🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 62 🦊

Regular chapter of the day! Happy Friday 🙂

If you haven’t already, and were still confused, I went ahead and got an infographic made for rankings! hope that’ll help everyone out a bit on the confusion xD. Check it out here!

Translating Song of the day: Troubled- elephante

Drink of the week: Breakfast Shots!

P.S. As always, the read chapter button is in the bottom right! Interested in seeing what some soul pets look like? Or maybe you want to snag a cool chong mei collectible, or a cyan dragon! Or maybeee you want to read just a litttleee ahead! Either way, hit up that patreon if you’re interested 🙂

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    1. LOl i mentioned this before… voting was the original author at that point in time for the novel in china XD no need to vote for us. read it if you like it, otherwise u gucci 😛

  1. Well, this is a surprise…
    Hope there’ll be another chap in next 12 hrs….
    Thank you!!!

    Finally a good song(lyrics+music) worthy enuf to be in my playlist….
    Still, hope there was a bit less of ‘my heart is troubled’…this line pops up too many times~

    Well, not to brag…but I’m a genius (prodigy)…so no matter how soul pets are ranked… I’ll understand…no worries there

    1. what the?? all the songs i’ve posted before don’t make it??? This one is one you play in the summer while driving with the windows down. Good vibes only. and LOL

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