About BTTH for the next 2-3 weeks

Hey guys,

So I left you guys on a cliff the last update but I’ll have to ask you guys to be patient a while longer. I might be able to squeeze out 1-2 chapters today and another 2-3 tomorrow but that will be the extent of it for the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll be out of town (without internet) for this time and won’t be able to post anything. However, if I do get the chance during this time, I’ll definitely post something such as an update or maybe an chapter.

Tldr: I will most likely not be posting any chapters next week/the week after that and maybe more.

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    1. waiting patiently while sharpening knives

      What? Afraid of knives? Don’t walk into a kitchen then. That place will terrify the sh*t out of you!
      I am talking to you Your British Excellency.
      Seriously, these guys use elongated spoons and label them knives to torture the hell outta ingredients. I pity chefs there, they likely need to have a weapons permit to do their work.

  1. Heheheeh! While I was expecting this when I saw somewhere that you’d be out for a week or two it still lets my leecher heart bleeding!! The expectations about the next 10 or so chapters is quite strong on this one! 😀

    So, I really hope you enjoy your trip, whether its vacations or work, and that you take this opportunity to revitalize without the worries of a translator! I really appreciate that you’ve updated us in advance!

    Again, Thanks for the chapters so far and we’ll be waiting for you return! 😀

  2. GGP have a great trip and hopefully its fun. We’ll definitely miss you, who will be taking care of Gravity while you’re gone? Could you be tempted to take a few raw PDFs and your Ipad, then we can have a release welcome back party (wow that doesnt sound desperate at all). If its like a serious family or official thing ignore my greedy self. Remember to watch out for sharks and stalkers..(hahaha spot on randomness)

  3. Well not having internet stops you from uploading chapters but in no way stops you from translating so I expect a 30 chapter mass release when you get back XD

    I kid I kid… enjoy a well deserved vacation from translating we will be right here salivating until you get back.

  4. Ouch that hurts haha but having some time for your self is also great so enjoy the month off once your back we might be a little more greedy for chapters though.
    Jk well have a safe trip ?

    1. crap i just checked the meaning of the word i picked up from someone….it is a slang
      sorry ggp, did not mean that….well bottom line….have fun, will lay in wait for your return

  5. Dare I ask you to translate while on your trip business or otherwise. Just copy an couple of chapters and translate when you have the time. You can post the chapter when you get back.

  6. Have a safe trip! Remember to bring me back a present! (I want chapters, mass chapter release! :3)

    On that note, have fun!

    Wonder if Yao Lao will kick some ass when he’s back from his trip.

  7. Enjoy your trip within the next 2-3 weeks. Forget about being a translator for these few weeks thanks for all the hard work and enjoy the trip. 🙂 For fellow readers best advice i can give you is get into another series while this won’t be updating for a while start a long one for example I shall seal the heavens Stellar Transformations Coiling Dragon and so on. Safe travels GGP

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