🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – FLASH CONTEST #RANDOM 🦊

HELLO EVERYONE! I HOPE YOU’RE PAYING ATTENTION AND IK you were already spamming f5 XD! We just reached our first goal on patreon, and because I love ya’ll, I’m gonna do a fun ‘lil flash contest. Comment your favorite movie below, and I’ll randomly pick someone out of the first 25 comments to gain the benefits of the commander tier on our Patreon FOR FREE. You have two hours. Contest starts… now! 🙂 cheers, mates!


Alright! I randomly generated number 17, so congrats to Andrewl11!! Message me at [email protected], and I’ll hook you up 🙂 Everyone else, it was fun reading your comments. I’m secretly a huge movie buff, and of the current 70 some comments, I’ve seen about 60 of them. Great discussion 😀

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Edit 2:

Edit 2: Ok… its past 25 comments.. and you guys are still commenting. ***K it. I’ll pick another random one of ya’ll before I go to sleep.. which is like another 2 or so hours~ Keep it up! I love talking to ya’ll <3

It won’t let me upload another image for some reason, but PandaMonium!!!!!!!! Congrats on winning! email me at [email protected] and I’ll hit you up ASAP 🙂


Edit 3: I know some of you will be sad.. boohoo I was sleeping, blahblahblah… Don’t worry. I love you too. Comment a fav movie on fb, I’ll hit up one person there too. When I celebrate… I celebrate hard. What’s the point of celebrating without mi familia? 🙂 (this one I’ll pick when I wake up)

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    1. helm’s deep battle scene! there’s actually a whole analysis done that if they used the same bomb style on helm’s deep, they mightve been able to take the other castle in the third movie (i forget the name)

  1. I know this is too late to compete in the contest but it’s a fun topic so here we go.
    Most impactful movies the first time i saw them: The usual suspects, The shawshank redemption, the good the bad the ugly.
    Movies i’ve rewatched the most times for various reasons: Lucky number slevin, V for vendetta, The godfather part II, Goodfellas, pulp fiction.
    My favorite category is likely the brainless action movies like expendables and the classic schwarzenegger/stallone flicks and comedies just because they’re 100% fun to watch with no redeeming qualities what-so-ever.

    If i have to chose a movie to select as the best i’ve ever watched it probably has to be Unforgiven with clint eastwood, was a huge fan of the old spaghetti westerns and this took the genre to a new level in my opinion.

  2. The star wars trilogy
    Or if I had to pick only one it has to be the third Harry Potter movie, escape of Azkaban 😀
    And the one that flashed me the most is probably Avatar when it started the age of 3D and I saw 3D for the first time 😀

      1. Well, it was in 3D so it cannot be Airbender 😛 So the blue people one ^^ I know, but I mean the original one (obviously 😀 who would ever mean the other one D:)

  3. I’ll contribute with my grain of sand.

    ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’. This is a movie that i could watch again and again and again… whenever i have a bad day i just watch it again. Give it a try if u haven’t. It’s just pure fun and awesomeness.

    ‘Seven pounds’ and ‘The pursuit of happiness’. Will smith in his finest! Two film that transmit a lot of emotions.

    ‘Origin’. Even when a lot of people feel insulted with all the talk during the whole film about dreaming inside dreams. I just love this film. The image, pace and story makes of it something awesome.

    ‘Man on fire’, ‘Taken’ and ‘Colombiana’. Fast paced and great action, with stories that revolve about the worst in the society.

    ’60 seconds’ and ‘Initial-D’ For me the best films about cars.

    ‘Gin iro no kami no Agito’, ‘Sword of the stranger’, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, ‘The Castle of Cagliostro’, ‘Castle in the sky’ and ‘Porco Roso’ are my favorite anime films that i’ve ever seen.

    ‘Up’, ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Monsters.inc’ are my favorite occidental animated films.


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