UTS Book 1, Chapter 2.4

Hey guys, there are a few changes to terms for the sake of consistency and to make it easier to understand after discussing it with the translatorof LDK. Nothing important for now, but you might want to take note. I’ve updated the old chapters.

Term Changes:
Riyue(Continent/Empire)->Sun Moon

Tian Dou->Heaven Dou

Tian Hun->Heavenly Soul

Dou Ling-> Spirit Dou

Tian Hun and Dou Ling were changed to reflect how the Tian Dou Empire was split into the ‘Tian’ and the ‘Dou’. ‘Tian’ means heaven, so Tian Hun becomes Heavenly Soul.

Mental->Spiritual(sounds better, more accurate)

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience!

(7/7)+(2/3) bonus chapters! Without any further ado, here’s your ninthchapter for the week!

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  1. Yo,Can you start translating from chp 37 too???Like the translator of RI did!
    Also it would be good if u changed spiritual to mental cause spiritual attack dont attack the brain…

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