UTS Book 1, Chapter 3.3 (11)

I’m really sorry! I messed up the ordering of chapters. I accidentally uploaded 3.4 instead of 3.2. Because of that, here’s chapter 3.3 as an apology. Please re-read chapter 3.2 for the correct chapter!

Once again, sorry!

(2/7)+(1/1 Apology Chapter) Chapters for the week! Here’s your daily dose of UTS!

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  1. Hey Sean cookiepasta has translations up to the 30th+ chapter, might wanna get in touch with the translator there to see if you can use those as well?:P

    1. hes explain this a lot but he dosent agree with the terms that cookiepasta used to define certain things so he decided to start from scratch and so there all in one place its that a big a deal though at the rate hes going he will catch up in a month or so and be much faster then cookie.

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