A special SOTR x WMW announcement!

Hellllloooo everyone! (this is the announcement I kept teasing to SOTR readers yesterday. :D)

In honor of WMW’s 300th chapter, OMA and I are going to race starting from today to Nov. 12th. The inspiration for this actually came from when OMA casually mentioned to me that SOTR used to be ten chapters ahead of WMW, but now WMW is about ten chapters ahead. My eyes bugged out and I said wha?! So for the 300th chapter of WMW, I’m going to try to see if I can pull ahead of WMW again. Whereas I think OMA is going to try to break WW with releases? 😀

We both think this might kill our editor teams (I think mine’s already dead to prep for today’s releases heh), but we’re going to have some fun, and this will be the early celebration of SOTR chapter 300. SOTR x WMW race, start!

If you’re not a current reader of WMW, you’re missing out! It’s a fantastic story translated beautifully by my friend OMA, so if you’re ever waiting for an SOTR release because etvo fell asleep, go read Warlock of the Magus World!

<3 etvo

51 thoughts on “A special SOTR x WMW announcement!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Oh no, don’t get me wrong I have nothing but respect for all translators. As someone who tried to do your work and failed (granted it was from English to another language, but still) I know exactly how hard and time consuming this job is. My frustration with WMW is how much potential the story itself has yet how ridiculously bad it’s implemented. I don’t remember much, but I do remember getting past the 100+ mark when I was reading, so I didn’t just read the first few chaps and decide it sucked. I’m annoyed at the author for having such a great idea, but not caring enough to do it right. So many plotholes. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever read something so laden with poorly thought-out developments. I’m just bitter about that. It’s one of the few stories I wished that the translators and editors would change the source material, so as to improve it. A damn shame.

        1. I am kinda enjoying it a lot and several mayor holes in the early part are being adresses slowly as the protagonist increases his worldview and understanding

  1. Racers start your Engines!

    The Demonic Poison King is in the lead, followed closely by the Heavenly Emperors Son, Jiang Chen which of these two powerhouses will win!

    (Well I like both but seriously SOTR has nearly 1000 chapters more so SOTR is always going to be ahead at the end.. But still if WWM reaches completetion before SOTR counting it as a full win for WWM 😉 )

    Edit: Didn’t even read it was only to 300 *Cough* Well nevermind then *Gets out the cheerleading team from the closet* “Who will win W M W, Who’s left in the dust S O T R whos title is longer!” *Cheerleading Team* “Errrr”

    1. So you come here to see an announcement that a novel(s) that you read is going to be releasing more chapters as a fun way to promote both the series to the readers, and then proceed to shit on it. I don’t think you’re in any position for demanding anything when these translators are the ones doing you a favour, not the other way around. Why not learn Chinese and read it yourself then, since you’re in such a hurry, mada mada dane….your ambitions are irrelevant

    2. Baka. You think it’s easy to translate? If you’re a leecher, you’re even more of an idiot. if not, good for you! you finally accomplished something with your life!
      Etvo, throw 100 chapters of MTL at this guy and let him/her feel the pain.

    3. So… I work 8 hours a day, live by myself, translate 2.5 novels, do paid translation gigs, and run volaretranslations.

      When you can do all that and put out a mass release, then you can come rain on this parade.

      1. lol
        well i didnt expect a simple joke would get so much flame… 😀
        well im grateful and all and i seriously dont expect anyone do a 50 chapter release a day and catch up with something that had a year of head start
        im gonna cry
        though im glad that senpai noticed me…

        1. You shoulda marked your comment as a joke. Even then, you shouldn’t have worded it like that. It pissed a lot of people off.

          An apology would be nice. Also, senpai didn’t just notice you, senpai is preparing an orbital strike just for you!

          1. well you are probably right about me marking it as joke since there seems to be a misconception that when someone says u should do 50 chapters a day they are serious words
            as far as the wording goes,considering your last comment, you dont get to say anything about that
            yes im a leecher due to the fact that my country doesnt support paypal, visa, or mastercard and i hate that fact
            p.s. any form of notice from (any)senpai is gold

          2. Soz, it’s just that there are trolls here who do this sort of thing.
            About the PayPal thing, I feel ya. I suffer from the same pain.
            Would you like a nuke-to-go with that orbital strike?

        2. honestly i realized it was a joke from the “50 chap/day” thing. It’d be a pain just to transcribe a 50 chapters in a day, much less translate that much.

          also from the jokey grammar

          1. Strange … I noticed it was a joke at first glance too. But at least I now know that I shouldn’t make the joke I was about to make – it would’ve been a tiny bit more .. you know … (Something like a race between MGA, SR and SOTR to reach chapter 1200 … *lol* )

            Hmm … Ever considered making a donation race? Like “Whoever get more donations, will get a “Golden WW in the category ‘Most donated LN'” or something like that. =D

            // BTW: This is a joke too … obviously …

  2. Well, if you would like additional editors I’d be more than willing to help out. And I’m sure there are other people here that would be willing to lend a hand as well. 🙂

  3. O.o This sounds like a fantastic idea! (From the perspective of a reader. Hehe.) I’ve been reading Warlock in a Magus World but never got around to Sovereign of the Three Realms yet.

    Now that I caught up to A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, maybe this is the next series I’ll start binge reading and try to catch up to. Not to mention that I know that Etvolare is an amazing translator. 🙂

  4. So for the 300th chapter of WMW, I’m going to try to see if I can pull ahead of WMW again.

    and this will be the early celebration of SOTR chapter 300

    If you do pull it off, this won’t be an early celebration ;P

  5. Im holding on from reading both of these novels because the cliff is not for mortal heart.

    Thank god Lady Pika x Oma is doing a mass release! I’ll be waiting and good luck!

    P/s: agreed with punishment for the looaing party, sing a song live please!! Jk!


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