UTS Book 6, Chapter 36.1 (133)

Hey guys, Sean here. We’ll have to revert back to our original 7/week now that we’re fully into August. I have my personal statement and studies to focus on, so sorry. I’ll try to be a bit more consistent with my releases now that it’s only 1/day, so you can expect one chapter at a regular time. I may or may not release a double during the weekends depending on the TL schedule.


(1/7)+Up to 3 bonus chaps from Patreon depending on my schedule.

Chapter 36.1

Chapter 36.2 Preview

Edited by: GNE and Kidyeon

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  1. Sad that you can’t maintain the previous release schedule. Everyone seems to be eagerly anticipating you catching up to the old releases (ended at chapter 37.3).

    I’ll try to wait until next week, we should be at chapter 38 by then ^_^

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