UTS Book 12, Chapter 97.3-100.3 (306-314) + 100 Full Chapters Milestone!

(Kidyeon) Ended up sleeping for about 13 hours after an all-nighter and having to see about getting a job… Here’s both yesterday and today’s chapters! I’ll be trying to post around 8 pm instead of 3-4 am from now on (around 8 hours earlier compared to when I was posting).

Only 3 chapters tomorrow, as I’m rounding off chapter 100. Even though the number of chapter… portions (?) we’ve released is higher, this will round off chapter 100! Hope you guys enjoy the chapters!

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(9/25) Regular + (0/3) Bonus chapters for the week!

Chapter 97.3

Chapter 98.1

Chapter 98.2

Chapter 99.1

Chapter 99.2

Chapter 99.3

Chapter 100.1

Chapter 100.2

Chapter 100.3

Chapter 101.1 (Preview)

Translated by: Chevrons (97.3, 99.1-100.3), Sean (98)

Edited by: GNE and Kidyeon

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  1. MAN I wanted to cry when I saw this many chapters come all out at once. PLUS a total of 25 for the week?? Thank you so much, I feel in love with this series while reading the translation on lntml. It was a hard read, but even still this series became my book series of all time. Thank you so much for translating it so well. Reading this is always the highlight of my day!

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