UTS Book 11, Chapter 83.1 (265) + Reminder about Art Contest!

(Kidyeon) Apologies for the long delay. Both Sean and I have been dealing with some problems irl, thus we temporarily had less time on our hands. However, we’re back! As for last weeks two chapters, Sean had originally wanted two, but I wasn’t able to correct it in time. As for the third chapter, it’s being added to the make-up queue (which might finally get some progress done towards it soon!). Thanks, and enjoy the new chapter!

It seems that a lot of people missed it, but were currently having an art contest.

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Also, Im looking for extra translators! Feel free to drop a message on Discord to Sean#7709!

(1/5) Regular + (0/4) Make-up chapters for the week! (Make-up chapters will be released when Sean has the time to translate them)

Chapter 83.1

Chapter 83.2 Preview

Translated by: Sean

Edited by: GNE and Kidyeon

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  1. I’d rather we get to the point we can get chapters on a regular basis than do a contest that has very little chance of accomplishing what they claim it will do as rewards. Seems like we need to get a consistent release schedule for more than a week or two before starting to offer extra chapters as rewards is all.

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