A Respectful Request

EDIT: You know what?  Forget it, I’ll just bite the bullet and pay for a better hosting plan.  With the amount of traffic we’re getting, it’s something I should probably do eventually anyhow.  I’m talking with Bluehost now to move to Optimized WordPress Hosting, which will cost me a couple hundred bucks more/year, but will give us a managed virtual private server that should hopefully give you guys a better experience and no more errors.  Wish me luck!

EDIT 2: Wow.  That was not smooth.  My whole body hurts.  Still, this should be functional now.  I redid our Cloudflare as well.  Let me know how it works.  Thanks guys.  *flops onto the bed*  I’ll see if I can finish this chapter before I go to sleep.

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33 thoughts on “A Respectful Request” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I’ll be honest here and apologize because it’s 100% likely that I am the one that refreshed 7800 times today and have been doing it and I’ll stop. I honestly have too much time and this was probably one of my small enjoyments. Also to smiteodin you can accuse me of scripts all you want but I’ll be sitting here laughing at your conspiracy theories all day because I don’t even know how scripts work.

    1. Hey, I’m seriously not looking to call anyone out, be it you or anyone else. I’m just hoping we can all help to make the website a more easily accessible place *smiles*

    2. Honestly wouldn’t be such a big deal if Coiling Dragon fans are not erupting en masse, all doing some bit of refreshing throughout the day. It’s not like anyone meant any harm, except in beating everyone else’s ass at first to comment 😀

      If anything, this is hilarious. Wuxiaworld getting some love from obsessed fans across the world!

    3. I am not accusing.

      I was making a comment for how I thought you were doing it.

      I underestimated your leechness.

      As a fellow practitioner of F5-Fu we must remember when to not F5.

  2. when trying to read after dinner on my mobile (went out to eat with family so was not home) i noticed that the mobile site only showed up to Book 6 Chapter 4 but u can still get to the current chapter just a little more work and to enter the chapter index and it loads fine in screen (it fits in screen does not stretch off to who knows where).

  3. Sorry Ren, didn’t know f5-fu was such a dangerous art. I’ll stop adding on to the problem from now on, hope that helps. Like the leecher and plenty of other fans, I just wanted to read your amazing translations the second they came out. Sorry to cause this inconvenience and I hope you continue to do your translations, as reading this amazing story is one of my, and hopefully many others, favorite pastimes.

    1. Don’t worry about it, TheLeecher! This was a bridge I would have to cross eventually anyhow :). Still, please do refrain the F5-fu a bit more in the future. Amongst other things, advertisers also get angry and might blacklist the site if they see the ads (for pay-per-impression) they paid for are all going to one IP.

        1. I’m upgrading to a virtual private server plan that should supposedly be good for up to 100M pageviews a month, so theoretically this should no longer be a problem *fingers crossed* Okay. Just paid $300 for the first installment. Should be moved over in an hour. Back to translating now. lol!

    1. Hi GP, thanks so much for registering and for the offer! For now, I don’t want to deal with the hassle of swapping hosts, but I will keep your offer in the back of my mind. Thanks!

  4. Ren i´m sure you don´t have to overthink things so hard. Nobody here will be depressed just because he can´t play the “First”-game. You don´t have to be rushing tings after you made things clear, I´m sure the “refreshes” will quite down a bit

    Well still thanks that you value us and our reading experience so much, you are the best^^

  5. Well this site have ~20 request/sec. Knowing wordpress, having database failure at this traffic might not be that strange.

    There must be some plugin to cache some database queries Ren, that should help a lot.

    And.. you guys know that this site has RSS right?

  6. scary f5-fu practitioners are scary they brake the keyboards f5 (if using the real f5 not some other method) and the server that is 2 broken things just to copy past first into the comments line….

  7. So I will be going from 7800 refreshes to less than a hundred I hope XD my f5 key thanks you and I thank you for your forgiveness. I work at home and am basically a shut in so I live on the internet XD

  8. Site’s up, there is a slight delay however. Definitely not as bad as before.

    Ren, have you considered removing some of the comments sections? e.g. Index, About 盘龙

    I’m not sure whether they contribute to the server load, but loading the comments in the Index especially seems superfluous with all the other places we can comment.

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