🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Chapter 113, 114 🦊

Hello all, thanks for giving us such a huge and warm welcome on WuxiaWorld! We just want to say that we’re extremely grateful to each and every one of our fans (especially the og’s… talking about you kirindas,naosouOnight!!), and that we read EVERY comment . You guys won’t believe how much each and every one of you readers mean to us. From the bottom of our hearts we thank ya’ll *bows*. Your comments LITERALLY kept us going all these past months (we didn’t have ads or anything- running on pure comment support :P). We’ll never forget our roots, and we know that you appreciate quality and consistency. Don’t worry, we gotchu guys.

We’re also not forgetting our new readers… welcome! We feel like you’ll love this novel a lot- definitely a breath of fresh air from your typical wuxia/xianxia/whatever novel. If you’re still hesitating, Okuri Ookami left us a review a couple days back that I think describes The Charm of Soul Pets really well, so check that out 🙂

As a big thank you, we’re upping our chapter release rate from 3 a week to 7 a week. A chapter a day keeps the boredom away!

Anyways, you guys know the drill. In times of celebration, we ganbei. So I hope ya’ll will do a cheers with me 🙂 (REMEMBER. NO GANBEI NO CHAPTERS!!>:( ). GANBEI!!!

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          1. yes this is ww but they have their own site to. they just moved the novel here.

      1. It’s sometimes used in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Basically anywhere Vikings went. In the US it’s big in Minnesota (which is where I am), thanks to the local American Football team, the Minnesota Vikings.

  1. Ganbeiiiii. Welcome to wuxiaworld

    Just binge reading your translation this last weekend, and then you came to ww. Nice timing.
    Thank you for the translations.

  2. GANBEI!
    Welcome to WW. Just saw you movin’ announcement and decided to bring pie *reveals steaming apple pie*

    Just from the synopsis I decided that it’s a must-read for me.

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  3. Welcome 🙂

    I love novel/games with beast companions but I was hesitant ’cause too few chapter (and many translator drop their work, or slow down to 1 chapter per month).

    But since you are here now, and I can read a chapter per day … this means…

    you won a new reader! :p

    1. Yay! Another reader. Don’t worry, look at our track record! We may not be the fastest group, but we pride ourselves on consistency 🙂

  4. Awesome read! Heard about this novel a few months back and it was still on the 50s so I didn’t read it yet. After finishing book1, my decision was good. There are so many cliffhangers that would have left me hanging! This is a great binge read. Hope to read more chapters! And welcome!

    I spotted a few minor typos in the earlier chapters (tow instead of two, and such) but was too engrossed to comment. Haha. But no typos on the later chapters, definitely a sign of improvement. ??

      1. Actually, I just caught up last night and I noticed some mix up with ranks and all that from several chapters. I commented on those chapters so check it out please!

        either way, keep up the good work moonfox and friends!

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