UTS Book 1, Chapter 7.1 (25) + IMPORTANT-ish+Less Important Announcement

So uh…hey guys. There’ll only be 5 chapters this week, because I have to attend a conference+open day for two uni’s I’m applying to. So, I’ll be busy tomorrow and Wednesday. That’s the less important announcement.

For the more important oneI’ll have to stop translating around April until my exams are over. I have my AS Examinations in May-June(UK-based exams), so I’ll be busy revising until June 20th or so. I’ll try to maintain a 5-6/week schedule by using up my stockpile, but yeah, just letting you guys know. Once my exams are over, I’ll beextremelyfree since it’s summer and all, so I might bump the release rate up to 10/week, or 14/week depending on my mood. That’s the important announcement. Drop me a message on Discord if you need me for anything/any inquiries, though I doubt that.

Without further ado, here’syourfirst chapter for the week!

Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.2 teaser

(1/5) Chapters for the week!

Translated by:Sean

Edited by: GNE and Kidyeon

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      1. Sean, my man… You didn’t have to defend that. He was just joking. Hahahaha…. But you did! And the expression I imagined was epic. Hahahaha… Ooohhh… God… you should’ve seen your face.


        But anyways, good luck (or should I say it’s break their legs or som’in) with the ass exams or whatever…

        We’ll be there behind you, man.


        or not… if you don’t like it.

        Ya know?

        But, yeah, whatever… we’re friends, right?

        *Taps shoulder*
        *Thumbs up*

      2. Hello Sean(Post – Author?(Stranger?)), you don’t know me, but I think I know you… Were you the same guy who translated A will eternal(A thought through Eternity(銝敹菜偶))? Because the author who translated some part of the novel was also called Sean. I think.

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