A tale of S?TR April Fool’s~

With April Fool’s come and gone for everyone now, I feel safe in revealing what *would’ve* been the April Fool’s joke this year. My editors have to post edit for me sometimes, but one day, I finished at 2am and forgot to chuck the chapter into Google docs.

Therefore, poor Deyna stared at the squiggles for a very long time and decided to come up with his own chapter. XD

Did you all catch the live reading today and the Q&A session after? It’s on Twitch if you missed it!

8 thoughts on “A tale of S?TR April Fool’s~” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Possibly the best chapter I’ve read so far!
    Super captivating. Starting a vote for Deyna to be the main translator!

    Thanks for the live reading 🙂

  2. i watch the reading video on twitch but only blackscreen, so it kinda bored to only listening without video cam.
    i hope it will have cam next

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