…

    I’m not sure I can continue reading the manhua at this point, the amount of plot differences continue to grow at an alarming rate. Sigh, & the content in the novel is so much better… At least I now have an explanation why as to the feeling of something feeling ‘off’ while I was reading the manhua, the reality now tells me that the things they changed were just too weird, to the point that even I could tell something wasn’t right.

  29. DOU ZHI LI:The Qi level of person havent been a DOU ZHE.
    DOU ZHE :ZHE is a triditional word, you can just understand as “person”
    DOU SHI: SHI means teacher. Here means a qualification/level but not to be a teacher.
    DA DOU SHI: ……just to make up the numbers.
    DOU LING: LING: spirit; soul; fairy; elf
    DOU WANG/ HUANG: You explained it well.
    DOU ZONG: ZONG means ZONGSHI.You get “SHI” in this word. yep, it means a master liked ‘master wugui’.
    DOU ZUN: ZUN means respect. A highly respected person in China called ‘ZHI(extreme) ZUN’, used to describe emperor.
    DOU SHENG: SHENG means saint.
    DOU DI: DI is also described to a emperor.”royal level”: DI>=HUANG>>>>>>>>>WANG(HUANG and DI commonly used together.WANG’s level is just a earl)
    This levels bring me back to the past. I just want to translate this levels as a Chinese perspective. It’s so coooooooool!!!

  30. I started reading the manhua and found it very cool. So I went to look for the continuation “novel” when I started reading from the beginning I was addicted …

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