UTS is Back!

Hey guys, I’m done with my exams and I’m back! I have two pieces of good news for y’all and a few other side notes, so enjoy!

1. I have a mass release of 20 chapters tomorrow! This’ll bring us above our 100th ‘chapter’, so that’s actually quite amazing considering how I’ve been quite on and off. I have no promiseswhen the release will be happening, but it’ll happen tomorrow and I’ll try my best to do it as I go through the day.
2. I’ll be upping the release rate during the next seven weeks to 8-10 chapters per week! So I’ll be releasing 30 chapters this week!

3. Small term change: soulforce is now back to soul power as a result of me talking to another TL, but it’s practically the same thing anyway so it isn’t major.

4. Patreon! I’ll be setting up my Patreon once we hit around Chapter 140 or so by August, so I’ll be giving early access to hopefully 20 chapters in advance to Patreon donators. I’ll try my best to make it as little as possible so it’s more of a slight donation than an actual commitment, so I hope you’ll all support me.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and thanks for supporting me even though I’ve been away for awhile!


EDIT: The Patreon date was set at August due to potential limiting factors. If I can get it done quickly, we might be able to set it up earlier.

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  1. I missed u so much, I almost fell in dispair because I did not know any about u and the novel. Is a great thing read this post.
    Thanks and I Will support you.

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