A Hearty Wuxiaworld Welcome to the Legend…HE-MAN!

Hey guys, we’ve added a lot of people to Wuxiaworld over the past year, but this one came as a surprise, even to me.  It goes without saying, but this announcement is one which has truly given me the most amount of pleasure to make.  The legendary HE-MAN, who started the Stellar Transformations project and gave birth to the entire Xianxia explosion, is back!  And he will be starting a new project on Wuxiaworld!

Before I tell you more about what his new project is (异界之装备强化专家 – Equipment Upgrade Specialist in a Strange World), I really have to get a few things off my chest.

For those of you who weren’t around during the earliest days, it’s hard for me to explain what a pivotal role he-man really played in bringing Xianxia to the rest of the world.  In August of 2013 (in other words, nearly two and a half years ago), a new project appeared on the old SPCNET ‘Wuxia Translations’ forums called ‘Stellar Transformations’.  The forum had been around for years, and it had seen some truly venerable, old-school Wuxia novels be translated (some of which are now on Wuxiaworld).  However, the forum was completely dedicated to Wuxia.  Stellar Transformations, however, was completely different; rather than being one of the old-school martial arts novels, it was a completely new genre that none of us had really interacted with at that point in time; a ‘Xianxia’ (technically Xiuzhen) novel, of magic, Immortals, flying swords and explosive tags, talking demon-monsters with Jindan, Yuanying, etc., all sorts of divine beasts, and more.

The initial reception was a bit poor, but as he-man continued to crank those chapters out doggedly, there were more and more readers who came to read for it.  At first, as a die-hard Wuxia fanatic, I didn’t read it, but months later, out of boredom, I decided to do so.  I was instantly hooked, and then ended up reading raws, first of Stellar Transformations, then of Coiling Dragon, and more.  Almost a year after he-man started his translation of Stellar Transformations, on May 2014, I started my own translation of Coiling Dragon.

I can say, with absolute sincerity, that this entire ‘wave’ of translations of Chinese webnovels can be traced in some way, shape, or form back to he-man’s translation of Stellar Transformations, which started in 2013.  Wuxiaworld, Gravity, even Bagelson and Translation Nations and the other various sites; while I don’t want to be presumptuous, there is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that he-man’s translation is what launched it all.

Many of us were truly worried when he-man disappeared a bit more than a year ago.  As of a few days ago, however, he reached out to us through the Wuxiaworld Forums (I could see through the IP’s that it was really him) and let us know that he was back, and had fallen off the map due to family and work reasons!  We’ve been chatting for a few days now, and not only is he back…he’s ready to do some translating as well!  I wasn’t planning on bringing anyone new in…but I would never, ever say no to the he-man.  By the power of Grayskull!

I don’t know much about this new novel, 异界之装备强化专家, and I’ll let him introduce both it and himself to you guys.  There’s no question in my mind that it’ll definitely be an awesome one.  For now, however, let me just celebrate with all of you; he-man is BACK, baby!

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  1. I believe that its awsome hat he is back and I hope he can finish translating ST because the site wuxiaworld has set for the final books does not have them complete and has left them hanging for quite some time.

    1. Actually they just did not update the main page, just klick through using the next page button at the end of each chapter. Pumpkin has been doing duble releases for a few day now 😉

  2. He-man: I’m back Baby Doll!
    Everyone: Welcome back He-man, welcome back to Hell(Home).
    Where we force you to slave for hours everyday translating for all the leechers and yet there are some who aren’t grateful, that someone is translating for free and yet demands for more~

  3. When is this supposed “Equipment upgrade specialist in a strange world” supposed to be starting? I’m somewhat excited but also on the fence as he-man has left a project hanging before (ST)

  4. Welcome He-Man, it’s amazing how in shortly 2.5 yrs we’re getting so many more webnovel/light novel translations, (be it Xianxia , RPG, Games …) , all that mostly from that SPCNET thread on Stellar Transformations !

    I remember back at the time, the translation for ‘A step to the past’ was nearing completion and as I was looking to explore some other wuxia stories, ST appeared and the rest is history…

  5. OMG He-MAN is BACK! although I only came to know of this pleasure of reading xianxia and wuxia around pretty late, around a nearly 2 years prior, HE-MAN was one of those translators that stuck to me because of his translations in SPCnet. Back then Coiling Dragon started to pile on the chapters (around 200 I think) when I read it, and that was where I wanted to find other names around, and I stumbled upon HE-MAN’s thread in SPCnet. I remember being sad after finishing reading all of the translations he made, since the conversations in the thread pointed out on HE-MAN dissapearing. His work was the second chinese webnovel around that I read, so its a memory thats stuck to me. Its great that he’s back!!! I look forward to your new project HE-MAN!

  6. Glad to hear Heman is back and that he’s ok, It was his initial translations of ST that introduced me to SPCNET for novels. When he vanished and that there where no new updates it made me explore SPCNET where found RWX’s first chapters of CD, which I fell in love with instantly. I guess if it wasn’t for his time off I would have never have read the other great translations there or would have followed over to Wuxiaworld with all of it’s great stories … it really makes me wonder now how many others have fallen in love with these stories after finding Hemans’ translation of ST … all I know is I can’t wait to see what he brings to the table this time!

  7. Welcome Back He-Man !! *angels decend valkyries raise swords volcanies erupt satan gives gifts and santa carries a flaming tridant*

    I thank you for all the hours of obsessive reading pleasure you gave !!

  8. Have faith in Lord Ren, gain eternal translations to read. When Lord Ren appears, who dares to read raws!
    Many thanks to He-Man senpai for joining the team. I can’t wait to start reading your new work!
    I started on my journey in comprehending the Great Dao of Wuxia/Xianxia novels from reading Stellar Transformations at SPCNET forums. Before that I only read English novels and fanfics. A kind soul (I’m sorry but I do not remember who you are!) at reddit recommended me to read ST at the spcnet forum.
    From then on my life changed. I lost count of how many livejournal and WordPress sites I have scoured in my journey.
    The four major sects I seek the Dao from are WuxiaWorld, GT, MBC and NN. Sadly I lack the Dao heart to join the infamous F5 sect.

  9. Welcome back he-man, thank you for bringing xianxia to us leechers/lurkers.I remembered randomly surfing the net and stumbling on spc.net, but it was your stellar transformations translation that made me stay and hooked. I read the whole translated chapters in one sitting and made me check on that site everyday waiting for more translated chapters. I can say that i was one of your followers back then whilst being a lurker.

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