🦋UTS Book 9, Chapter 61.1🦋 (202)

(Kidyeon) After seeing all the comments of the preview, I would like to say that we are following the official Qidian raws, where the chapter was removed by the author due to censorship laws. Furthermore, Sean isn’t comfortable translating the scene.

Gingryu has provided a summary of the chapter however, which I’ll quote:
“Ma Xiaotao takes Huo Yuhao to her room and Yuhao cools the evil fire with his Ultimate Ice soul power. Afterwords, Yuhao asks Xiaotao to heat up the whale rubber, he then takes it. Little does he know though it has slight aphrodisiac properties. It doesn’t escalate past Yuhao, acting like your neighbor’s little dog, humping Xiaotao’s leg.”

This week, Sean has reduced the chapter count to 6 to accommodate for his midterms. Also, Chapter 60 was omitted by the Author, thus we will be skipping it.

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(2/6) Chapters for the week!

Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61.2 Preview

Translated by: Nat

Edited by: GNE and Kidyeon

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6 thoughts on “🦋UTS Book 9, Chapter 61.1🦋 (202)” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I don’t really agree that it’s the ‘best chapter’, but it would’ve been pretty awesome… Kinda like getting to make out with your hot 20 year old teacher while being in Grade 6

      On the other hand, it’s sorta borderline child p0rn as our MC is definitely under aged. 😛

  1. cmon at least translate the part where the 3 spirits in hu yuhao’s little cute head :/
    i wanted to read the arguement of the jade scorpion and the ice worm daydream falling asleep on her

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